CenturyLink Home Security Review

Want to make your life easier and feel 100% safe, whether you are at home or somewhere outside? More and more people give preference to effective smart house solutions. CenturyLink is the company that has designed a reliable system of home control, which works efficiently, even when you aren’t at home. Many positive CenturyLink reviews claim that this system is one of the best among those that are available on today’s market of home security system packages. Wonder whether it is true or false? Keep on reading this unbiased CenturyLink review to learn what options the American company CenturyLink offers its clients.

Overall Score – 8.3

  • Price – 8.0
  • Equipment/Devices – 8.5
  • Customer Service – 8.5
  • Features & Technology – 8.5
  • Ease to Use – 8.0

Pros/ Cons

There are many home security providers on the market, but not all of them can provide you with guaranteed safety. Is CenturyLink a good company? If you read CenturyLink home security reviews, you’ll have no doubts that it works appropriately protecting homeowners from unexpected burglary and other emergencies. According to CenturyLink smart home reviews, it is the leading telecommunications company that offers a lot of advantages. Check what pros are mentioned in most CenturyLink security system reviews to make the right buying decision.


  • A wide range of services – No need to waste your valuable time looking for entertainment, data, communication, and security tools in different places. CenturyLink offers a wide selection of options to choose from. It’s the best place to get Internet technologies and find the best solutions for your home security.
  • Fair prices – Don’t overpay for high-quality services. They cost an affordable price. Everyone can choose the home security plan for his/her budget. There are three packages to choose from, each of which differs from the features you’ll enjoy.
  • An easy-to-use app – CenturyLink home security application makes it possible to control the whole home system easily. It’ll take you minutes to install a CenturyLink app and have constant control over your house system.
  • Helpful customer support – Have you faced any problem or just need to get a consultation regarding the work of equipment? Centurylink home security systems reviews claim that a live chat option is available round-the-clock. You’re welcome to address any question you have via a live chat, and you’re guaranteed to get an instant answer. Competent CenturyLink specialists will deal with any issue at the earliest convenience.


There are two features that can be considered cons by someone. The company CenturyLink offers to buy some of the products before you get the possibility to enjoy all the benefits of the home security system. For example, you can purchase the package with Internet services if you want to use CenturyLink home security system. This means that you’ll need to spend more money than you expect to get a safety monitoring service. Another CenturyLink con refers to the pricing policy. It may change anytime, and you may be charged another price for getting home security services.

  • You need to pay extra to get access to a full-service package.
  • The pricing policy is changed quite often.
  • Service package prices can be altered at any time.


The Bottom Line:  Feel Safe Wherever You Are

CenturyLink takes care of your property 24/7. It doesn’t matter whether you are at home or have gone to another country. A smart monitoring system can provide you with guaranteed security round-the-clock. There is high-quality equipment for sale at an affordable monthly fee. You are provided with the possibility to manage all the settings from your smartphone or any other device. Edit, add, or delete schedules in less than a minute using your mobile device with Internet access. The CenturyLink security company has solved home security issues and offered smart and effective solutions that will make your life maximum comfortable and easy.

CenturyLink smart home security system will protect homeowners from any dangerous situations because the system can control doors/windows, automatic protective shutters,  a video surveillance system, burglar alarm, etc. Control of access to the premises, video surveillance of the adjacent territories, the inclusion of spotlights when penetrating through the perimeter are three more advantages to a large number of merits. Through the Internet, the host will be able to remotely receive a picture from any of the cameras of the video surveillance system.

CenturyLink Pricing: How Much Is Your Smart Home Security?

Not sure that you can afford to enjoy CenturyLink home security advantages? You shouldn’t worry as the company offers more than one package to buy. There are services at a lower price and options packages that include more privileges and cost more expensive. Everyone will find the option for his/her money. The price varies depending on what is inside the package. There are three packages of services you’re offered to choose from. The price is from $34.99 to $54.99. Let’s check what distinctive features and peculiarities each of the CenturyLink options has.

  • Silver – This package includes all the standard options for home security.
  • Gold – This one consists of the same options you’ll find in the previous one, but here is one extra option. It’s an indoor security camera.
  • Platinum – It’s the most expensive package of services due to the fact that it includes not only indoor but also the outdoor camera. You’ll also find electronic door locks in this package of home security services.
    “What if I go away for a while?” Many people using CenturyLink security options worry that they will waste money on the services when they are somewhere outside. If you have gone and contacted the customer support with the request to pay less for the services, they will check the information about where you are and how much it’s on your balance. You’ll pay a reduced rate for CenturyLink services for up to half a year.

CenturyLink Security Equipment: How Does It Work?

CenturyLink security home system works thanks to the high-quality equipment like the camera with the sensor capturing motion. It’s up to you to change settings according to the instructions that can be found together with the device. The main principle of work is the following: the home security equipment warns about any event by sending alerts to your smartphone. If it’s more convenient for you, choose to get alerts to your mail. To get started with CenturyLink security system, you need to have Internet access and email.

Intelligent video surveillance is one of the main components of modern smart homes. Video cameras connect to the Internet and allow you to get access to the smart home from anywhere in the world. The owner can be abroad, while quickly observing any of the zones, and the cameras can be controlled. For example, wickets, courtyards located nearby buildings, and platforms near the doors of apartments are usually equipped with controlled cameras. The operation of the camcorder can be paired with a motion sensor, and signals can be sent to the control center.


Have Control Over Home Security with a Friendly App

Do you use iOS or Android? It doesn’t matter really as a mobile app can be installed on any device. If you read any CenturyLink security system review, you’ll notice that everyone admits how user-friendly a mobile app is. It’s really so. The app works flawlessly. There are several simple steps you should make to get started. First, you need to search for the app either in Google Play or App Store. Then, download it and install it. Enter your email and the password from Cloudhub to start using all the benefits of the mobile app. The app provides you with a large number of opportunities.

You can have control over an indoor camera, pulse cameras, doorbell camera, and the whole monitoring system holding your smartphone in your hand and lying on the sofa. You can adjust all the necessary settings with several clicks. If necessary, you can let guests into the house simply by sending the appropriate command from your mobile phone to your automated system. Similar opportunities are conveniently implemented through the Internet.

Customer Service: Instant Feedback from Experts

Can’t decide whether CenturyLink home security system is the best choice for you? Need expert consultation? Don’t hesitate to turn to company specialists online. There are several options to choose from when you want to contact customer support. The fastest one is via a live chat. But first, you are recommended to check the answers to the most popular questions on CenturyLink site.

There are all the necessary instructions on how to make the steps needed for the activation of the services, etc. Have you faced an unexpected problem? Share it with CenturyLink specialists in email and get almost instant feedback. Customer support is helpful and effective here. According to CenturyLink security reviews, representatives of the company do their best to satisfy all the needs and wants of the clients. You can contact company technical support from your mobile app and get professional help within several minutes.

How To Order CenturyLink Home Security Services?

Nothing is easier than that. It takes several minutes to get access to all the opportunities provided by the company. You are recommended to create an account and sign in. Choose the package of services that correspond to your personal requirements and fit your budget. Contact the representative of the company to discuss the details, if something is unclear. Make a payment online without any worries because all the transactions are completely safe, thanks to the encryption technologies used by the website.  Pay an affordable price for 100% CenturyLink safety and security, regardless of where you are.

security system


The more well-informed you are, the better. Check the answers to the most common questions regarding the use of CenturyLink security services to make wise buying decisions.

Does CenturyLink Require the Internet?

The Internet is a must-have feature for the CenturyLink Home security platform. Make sure you’ve got the Internet package to get all the privileges of the home security package.

How Much Is CenturyLink per Month?

CenturyLink home security price varies depending on the type of package and equipment options. As has already been said above, there are 3 options to pick, and each one differs in price. Prices can vary from time to time. The best way to find out the exact price for the service you need is to contact customer support and ask how much it will cost you to install a wireless security system for the protection of your house.

How to Cancel a CenturyLink Account?

Creating an account is as easy as ABC. The same refers to the cancelation procedure. You need just to contact customer support and follow the instructions of specialists.

How Long Has CenturyLink Been in Business?

CenturyLink has appeared on the market in 1996 and has a large experience in selling multimedia services.

Does CenturyLink Offer Free Installation?

Don’t pay any additional fees for the installation of the CenturyLink home security system.

Does CenturyLink Work with Alexa?

It is compatible with Alexa and can work with this system without any problems.

Does CenturyLink Work with Google Assistant?

The solution works with Google Assistant. According to CenturyLink security cameras reviews, nobody has faced problems when using these systems.

Conclusion: Should I Get CenturyLink Home Security?

If you’ve read this CenturyLink home automation review carefully, you’re unlikely to have doubts about whether the service is worth your hard-earned money or not. Anyone who has ever used products offered by CenturyLink would claim that they are of the best quality. The same is here. If you read expert CenturyLink alarm system review, you’ll see that there are no drawbacks in the work of the system of alarms. The company representatives have taken into account all the details to make it just perfect. It’s as easy as 1,2, 3 to change the settings of the system using your smartphone. You’re guaranteed to enjoy the high performance and functionality of the system as well as the coordinated work of the systems.

CenturyLink is an example of a good company that offers innovative technologies that can change the life of any person for the better. Want to feel safe and secure wherever you are? Don’t hesitate to entrust your security to the experts where experienced specialists are always ready to offer unique solutions for home security at a reasonable price. Get top-quality services and protect your property, taking minimum effort. Enjoy all the benefits of the automatization system that makes it possible to have full control over all house systems. Staying connected is as easy as ABC today with the help of CenturyLink.

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