ADT vs Brinks 

Feeling safe and protected is an essential condition for a calm and happy life. Every person wants to be sure that his or her property is under reliable protection. Nowadays, you may secure a precious dwelling on your own. The best home security systems are the perfect way to feel safe in the mansion or to forget about constantly worrying about your property. There are many possible variants. Leaning on your devours and desires, you can pick up an appropriate one. ADT vs. Brinks comparison encourages you to get acquainted with the vital peculiarities of the agencies and to single out your favorite.

Overview Of Companies

ADT and Brinks present majestic firms, which impart the first-rate security service for both private clients and businesses. No matter how large your dwelling or office is, you get all the essential articles to shelter the building. There is a long-standing rivalry between the firms. ADT and Brinks have 100+ years of history and millions of satisfied customers. There is no ADT vs. Brinks lawsuit. Brinks and ADT have representatives in many states and even outside the country.

The home security comparison chart is a supreme way to get a general understanding of the peculiarities of awesome ADT or Brinks.

Traits  ADT Brinks 
Upfront Cost From $125 From $199 to $499
Monthly Monitoring Cost From $28.99 to $52.99 From $29 to $39
Equipment/Devices/Features Security boards

Inside and outside cameras

Motions sensors

Cool ADT Smart home automation

Fire and life safety tools

Control boards

Keychain remote

Outside and inside cameras

Window and glass indicators

Brinks Video doorbell

Easy to Use/Control (App) Compatible with popular Apple iOS 10.X or higher and Android 4.4 or higher User-friendly app
MoneyBack Guarantee 6 months 30 days
Installation Only pro Cool pro or easy DIY variant
Customer Service 8.1 6.2
Overall Score 8.3 8.2



When you compare ADT and Brinks, you notice there copious similar traits between efficient agencies. They are awesome representatives of the professionally monitored samples. Even the best self-monitored home security system is far beyond the dibs, the pros cater. When superb experts supervise your lovely dwelling, you may be sure you miss nothing. When something happens, you not only receive a notification on your phone or tablet but get a call from the managers. It’s very convenient when it comes to meager unpleasantness.

Brinks and ADT security samples favor cellular backup. This cool technology allows your efficient protection to function even when the power goes out. ADT, as well as Brinks, launches mobile apps. It makes the exploit of the security system simple and comfortable. You administer robust sensors, indicators, thermostat, lighting via your phone or tablet. Everything you should do is download an app on the Net and savor the exploit of the awesome gadgets.


There are much more cool affinities than distinctiveness between these gorgeous firms. The vital distinctions comprise:

  • Price policy. ADT is more expensive than Brinks;
  • The length of the ADT or Brinks agreements. It’s a must to sign in a contract for at least 3 years;
  • The variety of gadgets;
  • The type of installment. Brinks favors you to set up awesome tools by yourself;
  • Equipment fees. ADT customers pay the fees regardless of the plan they experience. Some cool Brinks packages imply no gear fees.


ADT main page


When you compare security companies, you should envisage the possibility of moving. ADT allows transferring appliances to a new place of living without problems. You don’t have to look for a new agency or resign or change a contract. You move all the devices and set them up in a new house.

ADT loves and values its clients. ADT does everything to meet your expectations. The alternative of the brilliant in-house consultation is absolutely free. It means the pros of ADT arrive at your mansion and assist you in picking up the gorgeous supplies and profitable ADT plan.


Brinks vs. ADT review testifies that the greater part of ADT clients is not satisfied with prices. They are rather high. Alongside ADT upfront cost that starts from $125, you should pay from $28.99 to $52.99 every month. The home security cost comparison depicts that the question of the ADT cancellation fee is also far-reaching.


Brinks main page


One of the most significant favors of the Brinks agency is an amazing possibility to stop using the service within 30 days if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Brinks pros promise you can test and evaluate all the benefits of the company before you acquire the full package.

Trustpilot reviews show that copious clients appreciate the fact that you don’t have to sign a continual agreement to experience all the options. It’s up to you to decide how long you will apply Brinks alarm systems for the home.

Brinks wireless technologies ensure steady and top-notch functioning. You don’t have to worry that some cables are out of order because of weather conditions or because your cat or dog nibbles them. Brinks uses the most righteous wireless technologies that improve the level of security. Moreover, Wifi components are very easy and convenient to exploit. No endless cables are scattered around the house. This type of connection is more steadfast than the wired one. It prevents crackers from cutting the cables in order to stop the security system.

Brinks is proud of its awesome high-tech devices. The stunning firm provides a credible 2-year warranty. If your favorite tools break, they are replaced, and you don’t pay for it. Moreover, Brinks tools are portable. You change your place of living as many times as you need. You are not to lose Brinks protection.


If you are fond of leaving constant complaints or talking to the polite customer support managers, you won’t be disappointed. However, many clients point out that Brinks customer service could be better. To get simple assistance from the Brinks support line, you have to impart a lot of various data. Sometimes it’s even difficult just to contact Brinks call-center.


One of the vital traits you have to consider when choosing a security system is its ability to operate well with other devices. Sometimes it happens that careless homeowners acquire a cool security system as a last resort when the dwelling is already equipped with other awesome digital devices. Automation is a cool thing that makes your life easier and happier. It functions well when all the superb gadgets are compatible.

It’s worth mentioning a couple of words about the compatibility of the security systems. Brinks tolerates you to control the safety through Nest Secure and Smart Security Systems. They differ a little bit. They both operate well with Google Assistant, but Brinks Nest Secure does not contrive with Amazon Alexa.

Brinks tolerate customers to favor awesome tamper protection. It’s a rather useful and helpful option. Sublime modern technologies are becoming smarter. The same is doing smart breakers-in. If you don’t want your devices to be hacked, it’s worth settling tamper protection. It shelters your gadgets from malware.

The price comparison is another significant factor to influence your decision. ADT monthly cost starts from $28.99. The maximum price is almost $60. Brinks monthly cost varies from $29 to $39.


ADT vs. Brinks estimation shows that both agencies cater to superb services. Both firms offer various types of packages you order.

ADT offers three major packages. They are Secure, Smart, and Complete plans. ADT Secure plan adduces a 24/7 monitoring option, initial installation kit, pro launch, and fire, flood, and CO detection. This plan is a sublime selection for people who have never used alarms before and fancy to experience them.

ADT Smart plan comprises the elements of automation. It also caters to smart home controls. The option of remote arm and disarm is an extra trait you can’t but appreciate. ADT Complete Program is an ideal solution for conscious homeowners who fancy controlling everything. Alongside ADT diverse indicators and automation, this plan also comprises video recording. You get video clips. They are stored in a Virtual Cloud. All ADT packages cater for 24/7 monitoring.

Brinks hands over 4  amazing packages. Brinks Smart Security Ultimate encompasses a wide range of options, including monitoring, automation, live video streaming, LiveVoice Assistant, and others. The vital peculiarity of this package is video streaming and storing. If this option is not prominent for you, it’s better to pick up Brinks Smart Security Essential. It encompasses the most demanded avails. Brinks Smart Security Complete plan is a happy medium. Brinks is a supreme decision when you don’t desire to spend all your money but fancy to favor as many options as possible. Brinks Nest Secure package is the best variant for you if you are used to working with Google Assistant.


The alarm won’t perform if it’s launched incorrectly. That’s why the question of installation is of prime importance. ADT vs. Brinks contrasting shows that both agencies offer expert installment. It’s the best way out if you value quality and robustness. The gorgeous ADT experts have rich experience and know-how to connect all the ADT devices correctly. Moreover, skillful ADT specialists give useful pieces of advice on how to use the systems.

Yet, there is one significant contrariness between Brinks and ADT. While ADT caters only pro launch and you have no choice but to pay for the work of ADT specialists, Brinks tolerates the customers to select the type of installation. You may hire brilliant specialists or launch everything by yourself. All the Brinks elements are created to be easy to install. You don’t need to be a super technician to cope with Brinks setting up.

It’s recommended to prefer a pro-type of ADT or Brinks installment. It’s more reliable and effective. You don’t need to worry that something works wrong or some gadgets are not compatible.

Emergency Connections

If you think that it’s enough just to buy and launch ADT or Brinks security gadgets in your dwelling to feel protected, you are wrong. The prominent ADT or Brinks doorbell camera or window indicators are not able to stop invaders. They may inform a homeowner about intrusion or frighten crackers. Yet, it’s eminent to call the police. ADT and Brink managers do it for you. If an efficient ADT or Brinks program indicates some emergency, you should approve that it’s not because of your fault. Only then qualified and skillful managers of Brinks or ADT connect corresponding local authorities.


Considering Brinks vs. ADT data is a cool way to elect the most appropriate and the best-rated home security systems for your dwelling or enterprise. ADT has sizable devotees all around the country. The top-quality gear that lasts for ages and faultless service makes ADT a leader on the market of the security technologies. With ADT alarms, you always feel safe and confident. If problems appear, the qualified ADT pros solve them in no time.

Brinks represents wondrous security technology at affordable prices. A wide range of available Brinks options favors you to select the required services and create a protected environment that fits your compulsions and desires.

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