Best Home Security For Renters: Guide On The Best 6 Home Security Companies

Are you looking for the best ways to protect your house? Here, you can finally pick a service that provides home security for renters and works on making sure that every one of their clients is protected. Learn more about the best security systems and security alarms for apartments here.

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Top 6 Security System Companies To Protect Your Home

Renting an apartment can be hard in terms of security. But with the help of these services, you will be able to protect yourself:



One of the main reasons why so many renters choose SimpliSafe is its price. No doubt, this is one of the best choices among cheap security systems for apartments, even though the quality is superior. The monitoring system offered by SS is definitely the one that can be called reliable: you will rarely notice any lags or anything going wrong.

Another advantage of SS is its ease to use. The installation won’t take a lot of time, especially when compared to all the other systems on the market. It is not hard-wired, so you don’t have to be afraid of spilling something on the wires or accidentally breaking your security systems. It can also be easily connected to the Internet.

This renters security system is capable of protecting your home on the best level possible. It uses 24/7 cellular monitoring, so even if the phone line is cut, you will still be able to get in contact with authorities to find the needed assistance with your issues.

Another good thing about SS is the fact that it does not require a contract. There are not many security systems for apartment renters that are ready to make such an offer.

Any Cons?

There are only a few issues that might bother you when it comes to SimpliSafe. One of those is a high up-front cost, which is 500$. Let’s agree that it’s a lot and many companies charge much less. But if you pay attention to the contract and details on it, you will see that this price is much lower than the real cost of the equipment.

Another problem you might encounter with this company is a few bugs that might interfere with the connection with the monitoring center. But the support team is amazing, and they will make sure that the problem is fixed ASAP.

Equipment Options

Every system includes devices for safety monitoring as well as for home automation. Here are a few items that are a part of every home system:

  1. Base station. This is basically a hub that is used as a home security monitoring tool with the help of cellular connection.
  2. Master keychain remote. It will allow you to arm and disarm your system remotely.
  3. Entry and motion sensors.
  4. 105-decibel sirens. Those who will try to get into your home will definitely regret it after hearing those sirens.
  5. Smoke detectors.
  6. Wireless keyboard. This one is also used to turn the home system on and off as well as for a few other tasks.
  7. Yard signs and stickers.



Scout is also one of the best apartment security system home security systems for renters. It does not require you to pay monthly fees, which is also not something that many companies do. You can set up your own payments and choose the amount you’re comfortable with to pay during a specific period of time. You can choose yourself whether an annual or monthly subscription is a better choice.

There is no contract required, as well. It does not matter what type of plan you choose: for home or professional monitoring. Nothing is required from you to sign.

No need to purchase the equipment you will never use. Scout offers not only good conditions for the apartment renters but also great equipment that you can get separately. Thanks to that, you will not have to waste your space and money on devices you will never need.

What is more, Scout offers security systems for rental homes at a lower price if you choose an annual plan. As a result, you will get a nice wireless security system at an even better price.

Any Cons?

There are only a few. First of all, customer service does not have a good reputation. There were a few reviews, stating that the service was not satisfactory. Another thing you should be aware of is the absence of integration with some other monitoring systems and products. Even though Scout is a very reliable alarm system for rental houses, it is going to be hard to install any other products at home because of the poor integration abilities of the Scout system.

Another con of Scout home systems is limited equipment. Even though the offered products are high-quality, it still might not be enough for many home renters.

Equipment Options

What do you get when you purchase Scout home systems? Let’s take a look here:

  • Scout hub. It’s used for communication and connection with other devices and your system.
  • Motion, access, and water sensors. Scout will provide you with a huge variety of different sensors and other devices that will help you monitor safety in your home.
  • Door panel. It is used to arm and disarm your security system and is also equipped with a chime and a siren that will be alerting you every time the door opens.

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Cove Security offers good apartment alarm systems for renters who are ready to try to build a home security system by themselves from scratch. Yes, you heard that: you will have to do it yourself. But it will not be hard at all since Cove is very easy to install.

Cove is one of the most affordable options on the market as well. If you were looking for a good security home system that won’t cost much but will still work perfectly, Cove is the solution you are looking for.

If you don’t want to pay for the equipment upfront, you can do it for 36 months after the purchase. It will let you save up and avoid using all your money to pay for the security system you’ve just bought.

Cove’s home alarm systems for renters and equipment for your home are just incredible when it comes to features. With Cove, you will not only get a satisfying security system: you will get a home automation system with a number of features that will help you create a home where it is comfortable and safe to live. Even though Cove is pretty affordable, the offered equipment options are just top-notch.

Any Cons?

Cove doesn’t have many smart home integration, but still, you can get Alexa or Google Home if you get an advanced monitoring plan.

Cove also offers a limited amount of equipment options, which might be a problem. At an affordable price, you can purchase a security system that will work for many years. And the fact that there is a limited selection only makes things better: it will be easier to choose!

Equipment Options

Here is the equipment you can choose from when purchasing a Cove home security system:

  • Cameras. Cove doesn’t offer its own cameras: instead, they sell Yi indoor camera models. Those have got high resolutions and night mode.
  • All kinds of sensors, including flood sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors, as well as many others.
  • Panic/medical alert button. If something happens, you will have a device that will help you contact the authorities.
  • Key fob and touch alarm panel.

Maybe, in the future, there will be more home security cameras to choose from, such as doorbell cameras or outdoor cameras.

Google Nest


Google Nest is capable of providing you with smart home integrations that will make your beloved place a much more comfortable dwelling. You can enjoy the smart home features of Nest, while still making sure that your home is protected. Google Nest offers integrations with many other companies and systems, so if you are interested in getting another one, contact the Nest Specialists, who will provide you with info on what you should go for.

The quality of Nest devices is also superior. Google Nest offers high-quality cameras and sensors that will never let you down. By the way, the Nest cameras can be commanded by your voice, which is not a feature you can often encounter in many security cameras.

With Nest, you can choose whether you should go for DIY installation or a professional one. Nest guarantees a simple setup, but you don’t have to go for it if you don’t want to: instead, you can have your security system professionally installed for 99$.

In general, Nest is one of the best home security systems on the market. If you are looking for the best security system for renters, definitely take a look at this one. Even though it might not be the most affordable security system, its features and design will definitely be worth it.

Any Cons?

The main concern you might have regarding the Google Nest is the price for their service. Certainly, it won’t be as cheap as you would like it to be. Affordability is not something Google Nest is associated with, so you will have to prepare to spend money on getting a high-quality Google Nest security system. The monthly fee for this system is also not the lowest one: 19$. Compared to other security systems, these rates are a bit higher. Still, the price you pay for Nest home security systems is worth it.

Equipment Options

Nest offers a huge variety of incredible devices for taking care of your safety. At first, it might even be easy to get lost in such a diversity. Here is the list of the equipment that comes together with your home security system:

  • Nest Guard. It is more like a command center that you can use to turn your home security system on and off.
  • Nest Tags. You can give those to the people living at your home, so they would be able to arm and disarm the security system by themselves.
  • Nest cams. You can choose from 4 different models available for the purchase on the website of the Nest.
  • Nest detector sensors. Your home security system can be equipped with all kinds of sensors that will alert you in case something is off.

house control concept



Ring is also one of the best alarm systems for renters who want to make sure that their home is protected. Ring offers a good variety of devices, especially cameras, so you will definitely find a good set for your home here.

Another great thing about Ring is its ease of installation. You won’t have to spend a lot of time setting up your home security system since you will receive all instructions and tutorials that will help you install it fast and easy. Equipment offered by Ring is very affordable, so you won’t have to worry about overpaying.

If you are looking for the best security for apartments, you should check out Ring before going for any other home security systems. There are pretty good chances that you will decide to stick with the Ring without even checking any other services.

Any Cons?

One of the biggest issues with the Ring is that their plans are a bit weird. For example, video recording and cellular backup are supposed to be pretty basic features, but they are not. Those are only available with the Ring Protection Plan, which might not be good or affordable enough for many renters. Still, Ring remains one of the best options on the market for those who are looking for home security systems, and it has got some good equipment for sale.

Equipment Options

When you order a Ring home security system, together with it, you are going to get such equipment:

  • Video doorbells. You can see everyone who comes and goes.
  • Home security cameras. You can choose any set of cameras you wish: indoor, outdoor, and pulse cameras of any kind.
  • Motion sensors. It will be impossible to move silently at home while the sensors are working. With Ring, you can also get many other types of sensors that would notify you in case of an emergency or anything going wrong.



One of the best things about Frontpoint is a good selection of equipment that you can purchase for your own security system. All of these devices work very well, and the prices range as well, meaning that you will be able to find something at a suitable price with ease.

Frontpoint is compatible with a few other home security systems and smart home devices, so if you want to add something else to your system and hub, feel free to do so.

When it comes to customer support, Frontpoint has more than just amazing reviews: as you can see it from the customers’ feedback, Frontpoint users are satisfied with the provided services and don’t usually experience any problems with the customer support.

Equipment Options

What kind of equipment will you get after purchasing the Frontpoint home security systems? As mentioned previously, Frontpoint offers a lot of equipment and can even be compatible with a few other devices and systems. Here is a short list of the devices:

  • Frontpoint hub and keypad. With the help of these two devices, you will be able to easily control your home security system and turn it on and off.
  • Frontpoint security cameras. High-quality resolution and night visions are the guaranteed features of each security camera.
  • Garage controllers, door locks, lights, outlets, and more. Since Frontpoint is compatible with Z-Wave, you can purchase a lot of their equipment and add it to your system as well.

Any Cons?

If you are searching for cheap home security systems for apartments, Frontpoint might not be the best option, since its equipment and monthly plans are a bit expensive. But let’s agree that sometimes good quality costs a lot, and if you want to be completely sure about the safety of your home, purchasing a Frontpoint security system would be the right decision in this case, even though it might be a little expensive. Still, Frontpoint is one of the best home security for renters’ choices on the market.

So Which Security System Is the Best?

“So which home security systems should I get?” is probably the question you have in your mind at the moment. First of all, you should determine your budget, and then, you should decide on what kind of features you would like your home security system to have. In this article, you can find a huge selection of outstanding home security systems, so your task is just to simply choose one and make a purchase. Take a look at the companies we offer here, and weigh all the pros and cons before making a final decision.

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