Cox Homelife Reviews: Overall Score

When selecting a smart security system, it is important to consider some essential details, which can show you a fair picture of the product you are going to purchase. If you are hesitating with the question “Should I get Cox Homelife or opt for an alternative?”, here are some basic advantages you will get with a Cox Homelife.

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Affordable and competitive pricing.


Available free basic sets of accessories and a wide array of additional items.

Customer Service

Accessible customer support.

Feature & Technology

Features for automation and smart security.

Ease to Use

Professionally installed equipment that you can manage with a mobile app or a special tablet.

Pros And Cons Of Cox Homelife

Let’s start with a list of advantages:

  • You get a free basic set of devices according to the Cox plan you have chosen;
  • Both options have a feature for a live recording feed;
  • You have an opportunity to receive a discount for your subscription plan if you order special bundles;
  • The Security plan provides a contract for two years;
  • You can easily check every piece of equipment through your smartphone with a mobile application.

Here is a list of disadvantages you have to consider as well:

  • Some additional features require extra fees paying;
  • If you are not tech-savvy, it might take time to get used to handling all the functions of the service;
  • Cox does not provide its services in all areas;
  • Some elements of the package are accessible only for rent;

The Bottom Line

Cox Homelife is a reasonably fair alternative among other security systems on the smart home market. Like any other product available on the market, it has its advantages and disadvantages. But Cox company managed to come up with a solution that gives its customers a smart choice. It is a balanced unit that consists of moderate prices and decent services. There are several options to upgrade any starter plan with extra features for an additional fee.


Cox pricing varies depending on the subscription plan you choose. It has two subscription options for home security system packages. They are designed for slightly different purposes. Although, each one can be customized for an additional charge.

The Automation Plan

This Cox plan is fully developed to create a consolidated smart home unit and help manage it. The monthly subscription for the basic setup will be $29.99 per month. When you order a bundle with additional services, you receive a $10 discount.

The Security Plan

Cox Home Security price is $54.99 per month. This subscription plan is an enhanced version of the Automation package. Yet, it can be customized and upgraded with additional features as well. And when you order a bundle with other Cox services, you receive a $20 discount.

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Cox Security Company Basic Equipment Kits

Either Cox pack includes basic setup of equipment. The first basic equipment kit consists of an HD camera (one piece), sensors for doors and windows (one piece of each product), smart lightbulb (one piece). The second kit contains an HD camera (one piece), sensors for windows and doors (one piece of each product), motion sensor for an outside area (one piece).

Cox Security Reviews: Optional Products

Also, the Cox company provides its customers with an opportunity to get an upgraded Digital Home Starter Kit for a fee of $200. This is a discounted equipment kit that includes more items. This kit consists of:

  • HD security camera (two pieces);
  • Sensors for doors and windows (two pieces of each item);
  • Motion sensor for an outside environment (one piece);
  • Smart LED light bulbs (three pieces).

The total price of these items would be $655 if you bought them separately from your Cox subscription package. So you are saving as much as $455. This can be considered a fair investment into a one-time payment. Adding this setup to your shopping cart, you should subscribe to Homelife Security and Automation plan obligatory to order this kit.

Another optional pack that you can add is HD Camera Value Pack. The set consists of an HD camera (one piece) and sensors for window and door (one piece of each item). This will cost you an extra $160. By adding it to your basic kit, you are saving as much as $80. These items would cost you $240 if you purchased them separately.

Also, there is a broad assortment of products that you can order along with the primary kit for a one-time fee. Cox offers you a variety of equipment for sale, which include:

  • HD camera ($180.00 per one piece)
  • Smart door lock ($230.00 per one piece)
  • Smart LED light bulb ($25.00 per one piece)
  • Smart plug ($60.00 per one piece)
  • Smart thermostat ($200.00 per one piece)
  • Homelife wireless keypad ($100.00 per one piece)
  • Monitored detectors of heat and smoke ($125.00 per one piece)
  • Monitored detectors of carbon monoxide ($125.00 per one piece)
  • Sensors for water and flood ($85.00 per one piece)
  • Sensors for door and window ($60.00 per one piece)
  • Motion sensors for the indoor areas ($100.00 per one piece)
  • Sensors for glass break ($150.00 per one piece)

You should note that most of these products will require an upgrade to a Cox Homelife Security and Automation subscription. Also, discounts and special offers are available for most of the optional equipment. So you will be able to save a fair sum ordering several items or a whole Cox bundle. You can visit the official website to acquire more about these offers.

Cox Home Automation Review

The Automation pack can be a perfect first introduction to the universe of smart homes. A monthly $29.99 subscription will provide you with a nice deal of functions like automated commands, security alarms, and video monitoring system. Although you should be ready to buy some extra appliances to witness the entire potential of the system advantages. For instance, the system will maintain the temperature in your house. But you will have to purchase a smart thermostat of the corresponding brand to do that.

Speaking of the other perks of automation, it allows you to use different shortcuts and control the processes remotely via your phone. These shortcuts are customized commands that can program scenarios for multiple Cox devices. These scenarios will allow you to turn off every plug or bulb, lock the windows and entrances, run an indoor camera, and set various detectors in one click instead of managing each tool separately.

Also, there are rules that are automated commands for the system. They will run a particular item, which depends on the situation happening. For instance, you can install a command that will trigger your security camera. So each time a doorbell camera or window sensor detects motion, it will shot a clip as someone opens the door.

You will enjoy the Cox video monitoring feature as well. Its most distinctive advantage is the ability to see what is happening in your house at any time and location. You will have an opportunity to watch a live-streamed video right on your smartphone. All videos will be stored in the cloud, which is free. The older videos will be removed automatically when the cloud is full and newer clips will take place.

Cox Home Security Systems Reviews

This service subscription offers equivalent functions for automated shortcuts and increases security. First of all, it provides professional monitoring with a special control tablet. It will send a notification to the monitoring center in case if any of the security sensors recognize an accident. After that, you will get a call from the team to confirm the situation. If it is urgent, they will call a corresponding emergency service on your behalf to solve the problem.

Another additional feature of the Cox control tablet that you will find useful is backups. An integrated battery and mobile network chip enable the tablet to send emergency notifications even if the Internet connection or power is lost.

Cox Security Cameras Reviews

When ordering your Cox subscription plan, you will be able to upgrade it with an additional function of continuous 24-hour video recording. With this feature, you will not miss a second of what happened inside or outside the house. The recordings will be stored cloud-based for 10 days. Also, you will be able to access all the clips via the mobile application.

There are two available options for this feature. You can select two cameras, which will cost you an additional $14.99 to your monthly fee. Or you can pick a four-camera option, which will cost you an additional $24.99 per month. Also, you have to note that it is compatible only with HD security camera iCam2.

Cox control your home

Control (App)

Cox Security System Review: Control At Hand

Using the Cox phone application, you are able to control all automation processes with ease. You will be able to manage the processes and each piece of equipment right from your phone. So you will not need any pulse cameras remotes or any other tools to control Cox devices. Here are things you will have access to with the app:

  • Live camera recordings;
  • Commanding appliances of your smart home;
  • Launching and disabling the system from any spot;
  • Receiving notifications from the sensors and security cameras;
  • An unlimited number of users.

You can download the application both for iOS and Android operating systems in the official app markets.

Cox Security System Reviews: Customer Service

Accessible Customer Support

There are multiple companies that offer various services along with security and automation services for the smart home. And nothing has insurance for proper permanent functioning. In situations, when something goes wrong, immediate troubleshooting is needed to keep the customer’s trust.

Most such companies have general customer support hotlines that deal with all kinds of queries, which might result in a poor problem-solving. Cox company stands out among the others with having a special customer support line dedicated to the issues connected with Homelife services.

You can contact them via telephone at 1-877-404-2568. Their working schedule is from Mondays to Fridays, with the working hours from 8 am to 8 pm. On Saturdays, the working hours are from 9 am to 6 pm. And Cox Homelife’s tech support works around the clock, seven days a week. If the line is engaged, you are able to communicate with a Cox support team agent via a general live chat.

Cox Reviews: Policies

As any reputed organization, Cox has its policies. But what are their benefits and disadvantages for you as a customer?


Buying or leasing any piece of equipment from Cox, you will be provided with a limited 1-year guarantee. Yet, in case the users damage any piece of equipment themselves, the company will charge them with standard fees for maintaining and repairing expenses.

Two-Year Agreement

In comparison to other companies that provide similar services, you will be signing an agreement for just two years. In most cases, these agreements require three-year cooperation.

Moving Policy

As a current Cox client, you have three options to consider while relocating to a new place:

  • If you stay within the same state, you can bring your Cox equipment with you and extend your contract to a different address.
  • If you move to another state, Cox will cover it as well, so you are able to bring everything with you. In this case, you will have to sign a new agreement. It is not necessary to renew it for another two years again; you have an option to request a month-to-month agreement. Also, you will have to reactivate everything within fifteen days. In case you miss this step, the contract will be terminated, and they will charge you with a penalty fee.
  • In case you relocate to the place where Cox services are not maintained, the agreement has to be withdrawn, and you will be charged with a fee for terminating it earlier. Also, you are obliged to return any rented equipment as well.

Cox Alarm System Review: How To Order

The order process on Cox is quite simple and user-friendly. You just need to proceed to the Cox Homelife section and pick your plan. After you did that, you will be transferred to the page, where you are able to arrange your order details by adding extra equipment options or services.

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Cox Smart Home Reviews: FAQ

Here is the FaQ section that will provide you with more detailed information about Cox Homelife:

Does Cox Homelife Require The Internet?

Yes, you need a fast connection for services to work properly.

How Much Is Cox Homelife Per Month?

You have two options for $29.99 and $54.99 per month for a basic set of Cox services.

How To Cancel A Cox Account?

To cancel Cox’s services, you need to visit the official website and contact a support team on a corresponding question.

How Long Has Cox Been In Business?

Cox Smart Home Security was launched in 2010 and existed as Cox Homelife since December 2014.

Does Cox Offer Free Installation?

No, they have a standard fee for installation, which is $50.

Does Cox Homelife Work With Alexa?

No, it is not compatible with Alexa voice assistants.

Does Cox Homelife Work With Google Assitant?

No, it is not compatible with Google Assitant voice assistants.

So is Cox, a good company? Considering all the peculiarities of its system, it will be fair to conclude that majority of customers will be satisfied with the services. If you are already a user of the Internet or TV cables from this brand, it will be reasonable to use Cox wireless security system. But providing the limited area availability, it does not make Cox the first choice for everyone.

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