AT&T Review: High-Quality Home Security System Fitting Any Budget

AT&T Digital Life has been distributing powerful home protection packages since 2012. Compared to other companies in this sector, this one allows you to buy their security systems without becoming a regular AT&T customer for cable or internet services. Thanks to à la carte options, you can easily adjust your home security package to your personal needs. While AT&T Digital Life’s onboarding fees may seem too high for newcomers, their product offers are worthy of your attention. If you are already an AT&T customer, your initial onboarding costs will be considerably lower. On their official homepage, you can have a detailed description of AT&T pricing and working policies.

Is AT&T a good company? Before you proceed with a purchase, you need to make things clear for yourself. In this AT&T security system review, you will find a detailed analysis of their equipment options in quality- and price-wise.

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The price for AT&T Digital Life depends on the package you choose. Here are they:

  • The Smart Security package – $39.99 a month;
  • The Premium Security package – $65 a month;
  • The Automation Package – $65 a month.

Currently, the Smart Security package is the only option available for purchase.


According to AT&T home security reviews, there are a number of the wireless security system and automation mechanisms. After optimizing the monitoring plans, you are left with the major equipment choices. Thus, the base equipment package includes the following elements:

  • Touchscreen control block;
  • Two recessed door sensors;
  • Four-door/window sensors;
  • Extra keypad;
  • Indoor siren.

All home security system packages offered by AT&T Digital Life come with equipment add-ons. The list includes nine products:

  • Contact sensors;
  • Door/window sensor;
  • Motions sensor;
  • Glass break sensor;
  • Carbon monoxide sensor;
  • Indoor siren;
  • Keypad;
  • Loud doorbell;
  • Conversion kit.

Customer Service

AT&T is better than some big companies when it comes to assistance and support. Considering AT&T reviews, the customer service of this company is represented by friendly and helpful agents. They are capable of maintaining an excellent A+ rating with the BBB, namely their clear and transparent corporate policies. If you have any inquiries to be made, you can always do this through customer support. While they don’t have many contact options, they are still quite reachable. You can contact them via live chat or online form. Alternatively, they offer you to find the answer to your questions yourself by checking FAQ. While this option is the least useful, it is a standard trick used by most companies on the Internet.

Features & Technology

While AT&T Digital Life no longer produces video surveillance or home automation, they do have pretty many attractive characteristics you will like. Many of the given features are common with many modern house security systems. But it still does make sense to buy such products as smartphone controls and environmental monitoring. Here is the full list of features specified in AT&T security system reviews:

  • 24-7 Professional Monitoring will be conducted round the clock by a professional emergency team.
  • Professional Installation will be performed at your home by a qualified technician.
  • Smartphone Controls via the AT&T Digital Life app will make it possible for you to access and control your system with your smartphone whenever and wherever you feel like it.
  • Instant Activity Alerts will be sent straight to your mobile device.
  • Cellular support will make your system linked to the monitoring center if your power or internet connection is gone.
  • Touchscreen Control Panel will let you control your AT&T Digital Life system with a couple of clicks.
  • Environmental Monitoring will be enabled by a CO sensor that allows you to estimate the excessive amount of potentially dangerous gas.

Ease To Use

When it comes to AT&T security reviews, they are mainly praising the ease of use of the basic home protection equipment for sale. You will be able to keep the system under control by using the sensitive touchscreen control panel. You will like the visual design and physical feel of this monitoring system. Generally, the setup procedure is marked with considerable ease and reliability. Compared to previous products, AT&T complex package has turned into a more simplified and affordable DIY option.

Pros & Cons

After checking AT&T smart home reviews, Digital Life home security solution is built around a responsive app interface and customized home integration, making it one of the most advanced setups on the market. This product is oriented on the future perspectives, having a bunch of features, and setting the background for modern home security. Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of the given product.


  • It includes solid security devices.
  • It features solid home automation functionality, enabling your own automation programs.
  • It consists of a remote smartphone, tablet, and computer access.
  • Ts automation packages are based on an automated door lock and an indoor camera.
  • It offers a two-week refund guarantee.


  • Its obligatory two-year contract, featuring an early cancellation charge.
  • Some of its equipment is only available in an a la carte format.
  • It is marked with initial setup and installation fees.
  • Its customer support is represented by limited contact options.

The Bottom Line

AT&T security company is a trustworthy market player, offering high-quality security equipment, including alarms and pulse cameras. AT&T home security used to be too complicated with add-on pricing policies, confusing package options, and unclear à la carte options. Luckily, they have turned into a single system that is nothing but bare-bones basic. Their professional monitoring is marked at a reasonable price, while their installation is available without extra charge. Thanks to a touchscreen control panel, smartphone controls, and some efficient environmental monitoring, AT&T Digital Life does have several redeeming characteristics. In a matter of time, there will be even better options to protect your home.


AT&T Digital Life used to offer three independent packages, all of which need credit confirmation and cost higher than average. Currently, there is only the Smart Security option that is available for customers. AT&T home security price for a basic package is estimated at $39.99 as a monthly fee. Alternatively, you can pay $549.99 in advance for all your security equipment. The prices for AT&T’s home security system get higher if you add extra security compounds to your package separately. Thus, the package includes $700 in equipment if bought separately. Thus, you should be absolutely sure about choosing AT&T before you tie up yourself with an official contract. If you try to terminate the contract two weeks after installation, it will cost you almost $640 for the most basic package. If you do terminate it before your two weeks are up, you will have to pay $99 for all products you return.


The equipment involved in an AT&T Digital Life security system is quite standard. But one specific point among its collection is the conversion kit, which allows you to reuse your existing wired door and window sensors with the new AT&T security system. During the installation process, your technician will inform you about what can and cannot be used with the kit. When it comes to AT&T alarm system review, the company is generous with the number of sensors added to an initial kit. The whole package includes the following elements:

  • Touchscreen control panel;
  • Two recessed door sensors;
  • Four-door/window sensors;
  • Extra keypad;
  • Internal siren.

Thanks to a great number of sensors, your entrances and exits will be well-covered from the very beginning. Similar to many other security systems, all the AT&T sensors are linked through the central keypad alarm. This is the control panel where you can turn on and turn off the whole system. It also sends you notifications when one of your house doors or windows are opened.

All AT&T home security system packages come with equipment add-ons. The list includes nine products:

  • Contact sensors;
  • Door/window sensor;
  • Motions sensor;
  • Glass break sensor;
  • Carbon monoxide sensor;
  • Internal siren;
  • Keypad;
  • Loud doorbell;
  • Conversion kit.

In AT&T home security systems reviews, it is stated that this product has a lot of attractive features. Here is the full list of them:

  • Round the clock professional monitoring is conducted by a professional emergency group.
  • Professional installation is conducted by a technician who will visit your home to install the home security system.
  • Smartphone control is realized via the AT&T Digital Life app, so you can maintain your system with your smartphone anytime and anywhere.
  • Instant activity alerts are sent to your mobile device straight away when a sensor is activated.
  • Cellular support is there for you when electricity or internet connection is gone.
  • Touchscreen controls are enabled with a few movements of your hand.
  • Environmental monitoring is activated via a CO sensor, focusing on the estimation of threatening levels of this potentially dangerous gas.

AT&T equipment

Control (App)

If you order Digital Life’s monitoring, you are automatically provided with access to its mobile app. Thus, you will be able to remotely turn on and turn off your security system, use it to monitor individual sensors and devices, as well as receive notifications. Being compatible with iOS and Android, this mobile app allows you to remotely access your security system via a mobile device, tablet, or laptop.

Customer Service

In terms of convenience, AT&T tries its best to provide customers with maximum comfort. Its customer service is focused specifically on Digital Life customers with options to write an email or chat online. Chatting online is the most straightforward option where you don’t have to wait for an answer long. AT&T Digital Life specifies only basic information about its products, policies, and prices on the official homepage. To find out more details, you will need to contact AT&T customer support representatives.

If you’re planning to purchase the Smart Security package, it is highly recommended in this AT&T home automation review to do that with a representative over the phone as it is a more efficient way to get proper customer service.

How To Order

Should I get this security system, considering AT&T security cameras reviews on the Internet? Yes, you should. There are a lot of various options to make a purchase online, but these are the major ones:

  • Order direct from Manufacturer. You can try this option by completing the purchase via their customer support. You can benefit from specials and promos. Just check out the official homepage from time to time.
  • Order in one of their Stores directly. If you have an AT&T store in your city, you can buy their products there. Why do you have to wait and pay extra if you can buy a doorbell camera or alarm from AT&T experts straight away?
  • Order from Amazon or eBay. This can be purchase from second hands if you are looking for a lower price or you don’t want to wait long. Considering free shipping and convenience aspects, you should try to make an order on one of the popular selling platforms.

AT&T Difference


Does AT&T Require The Internet?

When it comes to AT&T smart home, Digital Life does need your internet service along with its own cellular network. By having a physical Internet connection to your router, you can keep the system under control remotely.

How Much Is AT&T Per Month?

AT&T home security price for a basic package is estimated at $39.99 as a monthly fee. Alternatively, you can pay $549.99 in advance for all your security equipment.

How To Cancel An AT&T Account?

If you want to end your ties with AT&T, you can leave when you feel like it. Inform AT&T Customer Service that you terminate your account at the end of the current billing period.

How Long Has AT&T Been In Business?

AT&T Company has been on the market since the 1980s. Thanks to strong market performance, they built up a positive reputation among customers and market competitors.

Does AT&T Offer Free Installation?

In AT&T review, the company does offer free professional installation performed by professional staff. Before the actual procedure, their representative might visit you.

Does AT&T Work With Alexa?

If you are interested in establishing a relatively simple home security environment, you should consider AT&T tied to your Amazon Alexa. AT&T Digital Life provides you with several options. You can maintain a couple of keyless Yale locks with this system through the mobile app, along with cameras, environmental sensors, and a thermostat.

Does AT&T Work With Google Assistant?

Considering the fact that customer’s security is very important, the Google Assistant is required to enable devices by unlocking doors or opening garage doors. Sadly, Google Assistant-enabled devices are not able to keep AT&T Digital Life cameras under control.

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