Brink Review

Is Brink a good company? Looking for reliable, and most importantly, working security options for your apartment? Brinks review may accommodate your requirements and help to choose the best equipment.

Overall Score – 8.0

  • Price – 8.0
  • Equipment/Devices – 8.5
  • Customer Service – 7.0
  • Features & Technology – 8.5
  • Ease to Use – 8.0

Pros/ Cons

One can find Brinks reviews almost on “every Internet corner”, but most of them may be paid for promotion. With this ultimate guide to features of this company’s systems, you may find out miscellaneous information helping potential buyers come up with the right decisions.


  • 24/7 alarm monitoring;
  • more than 1 million users;
  • easy installation;
  • сompatibility with major voice commands;
  • two-year warranty;
  • free cancellation;
  • high-quality instruments;
  • smartphone control;
  • various packages for the automation of housing.


As for the cons of Brinks home automation review, they are mostly standard and also present with competitors that provide similar services.

  • A three-year commitment regarding the Brinks plans;
  • Continuous offer changes;
  • Imperfect customer service;
  • Paid installation if requesting experts help.

security system

The Bottom Line

Brinks proved to be a decent company with flexible packages for alarms and services and frequently cited party when one seeks home automation. They boast their advanced features that are perfect for busy people who manage everything from mobile devices. Thus, a designated smartphone application allows keeping in touch with everything ongoing at home. Besides, the Brinks security company offers two ways of protecting housing. First off, with their wide range of packages. Secondly, with Nest Secure issued by Brinks, but it is only for those who have already installed Nest Secure alarm systems before.

The prices are affordable, and potential buyers may go for $29 Brink’s package per month. But, at all times, one should bear in mind that an obligatorily three-year commitment in the form of a contract is a must.

Besides, Brinks security system reviews proved that customer support is still far behind excellence. When calling a company, people are connected to the automated response system, and they have to wait for some time. Today, such practices annoy clients.

At last, it is worth saying that Brinks benefits prevail, but many potential customers say that such a contract really seems a burden. Here’s what you can expect when purchasing any of their service packages:

  • Price – $29-$39 per month
  • Devices – home automation devices, cameras, app
  • Customer Service – 7 days a week: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m
  • Features & Technology – Compatibility with Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, ASAper, a smartphone application
  • Easy to Use – Receive tools. Just peel and stick

Brinks Pricing

There are a couple of Brinks service packages without financing. Pick the one that serves your needs and budget based on a monthly fee and required tool cost:

  • Essential – $29/ $199
  • Complete – $39/ $499
  • Ultimate – $39/ $1,099

The company also offers service packages with Financing:

  • Complete – $39/ $13.86 (per month)
  • Ultimate – $39/ $30.53 (per month)

Brinks home security system packages also differ in the stuffing. With the Smart Security Essential plan, one gets:

  • control panel – control a system on-site;
  • 4 sensors – check whether someone tried to enter the house through doors or windows;
  • 1 motion sensor, and a yard sign – find out the origin of unusual movements.

A Brinks complete plan has:

  • control panel;
  • 6 sensors;
  • 2 motion sensors;
  • 1 indoor camera – get a full view of what is going on in your territory;
  • 1-yard sign together with 2 stickers.

Finally, the most expensive option with Brinks will have:

  • control panel
  • 6 sensors;
  • 2 motion sensors;
  • 1 camera for outdoor and one doorbell camera – territory view and information about who comes to your doors;
  • 1-yard sign, 2 stickers;
  • free of charge installation.

Besides, upon the request and additional cost, one can buy the following Brinks devices: glass break, flood, smoke, Carbone monoxide detectors at $49-$79.

Thus, it is worth saying that the Brinks home security price of features is adaptive for various paying capacities. One can customize the plans and discuss additional tools for a monitoring system.

drill and camera

Brinks Equipment, Devices, and Features

Together with the above-mentioned Brinks technologies, the company is proud to offer a variety of related equipment for sale. They will help to expand the system to the fullest and guarantee users the major security.

  • Motion Sensors that differentiate animal movements from human ones;
  • Pulse Cameras;
  • Key Fobs;
  • Image, Freeze Sensors;
  • Smoke Detectors.

Brinks home security reviews also help understand the biggest advantages of why people turn to their help. The first one is smartphone management; check it out.

Brinks Smartphone Application

Since today people seek the opportunity to manage most of the things online or with their mobile devices, a Brinks company designated an application. It is supported by both Android and iOs. Nevertheless, one cannot simply download it. It is accessible for those customers who have previously subscribed to the ultimate plan. They can access many features allowing them to proceed with a wireless security system from any part of the city or country. For instance, you can arm or disarm a system, update or connect to the cameras to check what is going on when you are away.

Alerts for Users

Have you ever used the reminders on your mobile phone? You could take notes and write down what you should remember at all times. The same functionality is in the Nest Secure reminders feature. It is aimed to inform a user of things concerning the security and safety of the house. For instance, it can be referred to as closing a door or window when no one is at home. Thanks to the geolocation, alerts proceed with the top accuracy, and only the last one who left a house will receive a reminder.

HD Doorbell Cameras

One of the best qualities that can match various doorbell picks. Brinks security reviews mention that the resolution is 720p, and there is up to eight feet night vision together with included motion sensor with an 8-foot range. Accordingly, no one will escape from being captured by this advanced tool.

Brinks ASAPer

Stop worrying about unpredictable emergencies, and now users can easily leave a house without thinking about the intrusion for the whole day. This feature is created in the form of a messaging agent and is directly connected to one’s mobile phone. From the Brinks side, they ensure a feature is also bound to the local authorities that will come in case of any harmful situation. Thus, whenever you have suspicious movements in your house like an intrusion, a system will notify you about it. You have a few minutes to mark it as a false alarm or ask to send help. With the steady Internet, the response is super active.

Wonder should I get Brinks adds-on or standard tools are more than enough? You should monitor the environment you live in. Once there are many confirmed events of robbery or criminal, these monitoring systems will reveal a full picture of what is going on at your house when you are absent.

A Detailed Brinks Security System Review on Control Application

Managing the security of the house remotely is a good option in the modern world. Some people are scared of keeping their wealth at home, but they do not trust banks, thus to have a keen sense of the pulse of the situation in one’s apartments, a few clicks on a mobile screen, and the full information can be revealed to the acknowledgment.

The reviews of the Brinks mobile app state that users can manage and control the alarms from anywhere if having an Internet connection. They can view videos, turn off or turn on the lights, and even control thermostat. If needed, the company also offers a geofencing feature that helps those who are regularly away from their housing, to take care of the forgotten “must-to-do’s” to protect the living area. It means you can remotely lock the garage, or other automated doors or windows.

As of now, this Brinks application is offered for both Android and iOs operational systems. Regarding the features:

  • Wide language choice;
  • Easy to use, the app is based on

The rating of the Brinks application is 3.7 in PlayMarket, and Average in TrustPilot. Many users claim that they cannot access doorbell camera viewing or have other issues with launching the app. On the other hand, Brink’s customer support is responsive to users’ concerns. Thus, Brink’s smart home company makes advances with the clients and is always ready to solve the problems related to their devices and technologies.

Brink’s Customer Service

Unfortunately, the first impression of Brink’s smart home reviews can be destroyed with a simple call to the company. You will be redirected to the automatic voice informing you to wait for some time. However, those who contacted the representatives via a designated chat form found online could say that responses were fast and to the point.

Keep in mind, before revealing any information about the plans or upgrade, a Brinks employee will ask you for a zip code. It is a kind of formality. But, do not worry, if you do not tell this detail, a customer support representative will still accommodate your inquiry. Besides, one should expect to hear the promotions and latest offers, but it is a common practice in most companies. You can refuse to listen to it.

Another point refers to the emergency panel where a Brinks company is also active in responding. In case of any situation about the intrusion, a monitoring center will alert you or your beneficiaries who are also enrolled in the system, and after will notify the local authorities. The experience of a Brinks alarm system review is exceptional concerning the speed.

Last but not least, they have a community set-up of Brinks users connected to this security system. Thus, anyone can, first of all, access some kind of forum to find the solution to one problem. Or, one can ask his questions and share his tips about monitoring and home automation. In general, it helps to read real feedback from real users.

Finally, Brink’s proficiency in delivering the services is not a surprise because if you enter their official website, you can come across the following statement – №1 Customer Satisfaction Two Years in a Row 2019 by J.D.Power.

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How to Order Brink’s?

Before proceeding with the order, it is highly recommended to find out the Brinks options online. It deprives you of being promoted to one particular package. Check the equipment options, prices, and upgrades if you need adds-on to the system. Via their official website, you can surf the goods, and add them to a cart. There is a full description of the items, and potential buyers may rarely ask for a recommendation because everything is quite understandable.

If you want to contact the Brinks customer support representative for the ordering process, make sure you double-check the final cost at all times. And, also ask about hidden fees.

Note, there will be no chances of negotiations regarding the contract. A company is straight at this point, and you should be committed minimum to a 3-year contract. For any other inquiries, you can refer to their FAQs page that is sufficiently informative or check our last section that can also reveal some details.


Check one of the most bothering questions potential buyers come across when acknowledging their home security systems. Brinks home security systems reviews will shed light on the solution use.

Does Brinks Home Security System Require the Internet?

As per Brink’s official statement, their systems work on cellular and Wi-Fi connections. If your wireless network stops working, you still can use it with the help of 4G LTE cellular backup. If you want to monitor the situation at home through a mobile application, your smartphone should be connected to the Internet.

How Much Is Brinks Home Automation per Month?

The prices range between $29-$39 per month. Nevertheless, one should pay for the required equipment and adds-on if he wants to upgrade his Brinks security system.

How to Cancel Brinks Account?

Any person can cancel the Brinks account during the first 30 days after the installation without any termination fee. After, some charges will be applied. You should call them or contact them through a designated chat form found on their official website. The representative will send a cancellation policy.

How Long Has Brinks Been in Business?

Founded in 1994, today, it operates already for 25 years and serves more than 1 million users. Besides, it was awarded the best customer satisfaction for two years in a row.

Does Brinks Offer Free Installation?

With the Brinks ultimate plan, one gets free installation.

Does Brinks Work with Alexa?

Yes, it does.

Does Brinks Work with Google Assistant?

Yes, it does the same as with other major voice commands.

Final Say!

Now, you may spend time on making the right decision. The top-notch quality of Brinks products and mobile integration is both beneficial to modern users. But, a 3-year contract for servicing may prevail when choosing but negatively. In general, Brinks security cameras reviews prove that they can protect your house from any suspicious movement. And, the prices correspond to the quality.


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