ADT vs FrontPoint Detailed Review With Comparison Of Main Features

Category ADT FrontPoint
Upfront Cost Yes Yes
Monthly Monitoring Cost 36.99 USD 44.99 USD
Equipment/Devices/Features 3 5
Easy to Use/Control (App) 5 5
MoneyBack Guarantee 5 4
Installation 4 5
Customer Service 5 5
Overall Score 4.4 4.8

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  • Upfront Cost

Yes, you need to pay for the equipment.

  • Monthly Monitoring Cost

ADT vs. Frontpoint monitoring price doesn’t differ a lot. By ADT, you pay for the basic plan of around 36 USD. FrontPoint monthly cost for the basic monitoring plan is around 45 USD. Thus, FrontPoint and ADT security systems are rather expensive.

  • Equipment/Devices/Features

ADT offers a full set of all the possible sensors. They are pretty standard. The ADT cameras don’t have the top functionality, too. But they cover the basic security needs.

Any ADT system supports all the home automation options. You can add whatever you need to turn your home into a smart one: lights, a thermostat, locks, or whatever else. However, you need to subscribe to the ADT Command plan. This is the drawback. This ADT plan costs 53 USD per month, which is not cheap.

ADT isn’t transparent about equipment pricing. You don’t find any prices online on the ADT website. They depend on the system you select, the connection type, your location, and who knows what else factors.

Frontpoint offers the greatest variety of equipment and options. It uses both items by, combined with FrontPoint’s own solutions and systems. A Frontpoint smart home and full home automation are supported.

Frontpoint items are not expensive. FrontPoint also doesn’t charge installation fees (you install all the FrontPoint items yourself), activation fees, and cancellation fees (there is no contract).

  • Easy to Use/Control (App)

Any FrontPoint vs. ADT review tells that the devices of both firms are easy-to-use and control via a special app. Frontpoint devices are controlled via the internet and a cellular connection. ADT adds a landline control option. Even though this ADT option might be considered old-fashioned, but it is still an additional option that adds to the security level.

  • MoneyBack Guarantee

Both companies ADT and FrontPoint, offer a moneyback guarantee. If you get security systems from Frontpoint, you can return the equipment within 30 days if you aren’t happy with it. ADT offers its best-rated home security systems with an option to return them within 6 months. Here, ADT vs. Frontpoint comparison is definitely to the benefit of ADT.

  • Installation

If you compare ADT and Frontpoint installation options, you will see that getting Frontpoint alarm systems for home is more beneficial. You can install them on your own while the ADT items require professional installation. It is not free. The installation costs vary from around 100 to 200 USD, depending on the location of the customer and the devices.

  • Customer Service

If you use the best home security systems from Frontpoint, you can contact their customer support agent via mail, a phone, or a live chat. There is also a customer forum where clients can contact with other clients and discuss some issues or ask questions. An extensive FAQ section serves well for the cases when you need to check a common issue.

If you use ADT items, you can contact the firm representative via a phone call, a mail, or you can search for the most common issues in their help center.

Both ADT and Frontpoint are known to have top-quality customer support. They address all the clients` needs efficiently and are super friendly. Also, their agents do their best to resolve all the issues in favor of clients. Even though there might be some failures, they are connected rather with some objective factors rather than with the personal or professional features of customer support.

  • Overall Score

4.4 for ADT vs. 4.8 for FrontPoint

Overview Of Companies

Both companies have the best reviews from clients. If you compare ADT vs. Frontpoint, though, you will see that there are significant differences even though the companies offer many things in common.

With ADT, you get the services from the firm that is more than 140 years in the market. It still offers a landline connection. It means that its items can be used in rural and difficultly accessible areas. Even if the mobile connection of the internet is not available, a landline is available everywhere.

Even though the equipment is rather basic, you can count on superior service and complete protection of your home. Integration with any other platforms, such as Nest, Alexa, and so on, is possible.

Consider though that all the equipment requires professional installation. The fee is high and starts from 99 USD. It depends on the location and on the systems.

With Frontpoint, you get all possible items for smart home and home automation. The prices are more affordable than by ADT. You can install all the devices on your own. There is no contract. Here, there is no landline connection.


  • Both ADT and FrontPoint security companies are among the leaders in the market. They are distinguished from the rest competitors by the top quality of their services.
  • Both companies offer complete home automation. The devices and the services aren’t cheap, but they cover all the needs to make your home safe and to control it completely. The items of both firms work with the wireless connection.
  • Video monitoring is provided, upgrades are automatic. Mobile apps in both cases are provided for free.
  • Both Frontpoint and ADT monthly cost is not low. But for that, you get complete solutions to use for your home.


  • The main differences are in the contract options. While with ADT, you still need to sign a 3-years contract. Frontpoint has dropped their contracts; you might sign one or not.
  • ADT offers a landline connection, among other options. It means that ADT devices can be used in distant and rural areas where other options might not work properly. Frontpoint offers only the internet and cellular connection. This is not bad at all, but it might not work in areas where these options don’t work properly.
  • A home security comparison chart is not complete without the comparison of ADT and Frontpoint installation prices. The equipment of FrontPoint is DIY installed, while the installation by an ADT specialist will cost you from 99 to 199 USD.
  • And to tell the truth, the equipment of FrontPoint is more advanced.


main page FrontPoint


  • The main advantage is the quality of equipment. It is advanced, durable, super easy-to-install, and to use. You can install everything on your own.
  • FrontPoint doesn’t have any contracts. You can use FrontPoint services as long as you need them. Equipment is paid in advance, of course.
  • All the devices can be integrated into any third-party platforms. All of them are suitable for a smart home.
  • The customer support of this company is superior. It can be reached via a number of options. Their support agents are known to be helpful and professional.
  • The internet and/or cellular connection is needed to control your home.
  • Professional monitoring is super-efficient. With it, you can be 100% confident that your home is safe.
  • FrontPoint uses the equipment of and its own equipment. The clients have plenty of customization options.
  • A mobile app is among the best in the market. It is easy-to-use, upgrades are automatic. The app is provided for free.
  • FrontPoint allows ordering everything online. This is something that not all companies do. We should admit that this simplicity is a huge advantage.


  • Prices for monitoring are a significant disadvantage. With a minimum of 45 USD, it is twice higher than an average option.


main page ADT


  • The main advantage is the experience of ADT. ADT has been operating for around 140 years. It has gained the reputation of one of the best companies working in the home security sector.
  • All the devices of ADT can be used with third-parties` platforms. The company offers the best self-monitored home security system options.
  • Even though the ADT landline connection is considered old-fashioned, but its availability is still an advantage. The systems of ADT can be used even in the most distant areas.


  • The ADT equipment is efficient but looks old-fashioned. Also, the cameras of the company are still not functional enough to compete in the modern market.
  • One of the main ADT disadvantages is contract time. When you buy the equipment, you need to sign a 3-years contract. The ADT professional monitoring price isn’t the lowest, as well.
  • The firm charges for the installation. The installation fee varies depending on the location, but it is not low. The minimum is 99 USD, and it can grow up to 199 USD. DIY options are not available.
  • There is too much unclarity about the prices for the equipment. There are no prices indicated on the website. As we understand, the price for the same item might vary depending on many factors. This is something we don’t like absolutely. It is not convenient at all and creates a lot of confusion.


Any Frontpoint vs. AFT informs that both companies offer complete automation solutions to turn your home into a smart one. In both cases, you get a perfectly developed mobile app that allows taking complete control over your home.

The devices of FrontPoint are diverse and advanced. While the devices of ADT don’t look advanced, but still, they are good for what they serve.


The home security cost comparison isn’t complete without the comparison of contract terms, if any. ADT has a minimum 3-year contract. With rather expensive ADT plans, this is a costly option.

FrontPoint has no contract at all. It is an advantage that even compensates for FrontPoint monitoring prices.


All the FrontPoint are DIY. ADT offers professional installation, no DIY options. The installation costs from 99 to 199 USD.

Emergency Connections

When you compare security companies, just price comparison is not enough. It is important to consider what you get at the price. All FrontPoint vs. ADT reviews confirms that both companies offer complete home automation solutions. All the devices are reliable and work properly.

When you are checking which system to get, a FrontPoint vs. ADT one, you will see that it all depends on your personal preferences only. In both cases, ADT vs. FrontPoint security systems, you get a comprehensive monitoring service. If you need it, you can add even video surveillance services. In both cases, an operator is ready 24/7 to call any emergency service if your security system gives an alarm.


In our ADT vs. FrontPoint lawsuit, FrontPoint wins. There are just a couple of details that are better by FrontPoint, but these details are crucial indeed. Those are the fee absence for installation and the absence of a FrontPoint contract. The FrontPoint equipment looks better, the options are more varied, and everything can be ordered online.

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