ADT vs Ackerman Security Systems: Making Your Home Safe With The Best Picks

Category ADT Ackerman Security
Upfront Cost $125 No info before contract negotiation
Monthly Monitoring Cost From $27.99 From $19.95
Equipment/Devices/Features 8.7 6.9
Ease of Use/Control App 9.2

Pulse App available (App Store 4.8/5; Play Store 4.6/5)


App available (App Store 5/5; Play Store rating unavailable)

Money-Back Guarantee 6 months 200%
Installation +

From $99


$99 activation fee

Customer Service 8.1 6.9
Overall Score 8.6 7.0

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Ackerman vs. ADT Review

When seeking reliable alarm systems for home, you will definitely see ADT and Ackerman home protection on the list of top security companies. Both provide professional monitoring, a wide range of technology to ensure your safety. But which one to choose?

A lot of research was needed to compare security companies. They both offer high-quality technology and have a couple more things in common, but some of their differences may become the main factor of your final decision.

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Ackerman vs. ADT Review: Companies’ Similarities

ADT and Ackerman have some of the best-rated home security systems. They have been established decades ago and have become quite successful and popular among their target clients. Both ADT and Ackerman home security systems provide medical emergency response, video surveillance, entry and motion alerts, and more.

Here are some other similarities between the two:

  • Home automation available;
  • Both burglary and medical alerts;
  • Wide range of alarm notification options;
  • Long-term commitment required;
  • Better options for homeowners rather than renters;
  • Both home and office protection available;
  • Unfortunately, customer support of both companies got bad reviews earlier.

Besides, there was no ADT vs. Ackerman lawsuit, meaning these home security companies work legally and fill their own target audience niche.

Ackerman vs. ADT: Companies’ Differences

To compare ADT and Ackerman, let’s see their differences. The first and most notable one is the area coverage. ADT covers all states, while Ackerman is in charge of home security in the Mid-Atlantic region: Washington D.C., Maryland, Georgia, and Virginia.

While ADT provides more details on their pricing so that people know what they will have to pay upon signing the contract, Ackerman acts differently. You won’t know the full price of your package until you start negotiating your contract. It might seem inconvenient at first, but since Ackerman customizes every plan to a particular customer, there’s no way to find out the full price immediately. ADT, on the other hand, provides a set of standard packages, but you can order additional equipment.

Money-back guarantees are also different in these companies. ADT offers a 6-month refund guarantee if something goes wrong in the system, and the alarm won’t work. Ackerman, on the other hand, promises to refund 200% of the price you have paid for the package or up to $25,000 as compensation in case your Ackerman protection won’t prevent a burglary.

ADT Pros and Cons

Even the best companies have drawbacks because no customer is the same. ADT is good at almost everything, and here are the main highlights.


  • Professional installation and repair.
    ADT never jeopardizes your security and never leaves you alone with a broken sensor or another issue. Installation is also done only by the company’s expert that you schedule a meeting with after signing the contract.
  • Respected brand.
    ADT has been in the business for over a century. It’s been there under different names, but the focus was always the same – providing safety to homes and businesses. Nowadays, you can find different companies offer ADT’s security, as they increase their influence.
  • Convenient app control.
    ADT offers great remote control options. Everyone gets access to a free application downloaded from the App Store or Play Store. You can arm and disarm the alarms at any convenient time, secure locks, see live footage if you have cameras in your plan.


  • High monthly fees.
    With high-quality technology and great coverage come moderate to high prices. ADT charges for their experience, innovations, and the feeling of safety, which is understandable.
  • High penalties.
    Terminating your ADT contract prematurely will lead to considerable penalties. ADT cares about your security, but they also need stability and assurance that their clients will stay with them during a specified amount of time.

Ackerman Pros and Cons

Ackerman Security is a respected company with a lot of influence in their region. Let’s see its benefits and potential drawbacks.


  • Local company.
    Ackerman works only in several states in the Mid-Atlantic region. It’s very convenient if you live in those states since the zone of influence is very local, and the services are easier to perform.
  • Reasonable introductory price.
    For the best user experience, Ackerman offers lower introductory fees. It allows clients to save money and get all the benefits from the service. Their monthly fees are also quite loyal, considering the quality of their tech.
  • Accessible customer support.
    It’s very easy to contact an agent and get a solution to your problem on the local level. Contacting Ackerman by phone is very easy and effective.


  • In-home visits needed.
    In order to install, connect, and maintain the system in the later years, you’ll have to invite a professional from Ackerman. For some people, that might be an inconvenience. However, professional installation is required by the contract.
  • Considerable installation fees.
    $99 is a standard installation fee, but a lot of people consider it quite costly. Ackerman offers other loyalty programs that may compensate for this spending.

ADT vs. Ackerman: Major Features of Both Companies

ADT offers a wide spectrum of equipment and services. The list includes:

  • Video surveillance (indoors and outdoors);
  • Home automation;
  • Day and night monitoring;
  • Motion and entry detectors;
  • Environmental detectors;
  • Remote control;
  • GPS for medical emergencies.

Their sensors distinguish a pet from a burglar. They don’t react to anyone that weighs less than 80 pounds. Such pet immunity allows more homes to get benefits from the system.

Ackerman offers a similar set of features:

  • Home automation;
  • 24/7 monitoring;
  • Environmental sensors (fire, smoke, and CO concentration);
  • Remote control;
  • Medical alert elements.

Both ADT and Ackerman have mobile applications to remote control the home security. You can control your ADT and Ackerman systems, confirm alerts, adjust some smart devices from any location.

ADT systems can be connected to Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. As to Ackerman, there’s no clear information about the compatibility with any home assistant. By the time you’ll be reading this article, things might change, so don’t forget to visit the Ackerman Security website and find out about any upgrades to the system.

ADT vs. Ackerman Comparison: Contracts and Pricing

Both companies require a lot of commitment, so their target audience is homeowners. If you rent an apartment and are absolutely sure you’ll live there during the next 3-6 years, consider the best self-monitored home security system either from ADT or Ackerman.

However, if you’re uncertain as to the nearest plans and might move to another house or even another city, it’s better to find a company that doesn’t work on a contractual basis. You can also choose ADT since it covers the whole country, unlike Ackerman.

ADT requires to sign one for at least 3 years with an upfront cost of $125 if you’re choosing a basic system available on their website. Ackerman will also require a 3-year contract, but remember that it doesn’t cover the whole country. If you decide to move to a state that Ackerman doesn’t support and leave the system behind, get ready to pay considerable penalties.

As to the price comparison, it’s difficult to do because Ackerman customizes every system for the client, analyzing their equipment needs, degree of security they need, etc. So, the full price is revealed only when you start negotiating a contract with Ackerman. Reviews show different prices because of that, so we’re not going to focus on those.

Some of the numbers, we know.

ADT monthly cost is $27.99 for the basic package, without video surveillance other extra services. If you need one or both of those, the monthly cost of ADT monitoring will rise up to $56 or even more.

Ackerman’s monthly cost is $19.95 for the basic services. If you need additional monitoring, video, and so on, the price for the Ackerman system will rise to about $35 a month.

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ADT vs. Ackerman Installation

ADT and Ackerman security systems require their professionals to install the equipment, ADT charges $99-$199 for the service, depending on where you live, the plan and tech of your choice. Ackerman has a fixed activation fee of $99.

While it might be costly, look at the benefits of using professional services:

  • It’s a 100% guarantee that everything is installed and connected properly;
  • You won’t get lost in ADT or Ackerman manuals and doubts if you’re doing a good job;
  • A pro can consult you on-site and tell extra information about your ADT or Ackerman system and their proper usage;
  • They will also put the sensors and cameras in strategically correct places.

Ackerman creates its best home security systems from scratch, analyzing the needs of every customer independently.

ADT and Ackerman Emergency Connections

Concerning emergency connections, ADT and Ackerman act quite similar and provide common notification services, such as:

  • Mobile phone text alerts;
  • Calls on primary and secondary phones;
  • E-mail notifications.

Ackerman and ADT security systems also dispatch 911 once the alarm is confirmed, meaning you didn’t stop it manually. You can choose between cellular or landline connections to ensure you’re online in case of an emergency.

ADT and Ackerman Review: Conclusion

There’s a company for everyone, as every security system is different. ADT offers some of the best technology available in the country. The monitoring is backed up by professionals, and the brand proved its reliability for decades. Their prices, though, are moderate to high in the home security cost comparison.

Ackerman is also on the leading positions in terms of technology it provides. The prices are loyal, but you have to commit to a long-term contract. If you’re currently living in the Mid-Atlantic states and want a local professional security system, this is your best choice. But in case you’re planning to move, consider a company that offers services in all states.

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