ADT vs. Guardian Review: Which Company Should You Choose?

Companies Overview ADT Guardian
Upfront Cost $99-229 Minimum $99
Monthly Monitoring Cost $35 $45
Equipment/Devices/Features 8.5 8.6
Easy to Use/Control (App) 7.8 8.1
MoneyBack Guarantee 6 months Not available
Installation Professional Professional
Customer Service 7.5 8.4
Overall Score 8.2 8.3

If you would like to protect your house and be able to monitor it at any time, you have to consider getting the best self-monitored home security system that will guarantee protection at any time. But how do you do that and which company can you trust?

In this Guardian vs. ADT review and home security comparison chart, you will find out everything you need to know about both companies and some interesting facts about them that will help you make a decision on how you can protect your house in the best way. Learn everything about the best home security systems and the good and bad aspects of Guardian and ADT on this page to decide if you would want to purchase something from these services or not.

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Similarities Between ADT vs. Guardian

In the ADT vs. Guardian comparison, you will notice that both companies have many things in common. Here are some of the similarities they share:

  • Professional installation. Both security systems should be installed professionally. The professional assistant will arrive at your place in order to install the system and make sure that it is working fine.
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras are available. You can get the special monitoring devices from both companies that will work outside and inside of your house.
  • 24/7 monitoring. Your house will always be monitored, even when you are not at home. You will be able to contact the specialists regarding any issue at any time as well.
  • Mobile apps for remote control. You can install the app on your mobile phone and control the devices from it. You can also check how everything is going at your own house from the app.
  • Home automation systems. ADT and Guardian companies offer a wide range of good products that will help you make your life easier as well as protect your home from all kinds of dangers.

ADT vs. Guardian: Differences

Guardian vs. ADT review should also cover some of the key differences between the companies. Here are some things that make these service different:

  • Guardian protection covers more. If something is damaged, there are more chances to get full coverage and new equipment instead of the one that was damaged. With ADT, there are fewer chances of getting coverage for the stolen and damaged equipment.
  • ADT has got a 6-month moneyback guarantee, while Guardian is more flexible when it comes to refunds: you will probably get a reimbursement shortly after you fill in a request.
  • It is much harder to move out if you have a Guardian monitoring system. Even though it is not a very easy thing to do if you have ADT as well, still, it is not going to be as complicated as for the Guardian security system.

ADT: All The Best And The Worst Of The ADT Company

To compare ADT and Guardian, we should also cover the pros and cons of both companies. Here are some of the positive aspects of getting ADT security systems:

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Pros Of ADT Security Systems

  • Same day professional installation. You will get your security system on the same day you ordered it. The professional will come to your house to install your system and explain to you how it should be used.
  • Free equipment that costs around $1,300. If you purchase a security system and sign a contract with ADT, you will get some free equipment that is worth more than $1,000.
  • One of the most popular companies. ADT is a brand that many respect. It has been on the market for many years and remained one of the best companies.
  • Professional monitoring centers. With the ADT’s best-rated home security systems, you will not have to worry about your security anymore since the best experts will be taking care of it 24/7.
  • 6-months moneyback guarantee. You would be refunded during the 6 months after the purchase if you did not enjoy using the ADT security system.

Cons Of Choosing ADT Company

  • Not many ADT cameras are available in the package. You are allowed to get a limited amount of cameras that can be installed with your security system.
  • Poor ADT mobile app reviews. Not everyone was satisfied with the way the app functions. There were several reports about bugs, and some people said that navigation through the app is not really good.
  • It can be hard to move out. If you are renting a place, it is best for you to choose another company since ADT is not very flexible when it comes to changing places.
  • Not the best level of the customer support service. ADT is a company with a large base of clients, and the company’s representatives are not always handling issues very well. Sometimes their workers are not responding to all calls or don’t offer the best solutions to the problems that their customers had to face.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Guardian

ADT vs. Guardian comparison also contains some great facts about the Guadian company as well. Here are some of the most important pros and cons of the Guardian:

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Pros Of Guardian Security Service

  • Guardian professional installation. The best specialist will come to your house in order to help you with the installation of your security system and answer all the questions.
  • Battery backup. If the power outages, the Guardian security system keeps working, you will not have to worry about it turning it off when there is no electricity at your own house.
  • Text alerts. You will get notifications from Guardian right to your phone immediately after the cameras spotted something.
  • Remote control. You will be able to monitor your home Guardian security system from anywhere you are, even if you are at work or outside of the country.

Cons Of Getting Guardian Security Systems

  • Long contracts. Guardian has got very long contracts as for the security systems, the same as ADT. The shortest contract is 3 years, which is a lot, especially if you are not sure about moving out.
  • Guardian does not offer nationwide coverage. You can’t get the security system in all states. You will not be able to get the Guardian security system in any state, so you will have to check the coverage in your area first.
  • Camera issues. Even though most of the job is done well by those cameras, they are not working flawlessly. Guardian cameras are also very sensitive, which can be a  problem if you have pets. There is also a possibility of false alarms because of that.

Features Of ADT And Guardian

What is so good about these companies that more and more people decide to trust their security to them? ADT and Guardian have an amazing set of features and technologies that come with every package. Here are some of the features ADT and Guardian have to offer:

  • All kinds of sensors. Not only motion sensors but also environmental sensors are available. If there is any danger, you will be notified right away, since these sensors are capable of spotting even the smallest details. Another good thing about these sensors is that they are pet-friendly.
  • 2-way voice video monitoring. This means that if someone is standing at your door, you will be able to first contact the intruder and ask who they are and why they came if you don’t know this person. The quality of the video is really good, so you will definitely be able to recognize someone who came to you.
  • Live weather alerts. If you live in an area where severe weather conditions are not a surprise, this one is going to be an especially useful thing for you. You would get real-time updates and alerts if there were any damage because of the weather.

Contracts Guardian And ADT Offer

So what about Guardian and ADT home security cost comparison? ADT monthly cost is around $35, while the Guardian monthly cost is $45. ADT offers a 3-year contract, but you can cancel the subscription within the first 6 months of usage. Otherwise, you will probably not get the money back or any refund.

Guardian has got two options: 3-year and 5-year contracts. You can add more devices to your contract if you are willing to. Same as for the ADT, you will probably not be able to get a refund after some time after you have signed a contract. This is why you should pay attention to what’s mentioned in the contract before you sign it.

Installation Of ADT And Guardian Security Systems

The installation rates for ADT alarm systems for home vary between $99 and $199, which is not a lot, especially if you are comparing it with other systems. Costs for Guardian installation are not posted online, but its price is not really going to be much higher than the installation of an ADT system.

The professional technicians will not install your security system, but will also show you how it should be used. If there will be any questions left, you can ask them right away and get all the answers. Don’t hesitate to speak to the technician and say that you don’t understand something.

ADT And Guardian Emergency Connections

ADT offers more opportunities for emergency connections since it covers both landline and cellular networks. You and the authorities will be notified immediately after something happens. It has also got special features for the elderly that allow them to get assistance immediately after something happens.

In the ADT vs. Guardian comparison of the emergency connections, the Guardian might be a little worse, but not much. It uses a cellular network, and you will still be notified and contacted right after an accident or possibility of any danger. The Guardian system can be relied on, so you will get pretty good service as well.

Which One Should You Choose: ADT Or Guardian Security?

You have probably heard about both companies from the ADT vs. Guardian lawsuit. When we compare security companies, it is important to research as much as possible and take into account such things as price comparison, features, technologies, as well as many other things. If you are choosing between Guardian and ADT security systems, you should not only read as many Guardian and ADT reviews as possible but also make sure that you also analyze their website and speak to the representatives.

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