Abode Home Security Review: Revolutionary Solution For Home Protection

  • Price – From $229 (Starter Kit)
  • Equipment/Devices – 8.5
  • Customer Service – 9
  • Features & Technology – 9
  • Ease to Use – 9.5
  • Overall Score – 9

More and more people decide to get home security system packages to protect their houses and provide themselves with maximum comfort and safety. Abode reviews prove that it’s one of the most popular systems that is often chosen by smart homeowners. Is there is any special reason for this? Abode offers flexible home security solutions at a reasonable price. Whether you prefer a subscription-based Abode home security monitoring or non-contract monitoring, you’ll find it here. The choice refers not only to the type of payment but also to installation. You can choose either a professional or DIY installation type. The flexibility and a wide selection of options make the Abode home security system worth considering. Let’s do it right now together. Check the detailed Abode review to make the right buying decision.

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Pros/Cons Of Abode System

It’s worth noting that Abode is the top-rated home security system you can find at every second apartment in the USA. It isn’t surprising because you can install it on your own even if you haven’t done it before. However, it isn’t the main feature that makes it stand out as it isn’t the only system that can be installed by an owner himself/herself. The feature that makes Abode a good option to choose is the possibility to choose monitoring during your vacation or holidays without the need to buy an annual subscription. Are you going to be away for 3-7 days? Not a problem. On-demand monitoring will help you to watch what is going on at home, regardless of where you are at the moment.

One more advantage is a fair price. It isn’t the cheapest option to choose as there are systems you can get at a lower price. But it’s definitely a great deal. Everyone can choose an option for his/her money. In each Abode alarm system review, you’ll find the information that the provider offers easy installation and effective customer support. A rich selection of equipment options is one more advantage of the Abode system. One of the obvious benefits is the possibility to choose between the free installation by your own and professional installation service that is also offered by the provider.

As for the cons of Abode, there are not many. Alerts are sent only if there is an Internet connection. Some customers will find the price a bit high for DIY systems.

The Bottom Line

The Abode security company has a high rating among smart homeowners. It producers top-quality products that guarantee full home security and protection from emergencies. Even the starter kit will be enough to protect you from intruders. The Abode home security system is highly recommended for those who like smart solutions, comfort, and hassle-free installation. There is a great opportunity to choose the options you need and create your personal Abode home security system. Compared to other systems, the Abode system provider provides the customer with the right to select the devices he/she needs most. Be the only designer of your Abode home security system.

Abode Pricing: Fair Or Not?

The Abode smart home system is priced reasonably. Some users admit in their Abode smart home reviews that it costs more expensive than other DIY type systems. However, it’s necessary to mention that its price is lower than many other home systems have. The good news is that there is no monthly fee for the use of the mobile app for the control of the security system. Now, the starter kit is available on sale for $199. Its usual price is $229. It’s a good deal as the basic kit contains all the essential equipment options for successful house protection.

If you can afford to buy a home security kit at a bit higher price, then you’re recommended to consider the iota Abode home security kit. It has an attractive price of $229 at the moment. If you can’t get it right now, you’ll be able to purchase it at the regular price of $299. This option is more sophisticated as it includes door and window sensors. It is designed so that the homeowner can connect up to 160 smart home gadgets for maximum comfort and safety. The home security kit will be shipped for free. You’ll be able to return it within one month if it doesn’t work properly. The warranty for Abode products lasts for one year.

There are three Abode monitoring plans to choose from: Basic, Standard, and Pro. Choosing the Pro monitoring plan, you’ll be able to get alerts in case of breaks-in and medical emergencies round-the-clock. As has been mentioned before, it’s possible to install the system on your own. But there is a possibility to order the professional installation of the monitoring system. It will cost you about $99. If you need it, then just add in the shopping cart the professional installation before you submit the order.

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The Abode system has several features that help it to stand out on the market with numerous home security offers. The Abode system will scare the intruder with the help of the siren (95 dB) if someone tries to get into the house. The protection system can communicate with the house owner. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s a really smart system that can take pics and send them to the homeowner if a thief comes into the house.

Despite the fact that the system is equipped with sophisticated smart options, the process of installation of equipment options won’t take longer than 15-30 minutes. Just connect it, download the appropriate application, and place the devices at the most appropriate place. However, Abode still has an option of professional installation. If you choose the starter kit, you’ll get door/window/motion sensors, a key fob with the remote control, access to the mobile app. The provider has made it possible to get the basic kit and add the devices you need at an additional price.

Choose Abode equipment for sale and get access to more functions and attractive features. Among them are such as the sensor that reacts to vibration and the break of glass, alarms for smoke control, additional motions sensors, pulse cameras, a doorbell camera,  etc. Some customers question themselves what if the pet moves around the house. Nothing will happen. The Abode system is smart enough to recognize the pet’s movement. It’ll send the owner alerts about intruders and emergencies. You’ll get it via the Abode app and will be able to react immediately.

“Should I get a Starter kit or iota kit?” They are priced differently, so if you want to save a bit, try the first option. You’ll always be able to buy additional equipment options and improve the work of your system. Abode security cameras reviews claim that they work properly.

Any Abode home automation review has information about emergency alarms the system is famous for. You can forget about all the worries when being somewhere far away. You’ll be informed if something happens. Abode will take care of your apartment and family. By the way, the system can be used successfully not only at home but also for the protection of your office where there are important documents or the country cottage where you go in the summer season only. The system has been designed to prevent possible penetration of intruders and inform the homeowner about the gas leakage, fire, or any other emergency that may destroy the house and lead to unwanted negative consequences. It’s essential to get the Abode system if you live with the elderly who may not notice the unexpected problem at home.

Abode Control (App): Control Everything In Just One Click

It has become easy to control your Abode home security system by using your smartphone. Just download an application that works on both iOS and Android platforms and create an account. You can’t get started without the app, as it is an essential part of the home automation system. Using the app, you will be able to access many extra functions for home security control. According to Abode security system reviews, the app has a user-friendly interface.

Each step in the Abode app is intuitive. You’ll find the instructions on how to control your Abode home security using the mobile app on the official website of the provider. Using the app, you can adjust all the system settings according to the individual needs. It’s very convenient to watch what is going on at home when you are far away from the house. Nobody will be able to escape from Abode indoor camera and outdoor camera. If you choose the Abode Standard or Pro monitoring plan, you’ll be able to have information stored. Control your smart home devices in just one click by using the app. Abode home security systems reviews prove that the control app designed by Abode works flawlessly and offer the best customer experience.

Abode Customer Service: Is It Helpful?

As Abode home security reviews say, customer service is very effective. If you have a question regarding the system work, contact the customer support via a live chat option, over the phone, or by sending an email. The team of specialists will consider your problem at the earliest convenience. Most customers don’t face any problems when installing the system as it is as easy as ABC. Moreover, there is all the necessary information on the website of the service provider. So, check the frequently asked questions and find the answers you need. If you haven’t found the one, don’t hesitate to contact friendly customer service that will come to the rescue within minutes.

How To Order Abode?

Nothing is easier than to order the Abode home security system. First, you need to choose the option that can meet all of your requirements and add it to the shopping cart. Due to the wide selection of options, some customers feel confused, having no idea which one to get. The provider offers to answer several questions to define what security home kit will suit you best. Choose the kit you like most and buy any additional options for the protection of your house if you need any. Submit an order online. The manager will contact you to confirm the order. If you have doubts about not knowing which kit to choose, you are always welcome to call the manager who will help to make the right choice. The kit will be shipped for free.

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Does Abode Require The Internet?

Abode is a wireless security system. However, if the Internet connection has failed, it’ll continue to protect your house. It’s possible thanks to the backup batteries providing stable work within12 hours. Also, there is 3G cellular communication.

How Much Is Abode Per Month?

It depends on whether you choose a subscription-based or a no-contract way of payment. The price of the starter kit is $229. If you need additional features, you can purchase devices for maximum home protection.

How To Cancel An Abode Account?

You can cancel the account without any hassle. Just enter the mobile app where you can control all your actions and cancel the subscription if you have subscription-based monitoring.

How Long Has Abode Been In Business?

Abode appeared in the market in 2014. During 6 years, the company has gained great popularity and is currently known as a top-rated home security provider.

Does Abode Offer Free Installation?

The good news is that you can install the system for free on your own. Just use the manual and follow the instructions. According to Abode security reviews, it’s an easy-to-install system. About 20 minutes is enough to install the home security on your own.

Does Abode Work With Alexa?

If you use Alexa Echo, you’ll be glad to find out that Abode and Alexa are compatible. Alexa will help you to control your home security system.

Does Abode Work With Google Assistant?

If you are a fan of Google Assistant, feel free from worries. The Abode home security system is compatible with Google Assistant. Either you have Google Home Mini/Max or just Google Home; you’ll be able to use any of these three products with the Abode system with any problems.

Conclusion:  Is Abode A Good Company?

Let’s conclude this Abode security system review. Modern people can hardly imagine their life without smart devices that make their life easier and sometimes even save it. Security systems like Abode are just one of them. It’ll not only notify about an emergency (fire, gas leakage, etc.) but also help to detect the source of the problem and prevent the unwanted consequences quickly and effectively.

Of course, tastes differ, and there is no product that can meet the requirements of all the customers. But it’s possible to say that Abode has managed to satisfy the wants and needs of hundreds of people already. Nobody will argue with the statement that it’s a good option to choose in today’s market. There are key reasons for buying the Abode system.

Firstly, the Abode home security price is rather fair. Secondly, the selection of monitoring plans and equipment options is large. Thirdly, it’s easy to install and control the system by using a mobile app that has been recently upgraded. Are you still wondering whether it’s worth your money or not? Get the starter kit and check whether it can meet all of your personal requirements. You don’t take any risks at all when ordering this system as the purchase includes the 30-day period when you can return the product after testing it. Don’t wait until some criminal decides to attack your house. Build your own security system and add as many smart devices as you have to the Abode system.

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