CPI Security Review

Everyone wants to enjoy a cozy and secure atmosphere at home. There are various ways to make your dwelling as comfortable as possible. Successful color matching, using proper textures, brightening the rooms are only a few of the possible ways. Yet, no matter what furniture and decorations you use, you can’t feel cool at home unless it’s well secured. Nowadays, there is a wide spectrum of available security systems you can choose from. The only problem is to make the right choice. The main aim of this CPI Security review is to help you in the identification of choice.

CPI Security Overall Score

When you select a security system, you look not only for awe-inspiring equipment but also for peace of mind and body. People have diverse needs and expectations, as well as different capacities. That’s why it’s of prime importance to pay attention to various factors. The most crucial of them are the following:


The first aspect the greater part of clients pays attention to is the price. CPI Security monthly fee starts from $29,99. CPI security system reviews state that the company is affordable for many users;

CPI Security Equipment/Devices

You can’t but appreciate the top-quality gadgets and tools the firm caters to its clients. It seems to offer everything you need to protect your house both inside and outside;

CPI Security Customer Service

Every customer wants to be sure that he or she is always able to get advice or recommendation when something goes wrong. You can hardly find a person who is fond of waiting for hours until the operator of the call-center answers your phone. CPI reviews state that the company customer service is of good quality. You are to get competent assistance whenever you need it;

Features & Technology

The protection market competition is huge. The number of humans who want to entrust their safety to professionals is rapidly growing. No wonder every firm tries to cater to customers with as many unique traits as possible. CPI Security is not an exception. It’s one of the largest privately-held firms in the USA;

Ease To Use

Not only is youth fond of innovative technologies. The representatives of the older generation want to benefit from the use of a wireless security system, too. That’s why it’s of prime importance to pick up samples that are easy-to-use and do not require lots of technical skills. The security firm meets these requirements.

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CPI Security Pros/Cons

Is CPI security a good company? You definitely want to know the answer to this question. As there are copious aspects that you should take into account, it’s better to begin by looking for significant pluses and minuses of the firm.

Convincing Pros

  • Both wired and wireless modes are available. CPI security system review can’t be full without considering this significant point. Although the greater part of modern clients selects wireless equipment options, there are still many people who prefer wired variation. It’s believed that this type is more reliable and robust. Yet, CPI is a brilliant security firm that offers top-notch tools. No matter what type of connection you pick up, you always get stable and A-class functioning of the system;
  • Superior smartphone control is what makes the CPI monitoring system so desired and trendy among users. You can control everything via your digital device. You receive notifications lightning fast;
  • No False Alarm Guarantee. The situations when alarms are triggered, but nothing happens, are quite usual. With the CPI security company, the situation is different. You won’t be awakened by annoying phone beeps in the middle of the night. You don’t need to cancel a very important meeting because you’ve received a notification about a fire alarm. You get notifications only when something is really happening;
  • Your dwelling is under 24/7 professional control. CPI security reviews assert that only the best and well-qualified pros work with the firm. You may be sure your dwelling is protected and sheltered. Moreover, the extensive coverage of the company allows users to experience awesome complete protection. The equipment covers every corner of your property.

Compelling Cons

  • The services of the CPI security company are available in a definite number of states. The firm operates in 12 states. It means only the residents of the Southeast and some other locations are able to experience all the striking advantages of the company. It’s prominent to keep this fact in mind if you are going to change your place of living;
  • Long-term contracts are needed. If you have already dealt with security companies, you definitely know that most of them require contracts. The same is true about this security provider. You have to sign up for a 5-years long agreement if you want to enjoy all the benefits of the wireless CPI smart home. You can still change your security provider. But if you decide to do it or you are going to move, you have to be ready to pay huge cancellation fees;
  • CPI home security price is not the lowest in the area. Yet, for quite affordable costs, you get awesome equipment and brilliant service.

The Bottom Line

On the Internet, you can find plenty of CPI home security reviews. The greater part of them is positive. This security provider is a credible protection operator that is highly appreciated by the clients. The firm allows customers to pick up the most appropriate options for their dwelling. Moreover, this security firm is a good choice for business owners, while the capacity of its equipment is powerful enough to cater to the business clientele the superb security options. The striking wireless samples are extremely trendy among those who rent the dwelling. All the gadgets are easy to be moved from one room to another without crashing the walls.

CPI home security systems reviews can’t but highlight the popularity of the firm in the Southeast. It’s possible because the firm takes care of every customer and makes everything possible (and impossible) to meet his or her needs and desires.


CPI pricing is one of the most striking issues. The firm offers only professional installation. Moreover, users purchase equipment upfront in order to experience month-to-month payment plans. If you fancy getting a wired sample, you should be ready to sign up for a contract for 5 years.

No matter what package you select, the amount of upfront costs is $499,99. These costs encompass a definite set of equipment, installation, sometimes also activation fees. Unlike some other protection firms, this security provider doesn’t allow customers to install gadgets by themselves.

There are three main CPI home security system packages you can experience: Basic Security, iTouch Security+Smart Home, and iTouch Security+Smart Home+Video. All of them encompass free brilliant professional installation and awesome 24/7 monitoring. Moreover, the set implies the installment of CP2, flood, and fire indicators.

The minimal payment per month is $29,99. It’s a basic package. This variant is a perfect solution for homeowners who want to feel secured, and that’s all. More expensive variants include $39,99 and $49,99 monthly payments. They cater to you more extended options. The costs are rather affordable for everyone.

It’s possible to save money. You can get equipment for sale. CPI is a cool firm that takes care of each of its customers. That’s why the specialists try to offer sales for the most popular samples.

why CPI Security

Security Equipment/Devices/Features

CPI security cameras reviews underline the awesome quality of the devices. You always get clear and accurate images. The streaming is stable and precise. There is a wide range of devices you can install. The striking doorbell camera functions perfectly. It’s up to you to control who is standing outside. Pulse cameras are sensible, but you don’t need to worry about false triggering.

CPI offers a remarkable option – Intelligent Video Activity Notifications or IVAN for short. This function is rather helpful. It assists not only to prevent break-ins but also to keep your dwelling in order. It’s up to you to pick the needed options. CPI can even send you a video clip when your pet misbehaves.

There are copious CPI security options available for homeowners who support the idea of a smart house. You can’t but appreciate astonishing touchscreen door locks, sensational appliance control, thermostat, and lots of other sweets.

There are a couple of things to say about professional installation. CPI sends their pros to your house. They install everything and leave the dwelling only when each of the gadgets functions in a proper way. It’s an ideal solution for people who are not great fans of technologies. Yet, the installation fees are included in upfront costs. With the help of an awesome indoor camera, you keep control of every corner of your dwelling.

CPI Security Control (App)

CPI is particularly proud of its special application. The InTouch app allows users to control everything in their dwellings via smartphone. You can download this superb app for both Android and iOS devices. Via an app, you are able to switch on/off lights, view cameras, and many other diverse options. CPI alarm system review states that customers appreciate the option of Trouble Condition Info.

CPI Security Customer Service

For customers, it’s of prominent importance always to get help and support on time. CPI is an amazing firm that caters to clients with lightning-fast assistance. You are to get answers to all your questions as soon as possible.

It’s worth mentioning that the specialists of the CPI platform are to connect emergency services if something happens. The specialists call the police, fire department, or ambulance. It’s very convenient and time-saving.

How to Order CPI Security

There is one truth you should remember about CPI security. This fact is even able to affect your answer to the question, “Should I get this awesome security system?” It’s much easier to order the services than to cancel them. The easiest way to join the team of CPI fans is to fill in an online form on the official website. The first thing to do is to define whether you own or rent the dwelling. The next point to clarify is the size of your house. It also defines the number of cameras and detectors you need. The next step is to choose the desirable gadgets. The last step is to provide the experts with contact information.

CPI Security customer support


Does CPI Security Require The Internet?

CPI security company does everything possible to cater to homeowners’ top-quality security services 24/7. That’s why when designing the gadgets and creating hubs, the pros take into account the possibility of various extraordinary situations. If you forget to pay for the Internet or your dwelling is out of electricity, the building is still secured and protected. CPI equipment is cellular. It allows all gadgets to keep functioning even without the Internet.

How Much Is CPI Security Per Month?

The monthly payment depends on the selected plan. The minimal sum you have to pay is $29,99. The maximum one is $49,99. Yet, you shouldn’t forget about the upfront costs of the protection services.

How To Cancel The CPI Security Account?

There are two possible ways you can experience. The first one is filling in an online request. Yet, it doesn’t always work. That’s why it’s a perfect way out to call the competent representative of the firm. Keep in mind that premature cancellation may be rather expensive. You pay extra fees. It’s one of the ways the firm uses in order not to lose subscribers.

How Long Has CPI Security Been In Business?

The history of the company is relatively short but exciting. It’s been on the market for about 25 years.

Does CPI Security Offer Free Installation?

This firm provides top-quality professional installation for free. It means the upfront costs already encompass the installation fees. Only professional installation is available, but it’s really superb.

Does CPI Security Work With Alexa?

CPI security home automation review states that it’s very easy and convenient to work with Alexa and other compatible devices. Synchronize your InTouch account with Alexa to start using all the outstanding options.

Does CPI Security Work With Google Assistant?

CPI systems support Google Assistant. Everything you need to do is to adjust the configuration on your app.

CPI smart home reviews can’t but highlight the superb quality and durability of the equipment. Users appreciate friendly customer service and the possibility to get professional help whenever they need it. It’s a good idea to purchase protection plans if you are interested in customized protection options that meet your individual needs. Yet, if you are going to move from the Southeast, it can become a big problem to cancel the contract and relocate the equipment.

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