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If you’ve been already searching for a long time to choose whatever your family needs as a security set, you might have noticed peculiar features that set ADT and Ring apart. While ADT has been around for ages (to be more precise, for a century and a half) and is recommended as a traditional security system, Ring is relatively new and is thought of as a more flexible one. In addition, over the last years, Ring has developed its innovative equipment working on solar energy, which cannot but attract our attention.

So, today we will delve into the most crucial features of both of these security systems and show which of them might influence your final decision. So, before you splash the cash of the first security system, you see, let us deepen your awareness of ADT and Ring security features. To go visual, see the home security comparison chart given below.

Comparison of Table

Features compared ADT Ring
Upfront Cost $99+ $199+
Monthly Monitoring Cost $27.99-$62 $10
Equipment Professional: a wide choice of devices A narrower choice, high quality
Easy to Use Yes Yes
MoneyBack Guarantee 6 months 1 month
Installation Only professional Both professional and DIY (it’s up to your choice)
Customer Service Various Good
Overall Score -fit for high-security needs;

-whole-home security;

-great for DIYers;

-decent value for reasonable money.

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Similarities: What Common Ground Do ADT And Ring Share?

Though Ring and ADT are thought of as almost opposites, they still have a lot in common. Here we will cover these main similarities.

  • An app with a simple interface.

In terms of remote control through a smartphone app, ADT and Ring are equally convenient. Controlling all security devices and seeing what is going around through indoor and outdoor cameras is easily made through these apps, plus you can use the function of cloud video storage.

  • The high quality of security devices.

Either the most basic security devices or advanced HD cameras, smoke sensors, and optional detectors – every single detail of these both systems is well thought through and made to serve for years and years. According to the version of BBB, both ADT and Ring deserve A+ for the best security sets available.

  • Smart home capabilities.

Both ADT and Ring are compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Nest devices and wonderfully do their functions together with smart thermostats, hubs, controllers, air conditioners, and light bulbs.

  • Innovative options.

Many of Ring devices nowadays can be bought from the ADT company, plus there is a variety of additional devices for home security such as smart doorbells and door cameras with the function of face recognition, voice control of all the devices, and thermostats to balance the temperature.

What Are The Key Differences?

While resembling each other in many ways, Ring and ADT security still have plenty of differences. To compare ADT and Ring, we will highlight the following.

  • Installation.

Whereas Ring is, probably, best known for its hands-on setup, for ADT, it is the rule to have a technician get the system installed. However, with Ring, the DIYed installation is not the only option, but rather the most popular – in fact, you can pay an additional fee to hire a professional to set it up.

  • Maintenance costs.

Let’s make a little price comparison. How much different Ring and ADT are we see just on the surface, – with Ring, you get the absolute freedom to monitor cameras on your own (through the mobile app) for free or go for professional maintenance, which makes nearly $100 per year (or $10 per month). Aa a contrast, ADT offers professional monitoring as a compulsory part of the contract for, roughly saying, $36-$58 a month. So, when it comes to flexibility, you should think about the financial side of monitoring.

  • Experience in home security.

This might not be the most crucial factor in decision making, but there is a big difference in how long companies have been around. While ADT is much older, Ring isn’t inferior to ADT in quality – both are household names with reputable feedback and clients’ trust. However, as a result of being in business for so long, ADT has managed to win awards for its Theft Protection Guarantee.

  • Credit requirements.

For getting the service of the famous ADT, one of the obligatory conditions is having a satisfactory credit rating, while Ring doesn’t lay emphasis on credit history.

  • Contracts.

Another important point is signing the contract – ADT isn’t much appreciated for its must-have 36 months’ contract, which is not a very convenient thing if you plan on changing places. Ring, meanwhile, doesn’t set such severe restrictions for the term of usage, – with this system, you pay for its service each month plus get discounts if you pay upfront for a year or so.

What You Should Know About ADT: Pluses And Minuses

Like every security set, ADT has got its own benefits and fields to work at.

main page ADT

Pros of Having ADT Security System

  • Reliable professional equipment.

Not just because the brand is a loud name, but because of its quality, ADT devices allow homeowners to keep track of literally every movement inside the house and around. Such a sophisticated ADT set of gadgets leaves no chances for burglars, so you can sleep well buying ADT. Its yard signs and window decals, remote keychains, reliable control panels, smart doorbells, – all of this and even more guarantee the high-level protection from all sides. ADT panic button, for instance, is worth a thousand compliments for its genius easiness of use in case of emergency.

  • Money-back guarantee.

No wonder that the company is confident in giving half a year to customers – there is so much to test and try! Comparing with Ring’s 30-day trial period, ADT turns out to be more trusted in terms of return.

  • Better smart home integration.

It is proven that ADT, unlike younger companies in the security business, has got exceptional abilities of combination with the smart homes, and, what is important, with smart home systems by different brands. There is literally no smart device that will be at odds with ADT, and that’s what makes it a favorite among contemporary alarm systems.

ADT Cons And Inconveniences

  • Expensive maintenance and equipment.

ADT system runs on much higher prices than other alarm systems for the home. Now, it’s clear that the equipment for serious safety purposes can’t be cheap, but if you’re not a secret agent, what do you need to pay a sky-high ADT monthly cost for?

  • Different sources of customer service.

Since ADT is backed up by other firms and cooperating companies, you can’t say what quality your service will be. So, it is either the chance to check how lucky you are or the reason to choose another system as an option for home.

  • Prices for ADT devices aren’t set-in-stone.

With ADT, things are a bit too entangled, since no ads or official website pages tell us what the exact price, for example, for the basic security settings will be. So, here comes the question, why make it so complicated and non-user-friendly?

However, based on your individual needs, some of these drawbacks can become advantages if you really need that high level of home protection.

What You Should Keep In Mind Choosing Ring Security System

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Ring Pros

  • Budget devices + professional monitoring.

If we look at Ring monthly cost and quality correlation, it’s great to notice that with Ring, you can actually get the same security level at a much lower price. Plus, taking the quality of Ring cameras with their superb 1080p HD video (which is way better than professional ADT cameras), we will see that Ring doesn’t even need other smart devices – they are simply no match to them.

  • Quick do-it-at-home setup.

If you’re not afraid of work and, what is more, a real tech-savvy who is crazy about technological discoveries, Ring is the best self-monitored home security system we can recommend. Simply by following educational instructions, you can get into the matter of things, plus an app comes up as a convenient helper.

  • No lifelong contracts.

By installing the Ring, you don’t happen to owe the company the absolute devotion. So, if having freedom or, at least, fewer obligations is important to you, we sincerely advise that you pay attention to Ring equipment.

Ring Cons

  • Limited integration with other brands.

If ADT does this job excellently, Ring is more of a solo player if we compare security companies.

  • Design mishaps.

The tech-forward devices by Ring might work great, but they still come as too big in size, compared with ADT and similar systems like Nest, often used in tandem with ADT. That’s why you do not always know where to put them and how to make them less noticeable.

  • More focus on the inside areas.

If the choice of in-house sensors, lighting, and other gadgets is wide enough, Ring obviously lacks useful features like smart garage door locks and geofencing, so here there is much to grow in.

  • Ring used to be sued by ADT.

Ring’s rep has been a little bit smashed by the ADT giant recently. However, ADT vs. Ring lawsuit was calmed down, and today ADT and Ring continue cooperation.

Features Highlights

Considering connections, ADT might look more reliable and obstacle-proof, but in reality, Ring offers more opportunities to link your smart devices within the Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi networks, making your access unlimited. Besides, if you move, Ring devices and its connections are easy to re-establish in other places, while ADT requires a brand new set.


Now, a few words about ADT vs. Ring contracts. As we’ve already mentioned above, what is precious about Ring is the absence of compulsory contracts. With ADT, this is very much different – you might enjoy the system while living in one place, but if there is an urgent need to move, cancellation fees turn out to be high – the sum includes 75% of the contract that remains after you leave. So, within the sphere of contracts, the battle ‘Ring vs. ADT’ is undoubtedly won by Ring.

Installation Peculiarities

Once again, ADT belongs to the luxe class systems with expensive, but once-and-for-all installation, which might be very convenient for busy people who are more willing to pay $100 than delve into the principles of work. The Ring is more advisable to those who like this and can afford to spend time on setting up the package.

Emergency Connections

What happens when you are miles away? With the best-rated home security systems like Ring and ADT, this is no more your concern. However, there are significant differences in how ADT and Ring treat emergencies. The Ring usually doesn’t send notifications but reacts with a siren and LED lights of sensors to give a reason to panic, and you can see what is going on through an app. With ADT, the focus is mostly on cameras – you can watch recordings or live videos to figure out the reason, and in case of an emergency like a flood or catastrophe, get immediate notifications.


Summing up this ADT vs. Ring comparison, we would like to finish with recommending these best home security systems to different types of people.

Go for Ring, if you:

  • Need basic security settings.
  • Like setting up by yourself.
  • Want a more tight-budget version.

In its turn, the highly professional ADT equipment will be just fine for those who:

  •  Need advanced security.
  •  Would like a glitch-free smart home integration.
  •  Aren’t planning to change places.

Hoping this Ring vs. ADT review helped you come to the final decision, and the home security cost comparison revealed the real reasons to consider ADT or Ring as a fitting option. Thus, it’s up to you to decide on installing ADT vs. Ring security – just look at your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Still, we’re sure you will be happy with both.

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