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  • Overall Score: 4 out of 5
  • Price: a system can value from around 200 USD and higher. Users believe which it is on a rather expensive side. We disagree, though, because in the long-term, with no monthly fee and very cheap monitoring plans or no plans at all, it will end up reasonable indeed.
  • Equipment/Devices: Arlo provides comprehensive systems and accessories to them. The functionality and specific features depend directly on the item’s price and vary greatly from the basic solutions to complex AI systems.
  • Customer Service: Just great. Arlo provides very extensive documentation on every element. If you know something about technology, that is enough to solve the most common issues. Customer support is available in a chat, via a special form or on the phone. There is also an Arlo community. There, you can discuss issues, share ideas, and hacks on managing the system, and just be surrounded by people who use Arlo items just like you do.
  • Features & Technology: IFTTT supported devices allow Arlo to be integrated into almost any AI platform or solution. They can collaborate with anything.
  • Ease to Use: Extremely easy-to-use. You install your items, and they work. That’s it. The Arlo app is highly intuitive. Follow the indications and set up your system and every element as you need.

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The main advantage, as Arlo reviews state, is a huge variety of options of equipment at completely different prices. There is something for every type of client: the less demanding one who wants some additional security features and the most demanding ones, those who don’t care about pricing, but the quality and top features are a must for them.


  • The hardware is resistant to unfavorable weather conditions and shall be installed with confidence that it will be fine even in the heaviest rain;
  • The video is of superior quality, by both premium and normal cameras;
  • Night vision is of a prime quality, too, where it is available;
  • Arlo offers both wired and wireless equipment;
  • DIY installation;
  • DIY setup;
  • No contracts, alternatives by selecting monitoring plans;
  • One system is able to support just a lot of cameras;
  • Free storage in a cloud, up to 7 days;
  • Do you want to make it work with any AI system for home? Any of them is compatible, and we know from any Arlo security system review that the integration is seamless;
  • Monitoring plans are absolutely comprehensive and very cheap. You might not want to subscribe to any of them anyway;
  • Arlo support is amazing and available in a number of ways;
  • A huge variety of supporting documents and guides;
  • A nice community to share ideas and life-hacks about equipment.


  • Some Arlo security reviews report issues with the recording speed. Be ready for some delays with a recording then;
  • Upfront payments; and the sums are rather significant;
  • Some customers report in their Arlo smart home reviews that equipment can sometimes be buggy;
  • The basic equipment is just too basic;
  • Too many options might seem confusing for some users;
  • Equipment shall be gotten for a specific monitoring plan, some devices work with a cheaper option, while some function with a more expensive option;
  • Arlo app might have issues;
  • Some cameras are not compatible in a reverse direction.

The Bottom Line

Arlo provides solutions for everybody and everything. Even though sometimes, an Arlo alarm system review reports about a lag, a bug, or any other issue, those are just minor details compared to all those great features which you get. Arlo home security price is greatly variable depending on the client’s budget and needs. Even though at the start, the price might be frightening, but there are no contracts, and clients might want a monitoring plan or might not want—both options work.


There are many items, and each of them does something different. The Arlo pricing varies, too. Thus, all is up to a particular client. If one wants something basic and for a lower price, Arlo equipment for sale is an ideal option. If a client is one of those who loves top-notch things and doesn’t care about the price, Arlo equipment options are the optimal solution.

Arlo doesn’t impose any contract. It means the absence of an activation fee or a cancellation fee.

Monitoring plans are very cheap, among the cheapest in the niche. The price for monitoring starts at 2.99 dollars and goes up to 14.99 USD. Any plan offers a full set of features. Whether you get the 2.99 USD package or the 14.99 one, the features are the same. But the equipment differs significantly. Some elements work with the cheaper version while others – with a more costly version. If a client believes no monitoring is needed, it is up to him. Items can be used even without any subscription. Cloud storage is given in any case, and this is already something that you cannot find just by any firm.


Arlo offers everything a person might need. You might get a camera or an entire wireless security system. It shall be specified which the features of different versions of equipment are

pretty different. When selecting an indoor camera, make sure it indeed complies with your requirements. Avoid features that are excessive in your situation but lead to a considerable cost boost.

All Arlo cameras are weatherproof, and these are not just words. They work perfectly in any weather conditions, within reasonable limits, of course. Note though that wires, if you use an Arlo wired option, are not weatherproof. It is considered as a drawback because you might connect your equipment to a power source only inside.

If a client prefers to keep cameras beautiful, he/ she might buy a plastic case for them. It works perfectly also to fit a camera into a particular design.

If you decide to install Arlo alarms in a location in your home that is difficult to access to plug the Arlo device in, and changing the batteries is pretty troublesome, too, you might consider an alternative solution: a solar panel. There are some versions developed by an Arlo partner company, which are compatible with the Arlo pulse cameras and other items. Thus, you save energy and use your items conveniently. Needless to mention that you save money, too.

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Control (App)

The Arlo app is very good. It is among the top-rated apps on Google Play, so, no discussions here. Yep, some users in one or another Arlo review have complained about some bugs after an upgrade. This is a common issue, though. Netgear, the original parent company, is known positively for fixing all the bugs in no time. We believe that all those complaints are not valid anymore.

There is a special Arlo option called Family Sharing. It allows up to six persons to monitor the same system. You might alarm somebody who stayed at home about a person roaming around or if there is a thing to pay attention to.

Standard options are there, too. You can get alerts, setup the system based on what you need right now, review videos, and do all those standard things.

To install the app, just find it in Google Play (or on the Arlo website) and download it. The installation and setup daemon will lead you through the process.

Customer Service

A question: “Is Arlo a good company?” can be replied to if you check their customer support. Judging from this, Arlo shall be an amazing company. They have a super extensive range of documentation:

  • Guides on separate products;
  • Guides on systems;
  • Datasheets;
  • Guides on accessories, and similar.

For those customers or interested persons who are interested in discussing Arlo smart home or whatever, a special Arlo community exists. There, you can ask, inform, discuss, share opinions. For emergencies or information that is not available in other sources, Arlo customer support is available. You can chat with an Arlo agent in the live chat during the working hours. If the chat is not available at a particular time, you can drop a couple of lines in their online form. Finally, some clients like talking to somebody alive. For them, a phone number is provided.

The Arlo agents are known for being extra helpful and professional. They will not pass your issue one to another but will fix all within a record time maximally efficiently.

How To Order

Arlo home security reviews confirm, and we completely agree with the fact that any Arlo monitoring system is very easy to order. Equipment is available practically everywhere. On major e-commerce platforms, you can get a system or an accessory; on some platforms, they offer very profitable conditions, even free delivery.

Alternatively, you can make a purchase directly on the Arlo website. From some Arlo security system reviews, we know, and we agree completely, that the second option is more reliable. It is fine if you already know the products and are looking for a specific element to replace a broken one or to complement your system. Then, you can check out what other platforms offer. Though if you are new with the products of Arlo security company, we recommend you to check the company’s buying options. The reason is easy: they provide there the most comprehensive and reliable information, while on other e-commerce platforms, there might be errors or insignificant discrepancies that will, in the end, influence your experience.

On the website, you can not just check and acquire home security system packages. They are accompanied by the offers regarding professional monitoring, and also, a customer support button is available. If you have something to specify, you can do it right away.

Arlo Quick Topics.


Does Arlo Require The Internet?

Yes, every item for your house requires an internet connection. Through it, the elements of the system communicate with each other, with your mobile device, and, finally, with you.

How Much Is Arlo Per Month?

There is no contract; thus, this part of a monthly fee is eliminated. You can stop by this if you want. With no plan, you just pay for the system. Push notifications are integrated, and you monitor everything on your own.

If your aim is not this, you can choose one of the monitoring plans: Smart Premier or Smart Elite. Smart Premier costs from 2.99 USD monthly (one camera) up to 9.99 USD (2-5 cameras). With it, you get everything, including AI. Smart Elite is 4.99 USD per month for one camera and 14.99 USD per month for two – up to five cameras. The features you get are the same, but the difference is in equipment quality and functionality. Some items would work with Smart Premier only, while more advanced items are created for Smart Elite.

Thus, the monthly cost varies a lot, but it is very reasonable whatever you choose.

How To Cancel An Arlo Account?

Go to your account and there, select the option to cancel it. Otherwise, you can also contact Arlo customer support. They are happy to assist with any issue, including the

account cancellation.

How Long Has Arlo Been In Business?

The company was established in 2014 and initially, was operating as a division of Netgear. Just in 2018, it became an independent company. A plethora of top Arlo security cameras reviews ensures that this launch was a successful one. It is impossible to insist that Arlo has already become one of the leading companies, but it is definitely among the best players in the home security niche.

Does Arlo Offer Free Installation?

No, free installation services are not available. Arlo home security systems reviews notify us that no installation services are available at all. There is a reason for that. All the equipment, starting from the simplest doorbell camera and up to the most complex system, is made for DIY installation. Every Arlo home automation review would state the same: no help in installation or setup is needed.

Does Arlo Work With Alexa?

If you have Alexa and are thinking whether “should I get Arlo?” this detail is crucial: your new safety system shall work with Alexa. Arlo does it. They collaborate perfectly, and Alexa will be willing to give your system voice. You can set up everything on your own, it is easy, like everything connected with Arlo.

Does Arlo Work With Google Assistant?

Yes, sure, you can integrate both systems and talk to both your virtual assistant and the Arlo security system. In the same case, you can set up everything on your own.

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