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Although the Cove Security system is relatively new on the market, users have already appreciated the service. People want new technologies to be applied to their house. Cove security smart home is smaller than other home security giants. It slowly wins the market by providing users high-quality security equipment for sale.

Is Cove Security a good company? Like any other enterprise, it has both pros and cons of use. Despite it being little time on the market, this wireless security system has taken pride in some of its features and equipment options. Customers don’t have to sign long-term contracts. On the Internet, there are different Cove reviews. They are good but not full enough to reveal the benefits of using the system. In our Cove Security review, we’ve tried to cover every aspect and get in detail of every process in the system. If you want to learn more about the security system, read one of the best Cove home security reviews.

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The Cove system has relevant prices. Everything depends on the desires and expectations of the customer. In general, a customer will deal with moderate offers.


In different Cove Security reviews, you can see a short description of its equipment and devices. We want to tell in detail about every security device and describe how it can help you monitor and rule the house. There are different equipment options that you may use. You can buy it up-front, as well. To learn more about the devices, read the article.

Customer Service

Like any other home security system, Cove has a customer support service. This is a mandatory service that every company needs to provide. Whether the security system is easy to use or not, there are still endless questions from users. Cove has well-established customer service. If you have urgent issues, this is the best place to seek help.

Features And Technologies

There are different options that you can benefit from. Cove Security system suggests a touch panel, a key remote, an indoor camera, and a motion sensor. There are also a few other options. The client will benefit from a doorbell camera, window sensors, panic, and medical buttons. In the following paragraphs, there will be more in-depth information about the technologies.

Easy To Use

You can use Alexa to arm the security system. The process is easy and needs little effort. The app has been designed to rule the system. This is the most convenient way to monitor cloud storage, arm or disarm the system and carry out different important tasks. With the help of the app, every user can easily monitor how the system works. It is also easy to keep track of the changes.

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Pros And Cons Of Use

Some Cove Security system reviews suggest little information about the service. Unlike other Cove home security systems reviews, we’ve researched the company and figured out its pros and cons.


  • You will get a lifetime warranty.
  • You can easily install text messaging notifications.
  • Every customer will benefit from a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • The installation process and customer support services are great.

The design of the app is amateurish.

The Bottom Line

On the web, there are a lot of Cove Security cameras reviews. We want our readers to get the most informative article about the Cove Security system. This is an affordable set of devices that will protect your house and make you feel safe. Being able to monitor the apartment is a great thing for today’s world. Not only Cove Security has a lot of beneficial options. It is also a highly customizable system. Every customer can establish it on their own since it has a great DIY setup. There is also no need to sign a long-term contract. There is a 60-day trial period. The company has great home security system packages. If you want to get a high-quality service, you will receive it here. When working with the Cove Security system, you can get flawless service. Every customer receives a personal approach. If there are any troubles with the installation process, customer service is ready to help.


In this Cove Security review, we want to tell you more about the Cove pricing. There are different plans available for the users. Cove home security prices for the services can depend on various factors. No need to ask, “Should I get this or that plan?”. The only way is to go to a website and choose the plan that fits you the most. You can choose between a standard, premium, 1 or 3-month cost, and a yearly cost plan. Thus, you can either pay a monthly fee or choose another option. Each plan has a different number of cameras used for a monitoring system implementation. You can also choose the period of cloud storage. There are 3 basic options related to 7, 15, or 30 days of cloud storage.

Equipment, Devices, Features

Touch Panel

This is thought to be a mobile command center. It is a modern version of traditional touch panels that you shouldn’t mount on the wall. The panel is a standalone device. The device is aimed at helping people interact with other sensors and integrated services. Even during the power outage, you will still be able to use the touch panel because it has an in-built cellular backup. Even in case of it being smashed, you will still be connected to the app and can use the cove security system. We tested this option and were satisfied with the results.

Door Sensor

This is a two-part device that easily tells you whether the door is closed or opened. The installation of the device is really comfortable. It also connects with the Touch Panel and can be monitored through the device. The device is wireless and can be used for about 5 years without recharging the battery. The security system has a wide range of features. You will receive the notification if something goes wrong.

Motion Sensor

If you want to make use of another wireless device, a monitor sensor will be great for you. It also has a battery of five years. You can set it and then forget about the device until it reacts to the threats. Accordingly, you won’t get false messages from the security system. With our Cove Security home automation review, we want you to make sure that now you will be safe. You can watch the firm or spend time with your friends. The monitor sensor will do the security job for you.

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Key Remote

Do you have your phone always with you? If you want to arm or disarm the security system, you can use our key remote. This is a perfect device if you are 100 yards away from the house. The security system is smart. If a person clicks on the button “SOS,” the system will be connected with the police department. It also has a huge battery. You can use it without any problems for 5 years.

Indoor Camera

On the website, you can find the YI 1080p indoor camera. This is a great device to track the videos. It can zoom well enough to see and distinguish people. You will have no trouble identifying the intruder’s face features. Indoor or pulse cameras, various doorbell options is what you can get, working with the Cove Security system.

Control (App)

Cove Security has another feature important for users. It has an app that you can use to rule the system away from home. Here you can arm or disarm the system. You will receive the notifications via this app. You can view cloud storage and control the devices if you aren’t in the house. It is user-friendly and easy to use. While testing the app, no bugs were detected. Thus, you can easily monitor the work of the security system via the app.

Customer Service

The customer service here is awesome. You can expect 24/7 support and help with every question related to the Cove Security system. When you install Cove equipment, you will get full-time professional monitoring. You don’t have to do it yourself. Being a user of the Cove Security, you will benefit from Google Assistant and Alexa integrations.

The company provides beneficial terms of cooperation—no need for any commitments. You can sign up and pay a monthly fee. You will also get a 60-day trial period. If you aren’t satisfied with the security system, service, or devices, you can get your money back. There are sound money-back guarantees. The company minds the reputation a lot. It wants every user to be satisfied with the service. Therefore, every customer has a wide range of guarantees.

Although the system is easy to use, everyone may need help sometimes. If you need support with the installment, you can contact the support center. There is also a possibility to communicate with the managers via live chat, mobile phone, or write an email. This is up to you. You can choose any service that you like. The managers will answer the questions and suggest appropriate help. Managers provide prompt answers to the issues and give informative answers. The company doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the support team, unlike other amateur services. We provide one of the best Cove Security smart home reviews so you can believe these words.

How To Order

To order the equipment, you need to go to the Cove app website and place the order. The process isn’t difficult at all. When the purchase has arrived, you can start installing it. The setup process is easy. You can name the devices to know where to put them when they arrive. There is Cove’s audio confirmation. You can use it to make sure you have made the right steps.

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FAQ: Answers To Popular Questions

Does Cove Require The Internet?

This is one of the most asked questions that the Cove support team receives. In our Cove Security alarm system review, we mentioned that the system has cellular backup. It can work without WiFi and needs no Internet connection. Every customer needs to pay for the monthly tariff to use the backup and receive daily expert monitoring. This is a very convenient feature. Customers can sometimes struggle if the system needs an Internet connection. However, working with the Cove Security system needs no Internet at all. Cellular backup ensures the flawless performance of the processes.

How Much Is Cove Per Month?

There are 2 basic options for users. The first method includes paying for the equipment up-front. This way, the final cost will be about $15-25 per month.

How To Cancel A Cove Account?

If there’s a need to cancel a Cove account, one should address the managers by calling 456-COVE.

How Long Has Cove Been In Business?

The Cove Security system is a relatively new company. The company was established in 2018. But the services have been worked on for years. Cove has a strong team with deep experience in different fields. Cove Security systems are well-designed to protect houses, apartments, and private territories from burglaries or intrusions.

Does Cove Offer Free Installation?

When you decide to buy the equipment and work with this security system, you will have a range of perks. You can get a low monitoring cost. The process will be carried out by professionals. You need no contracts. There is a 60-day trial when you can try all the options. You don’t have to pay for the Cove installation. There is an option to self-install the devices. You can easily find the instructions and set the system on your own.

Does Cove Work With Alexa?

Alexa can’t disarm the security system. You can ask Alexa to arm the system and check the status. You can also have some fun with additional features. Alexa works just fine with the system. You need to check available features before using Alexa.

Does Cove Work With Google Assistant?

There are a lot more options if we talk about the Cove Security system’s integration with Google Assistant. Using Google Assistant, you can arm the devices and ask for the alarms. If you need to learn more about the event history or take control of the connected devices, it is possible with Google Assistant.

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