Canary Security System Review: Find The Best Way To Secure Your House

Taking care of your own safety as well as the security of your family and people who live with you, it is important to install not only alarms but other devices that will monitor your home as well. It can be a bit hard to find a good home automation system since there are many options these days.

Canary is the newest addition to the market that has already got some feedback. There are so many Canary security reviews that it can be hard to find a good one with enough details about that company.

This Canary security system review will tell you everything you need to know about this company as well as its offers. Learn all the facts in the Canary review, know to decide if this is the right system for you as well as find out how to protect your home.

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Overall Score: 8

  • Price: 7
  • Equipment/Devices: 8
  • Customer Service: 7
  • Features & Technology: 9
  • Ease to Use: 9

Pros Of Getting Canary Smart Home Systems

In this Canary home automation review, it is important to note all the benefits of that security system to figure out who will be satisfied with it. These are the advantages of getting Canary smart home systems:

  1. 1-year warranty. If you are getting a Canary home automation system for the first time, you get a warranty that will last for one year, so if you are not satisfied with the service, you will get your money back.
  2. Weather resistance. It does not matter what kind of weather conditions it is on the outside: your cameras won’t be damaged.
  3. Easy installation. You can do it yourself without having to spend a lot of time on the installation process. If you are installing pro systems with a lot of cameras, you might want to use the help of an expert, but in other cases, you won’t have any trouble with doing it by yourself.
  4. Flexible contracts. Whenever you purchase Canary smart home systems, you don’t have to sign any contract for a certain period of time. You can decide on your own for how long you would like to use the smart home system. There is also a no-contract option.
  5. Good quality of cameras. Most Canary smart home reviews state that the quality of indoor and outdoor cameras is one of the highest. You will get 1080p HD quality of the video, which is definitely a great pro.
  6. Automatized arming and disarming. In order to turn on and off your security system, you won’t have to do anything complicated. You can do it from the mobile app, even when you are not at home.

Cons Of Canary Smart Home Systems

In the Canary alarm system review, it is also important to cover the disadvantages. Take into account these things when considering purchasing Canary security systems:

  1. No door and window sensors. If someone is trying to break into your house, such sensors will detect the potential danger immediately. However, there are no such sensors available with the security system.
  2. Limited amount of devices for a free plan. You can get a free subscription if you purchase some of the equipment with Canary, but there are no many equipment options.
  3. No professional monitoring. If you would like to get an alarm system that will completely depend on the team of experts, then Canary is not a good choice since there is no such opportunity.
  4. Free video clips are limited to 30 seconds. You will be able to store only videos that are no longer than 30 seconds for free. If that’s not good for you, you will have to pay for the storage.
  5. Fake alarms. This is not something you will be surprised by since many systems have that flaw. But still, it might lead to a fine, so you have to be careful with the system and prepare for fake alarms.

The Bottom Line: How Good Is Canary?

As you can see it from many Canary reviews, this company has got many nice offers those who would like to take care of their own security would enjoy. But is Canary a good company? That might be a tricky question since when it comes to security, everything depends on your lifestyle and the type of household you have.

If you are ready to be the one who is responsible for ensuring that all the safety precautions are taken, you might not be able to rely on the team of experts to have your back, but you will get access to some useful equipment that will not let you down. Prices for the Canary security systems are not very high, especially compared to other companies’ rates. But still, Canary is a new member of a team, so you have to think about all the pros and cons to make the right choice.

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Pricing: Is It Worth It?

Let’s agree that often home security system packages cost a lot. When it comes to the Canary home security price, it is important to note that it is not as high as you would have thought. For 99$, you can get the most basic security system that will include a set of indoor cameras, while 139$ is the price for the set that includes both indoor and outdoor cameras. Pro sets cost around $169.

With Canary, you can also get various equipment for sale and multi-packs that will cost lower compared to the prices on the market. For example, you can buy a multi-pack that will consist of equipment of your choice at a good price that will start at 199$. If you would like to have more control over your system, you can get a self-monitoring smart home system and pay only 9.99$ per month for all the features.

In general, Canary smart home systems are a great budget version of a good home security system. Still, you can get something of a nicer quality for a little bit higher price. It depends on your lifestyle as well as your budget, so weigh all the options first.

Equipment/Devices/Features: Everything That Canary Offers

In this Canary review, it is also important to take a look at all the features and devices that you can get together with your home security system. Canary has a lot to offer, no doubt: you will definitely find something for yourself. But you have to be careful when making a choice since you don’t want to choose something that won’t work properly with your lifestyle. Here are some of the features as well as the equipment you can get with Canary:

  1. High-quality video. The cameras that will go with your system will show you an extremely great picture, so you will see everything clearly.
  2. Climate monitoring. Your Canary security system will take care of different aspects, including unexpected weather conditions.
  3. 30 days of cloud storage. Your videos and pictures will be stored for a month for you without any limitations in the capacity of storage that you will get access to.
  4. Safety button. If anything happens, you can contact the law enforcement or support team at any time and get assistance right away.
  5. Integration with other devices. Your security system will be cable of connecting with most of the smart home devices you have, as well as voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Echo.
  6. A variety of cameras. After reading Canary security cameras reviews, you will probably want to get some of the best cameras for yourself as well. On the website of the company, you can find all the nicest cameras like a doorbell camera, indoor camera, and even pulse cameras.
  7. One-tap access. With only one touch, you will be able to use your smart home system and get access to all the settings.
  8. Person detection technology. Person detection is another thing the Canary security company can be proud of. With the help of this technology, you can stay calm about the visitors since the cameras will be able to detect if someone is living in the house, regular visitor, or just a stranger.

Mobile App: The Most User-Friendly App For Security Systems?

If you had experience with any other security system, then you have probably already noticed that there are always some issues with mobile apps. And even though the Canary smart home system has a lot of things that should be worked on, the mobile app is not one of them. So why is it so good?

The Canary mobile app allows you to get access to most of the features of the wireless security system. For example, you can watch the live stream of all the footage from your camera. This means that you can always observe what’s happening at your home. You will get constant updates and notifications about your home at any time. You can adjust the settings depending on what kind of updates you expect.

Other things that you can do with the help of the app include arming and disarming your security system, monitoring the temperature, air quality, humidity in the house, contact the police, and turning on and off your camera. There won’t be any confusion with using this app: it is extremely simple to use.

Customer Service: Can You Trust Canary With Your Issues?

Even though most Canary home security systems reviews are mostly satisfying, still, their customer support still has some room to grow. If you are calling the customer support, there are high chances that you will have to wait a bit to get an answer. Still, this service can be called a professional in handling many types of issues. You can rely on the experts to provide you with the answers you are looking for.

If you have trouble with your monitoring system, you will get all the possible solutions to your problem almost immediately. The support team has many great guides prepared for customers who experience any issues. All of these guides are constantly updated, so you will get relevant ideas on what you should do with your system.

How To Order Canary Security System

If you have read all the Canary security system reviews and ready to make an order, use this short instruction to do it fast and easy:

  1. Go to the Canary website and browse through the variety of options. On the website, you can choose yourself or discuss the security systems with the specialists who will share a piece of advice with you.
  2. Make an order. After you decide what kind of Canary system you want and remain satisfied with the Canary home security reviews and Canary pricing, you can fill in the details of your home address and complete the order.
  3. Pay for your system. You can choose a convenient payment method on the website of the company and pay for the Canary home security system when it’s convenient for you.
  4. Get your order. After you completed the order, you will get a letter with all the details. You will get information about the time of the delivery as well. All that’s left for you is to wait.

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FAQ: All The Questions Answered

Does Canary Require The Internet?

Cameras and other equipment that goes with your security system do not require the Internet. But still, you will need it in order to be able to use the mobile app and control the system remotely.

How Much Is Canary Per Month?

The monthly fee for Canary depends on the subscription plan you have chosen. Prices start at 9.99$, so you can choose something that is fine with your budget.

How To Cancel A Canary Account?

All you have to do is just log into your account, go to the service plan management section, and click the “Cancel service” button. You will not have to pay any fees for cancellation.

How Long Has Canary Been In Business?

Canary has been offering its services for a few years already. There is no exact year mentioned about its presence on the market.

Does Canary Offer Free Installation?

You can install the system by yourself or pay for the professional installation. It most cases, the security system is very easy to install.

Does Canary Work With Alexa?

Yes, Canary smart home systems are compatible with Alexa.

Does Canary Work With Google Assistant?

Canary security systems work perfectly with Google Assistant.

Make The Right Choice Regarding Your Security

“What kind of security system should I get?” is a question that bothers a lot of people who are concerned about their safety. These days, this is a matter that should be taken care of under any circumstances. This is why you should think wisely before choosing a specific service. This Canary home automation review has got the most important facts you should know about, but feel free to conduct your own research to make sure you consider all the options.

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