Blink XT Security System Review: Pick The Best System To Protect Your Home 

Finding the right security system is something everyone should do if they want to make sure that their house is protected. Blink is not a new company in the market, but it has not been trendy. But when Blink XT cameras first appeared, more and more homeowners became interested if it is worth a try. In this Blink XT alarm system review, you can learn all the facts you need to know about Blink XT as well as find the answer to the “Should I get Blink XT security system?” question. Protect your house now!

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Overall Score: 7.4

  • Price – 9
  • Equipment/Devices – 6
  • Customer Service – 7
  • Features & Technology – 6
  • Ease to Use – 9

Pros Of Purchasing Security Equipment With Blink XT

Most Blink XT security system reviews state that Blink XT has got many great features, and even though it is a pretty basic security system, it still has many benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  1. Affordability. It can be difficult to find a good security system that will come at a good price. This is why Blink XT is a real gem: you get a set of decent cameras that don’t cost a lot. And you won’t be disappointed by the quality of these as well: for such a price, this equipment is an incredible option.
  2. The amazing quality of cameras. Blink XT cameras are small and elegant. They have a very simple design that allows the customer to clearly understand how to turn the camera on and off. The Blink XT security cameras reviews are more than satisfying. These cameras will function properly for a long time. The quality of audio and video may not be the best, but it is not awful either.
  3. Detailed tutorials. On the website of Blink XT, you can find great tutorials that will not help you install your security system, but will also assist you with using it correctly and learning more about its features.
  4. Wireless security system. Nobody likes a lot of wires: it can be very confusing to figure out where everything should go. Also, there are no chances that someone who would want to break into your house will be able to cut the wires.
  5. Fast installation. You don’t need to hire a professional to set up your security system. Everything can be done completely on your own.
  6. Nice app. Even though the app for the security system does not have a simple design, it is still pretty useful when it comes to monitoring your house and making sure that nothing goes wrong. You can access videos and photos in the app, and there are no limitations when it comes to storage.
  7. Integration with some of the smart home devices. Your Blink XT home security system can integrate with a few smart home devices, including Alexa.

Cons Of Getting Blink XT Security Systems For Your Home

Blink XT security company will work fine for those who are willing to take responsibility for monitoring their houses by themselves. But if you are not ready for that, this security system will not be a great purchase for you. What are the other disadvantages of choosing this company? Here are all the cons you should know about before buying Blink XT security system:

  1. Night vision quality is poor.  The cameras work fine in the daytime, but when it comes to night, things are not going very well. The quality of night vision is not as good as it could be.
  2. Basic equipment options. All the cameras are fine, but all the options you have are very basic. If you are looking for cameras that will provide you with more features and opportunities, Blink XT home security system packages are not a good choice.
  3. No professional assistance. If you want to be able to contact professionals at any time or rely on them to monitor the house instead of you, it is better to use the services of other companies. Blink XT does not offer such an opportunity.
  4. No Google Assistant integration. Even though Blink works fine with Alexa, it cannot be integrated with Google Assistant, so if you have it, consider getting another security system.
  5. Limited amount of features. Even though Blink XT cameras allow you to constantly monitor your house, there are no other special features that you can use as well as no home automation systems that will help you with household chores.
  6. One-way audio. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to communicate with visitors if they come to your house: you will only be able to view them in the live footage.

The Bottom Line: Is This Security System Worth Your Money?

In many Blink XT home security systems reviews, you can learn that even though this security system is pretty basic, it is still doing its job very well and will help you secure your house. So if you would like to get a set of devices that will be able to help you monitor your home, this one is the right pick for you. But if you are looking for something fancier, it might be better to check out other companies. Is Blink XT a good company? It is. But it is not the best choice for everyone, so take into account all the pros and cons before purchasing it.

Pricing: Get The Right System For The Best Price

Another great thing about this company is Blink XT pricing. It can be hard to find a good security system that will cost less than $300, but Blink XT seems to have achieved something impossible: the average Blink XT home security price for the security kit is only $129. With Blink XT, you can purchase your doorbell camera, indoor camera, outdoor camera, pulse cameras, and other equipment for sale without going over your budget. You might even be able to save up a little bit.

As you can see it from the Blink XT home security reviews written by customers, the price is not only a very good one for such cameras but also remains one of the lowest on the market. Because of that, Blink XT stands out among other companies: affordability and good quality come together in their case.

There is no subscription fee, monthly fee, or any cancelation fees when it comes to purchasing Blink XT monitoring systems, cameras, or alarms. You can just choose a set that seems like the best choice for you and purchase it whenever it’s convenient for you.

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Equipment/Devices/Features: What Did Blink XT Prepare For Their Customers?

In the Blink XT review, let’s take a closer look at what this company has to offer when it comes to equipment options and features. Spoiler alert: even though Blink XT has got a few great features, it’s still pretty basic, so if you are looking for something fancy, you should search for other alternatives. Here is Blink XT security system review of the devices and features:

  1. Motion detection. If anything suspicious is going on inside or outside your house, you will find out about it immediately. Motion detectors are one of the best features that Blink XT wireless security system contains, and you will get notifications about any motion right away.
  2. Temperature alerts. If the temperature is too high or too cold, you will be alerted. Of course, you should be ready for alerts that might not actually notify you about real danger, but still, it is always best to be sure.
  3. Wire-free. No cables, no wires. Your system will work on batteries, so no one will be able to cut the wires, and power outages won’t damage your security system.
  4. Waterproof. No need to worry about rains that might damage your security system or cameras: all of the equipment is waterproof.
  5. Smart home integration. If you have Alexa, then your Blink XT smart home security system and your smart home assistant will work perfectly together.
  6. Cloud storage. You get free cloud storage for your videos and photos from all cameras. Unlike many other companies, Blink XT won’t charge you for that.
  7. Scheduling. You can set up hours for turning your security system on and off as well as scheduled daily notifications and alerts. It might be hard to find this function at first, but once you get used to it, daily schedules will help you a lot.

Blink XT Mobile App: Easy Way To Control Your Cameras

If you want to make sure that everything works smoothly, you will have to install the mobile app for your Blink XT cameras. Most Blink XT smart home reviews are good since the mobile app for the security system can be easy to use once you get used to it, and you can control your cameras easily with the help of it. One good thing about the app is that you can schedule arming and disarming of your security system. It has one flaw, though: it can be hard to find the scheduling feature in the app since it’s separated from other features.

At first, it can be hard to navigate through the app, but once you learn how to use it, there won’t be a problem, since you will get access to all the features of the security system, such as watching videos, setting alerts, scheduling, viewing live footage, as well as many others. The design of the app is pretty basic, so there is nothing to discuss. It may not be the best app for the security system, but contains everything that a good mobile app for security system should have.

Customer Service: Get The Assistance You Need From The Blink XT Experts

If you need a fast response, Blink XT might not provide you with the best answers in the short term. As you can see it from Blink XT security reviews, customer service is not always working in the best way. If you have any questions regarding your security system, you can fill in the report, and what will be left for you to do is just to wait. On the website of Blink XT, you can find a few guides that will help you with fixing some of the problems you have got.

If you go to the “Support” section on the website, you will see that there are a few segments. If you are new to Blink XT, you can read the introduction, where you will learn everything about using Blink XT security systems. If you already have a security system, you can go to the page with articles and guidelines that contain detailed information about your security system and its features.

You can also watch some useful videos on the security system and topic in general. All of the videos are especially useful for those who are setting up the security system by themselves. The website contains some good information that you will need to learn how to use your security system, but if you are looking for professional assistance, you might not get what you expect.

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FAQ: Most Common Questions Answered

Does Blink XT Require The Internet?

If you are using the app to monitor the security system, you will need the internet to do that. But cameras work perfectly without it.

How Much Is Blink XT Per Month?

There is no monthly fee or any other charges other than the price for the equipment. You will just have to pay for the equipment.

How To Cancel A Blink XT Account?

You can do it on the website of the service or contact the support team to help you out with it.

How long has Blink XT been in business?

It was founded in 2009, and in 2017 it was acquired by Amazon.

Does Blink XT Offer Free Installation?

All the cameras can be installed on your own, so you will not have to pay anything for the installation since it does not require professional assistance.

Does Blink XT Work With Alexa?

Yes, the Blink XT security system can be integrated with Alexa.

Does Blink XT Work With Google Assistant?

No, it does not work with Google Assistant.

Choose The Right Security System For Your Home

There are many different options on the market, so it won’t be easy for you to choose the best one that will meet your expectations. This Blink XT home automation review discussed all the key facts and moments you should know about, but if you are interested in the Blink XT security system, cameras, and alarms, you should go to their website to find even more information and make a final decision. Feel free to talk to the specialists of the company to find out about everything that interests you and read more Blink XT reviews. This way, you will be able to choose the right home security system for your house.

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