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Making the right choice about what kind of security system to choose for your property is a certain challenge for many people. If you’re not into tech, this might seem a real challenge. But on the condition of having a good advisor, you can find your way around companies for home protection and pick the one to suit your individual needs and preferences. Today in this EMC Security home automation review, we will do our best to answer your question, ‘Is EMC Security a good company?’

EMC Security has been servicing households all over Atlanta, Georgia, since 1998 and has earned its reputation of the service with excellent customer service. What makes the company stand out among other security providers is the absence of necessity to sign obligatory contacts, which for many people, feel like a burden. Here, in this chart, you can see the overall characteristics of EMC Security to evaluate the company in a wink.

Price $179 and up

(Monitoring costs start from $16.95)

Equipment and Devices Fundamental kit: a touchscreen base station, 2 door entry sensors, a portable PinPad keypad, a motion detector (sensitive for pets)
Customer Service Excellent
Features & Technology  Allows fire and CO monitoring, smart home integration, and a range of add-ups
Ease to Use Simple interface, understandable without expert help

EMC Security Pros And Cons

As a wise customer, you will want to weigh all the pluses and minuses of EMC to decide on the right thing and be satisfied with the service afterward. And the most useful sources to find out about them are EMC home security systems reviews. So, here we will reveal the list of features that make the service a great option or, on the contrary.

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EMC Security Pros

  • Low monthly costs.

Only for $16.95 as a monthly fee, with EMC Security, you will get all the devices needed, which in other companies cost twice as much as here. Either purchasing their system for cellular communication or paying a fee for rent, maintaining costs will not rise higher than $25 per month.

  • No contract is required.

Demanding no long-time contract for monitoring, the EMC Security company has made it easy for people to grasp its usage and raised the trust level. Even with the basic package of gadgets, you won’t pay enormous bills. The no-contract terms also mean that there will be no cancellation fees in case you decide to change the safety provider.

  • Easy installation.

For many customers, it strikes as unusual that a home protection company gives an option of setting up the system for free. If you are not one of those who adore connecting wires (or, like here, wireless devices), they will send their best experts for professional system installation and its flawless work at any time of the day and night.

  • Efficient customer support.

Though online EMC Security reviews are rare, the majority of them are positive. Every EMC Security alarm system review written by a customer is the feedback of a highly satisfied user. Customers’ complaints or questions are responded to with care and attention, and every issue finds the right solutions.

EMC Security Cons

  • The limited territory of usage.

The locally founded company isn’t providing its service in multiple states, so all the perfect conditions offered by EMC are available only in Georgia.

  • The EMC Security system is battery operated.

Wireless systems are comfy to use but, still, because of their vulnerability and dependence on the Internet and the network connection, they can sometimes allow interference. Control devices are battery-powered, so you have to be really attentive to replace batteries on time.

The Bottom Line

As the main idea of this EMC Security review, we have reasoned out the following. If what you need is an affordable Atlanta alarm system that you can monitor on your own, a range of effective devices, plus a guarantee of no false alarms, EMC Security is right for you. EMC Security pricing, in contrast to other home security system packages, will give the excellent 5-Diamond Certified monitoring station and offer excellent equipment for sale or rent.

Besides, if as tech-savvy, you enjoy setting up alarm systems on your own, it will save you a lot of money. Hence, as a professional protection system designed for a tight budget, EMC Security is a perfect choice.


EMC Security can boast affordable prices for both device sets and maintenance. Compared with more famous brands widespread in the USA, this one is fit for the same purposes but allows users to save on keeping the system.

Starting with $16.95 per month, you can get the equipment professional enough to stand the guard of your house day and night, based on what size of dwelling you own. The starting costs you are expected to pay to differ in numbers as the sets grow. You just have to be attentive with the duration of your rent for communication devices not to pay additional costs later.

A basic EMC Security kit for apartments and not scalable homes with around 2 entry points will cost you $179, while if you want to secure a wider territory, prices go up accordingly. With more expert kits such as ‘Connect + Touchpad,’ you get the full coverage of a bigger living area controlled by a touchpad. Compared to other security systems, EMC is reasonable in terms of customizing equipment: for choosing every device for a particular purpose, you will pay significantly less, which can even turn to be cheaper than the standard all-inclusive sets – $99 will be just enough to pay upfront for the luxe security of the property, which is half lower than other providers offer.

Another pleasant bonus of EMC is a DIY installation. Self-installs are a great opportunity to avoid paying for what you could do on your own in the time which is convenient for you.

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EMC Security Features And Devices

Coming closer to the heart of EMC, its equipment options, we have a lot to praise them for. To make you aware of all the options, we must say that you can either get rented equipment or buy everything at once. The first way is convenient if you aim to try out this wireless security system and see how it copes. The second one is great if you want a quick start.

Base stations and entry sensors are included in the standard kit, as well as a motion detector. The set can be expanded depending on your needs. If you would like to install a thermostat or smart locks on every door in the house, it makes no problem – every kit is tailored for your individual security needs and protection of your property, taking into account its type, location, and surroundings. So, before you order a basic kit or go for an improved version, ask yourself, ‘Should I get these extras?’ and if you do, add a few devices to provide better video surveillance, lights control, or detectors.

Based on EMC Security cameras reviews, cameras are a part of the EMC equipment that is most sought for. By integrating high technologies into its alarm system, the company has made a big step ahead: additional sirens, modern keyfobs, wireless cameras with a free look-in (in real-time mode), which combine the functions of two-way talk, smart notifications, and night vision that will let you be in full control of what is happening inside or outside of your property. Installing a video doorbell camera is another smart solution for protecting your home from burglars and keeping track of the wanted and unwanted visitors. Besides, no monthly fee is charged for keeping such doorbells; to store videos shot either by indoor or outdoor cameras, you will pay a low fee for Video Service, but, as real-life shows, increasing safety with the help of pulse cameras is totally worth it. With the Service, you will have access to video anytime and be able to review them and save for the necessary period of time.

Okay, what about the price range at EMC Security? Outdoor cameras allowing to quickly detect those who aim to intrude will cost you about $99 per piece. An indoor camera can be purchased for $79 with no monthly payments for security customers. Smart video EMC doorbells will cost $149 with options for installation in any place.

Control With a Smartphone App

According to numerous EMC Security smart home reviews, most customers find it a big plus that all devices, locks, and sensors included in a chosen kit are controlled with a single app on the smartphone. Once you connect all the smart lights, cameras, and thermostats to your security system, mobile notifications will let you know if something goes wrong or intrusion takes place. Controlling all the gadgets with an app, however, doesn’t mean that it has a similar effect for every user. In many EMC security system reviews, clients claim that in this application, you are the one who sets the rules and automates how each device works. If you want total control, you will get push notifications every time someone opens the window; if you’d like less of it, the system will let you know about more significant moves such as water leaks, fire alarms, or medical alerts.

Customer Service

The company boasts a well-thought-through system of customer support – every time you need emergency support; you can either call or get free EMC text alerts. Both current customers and new ones will receive equally careful instructions in case of emergency or unclarity in the usage of the system.

More than this, the company allows plenty of free resources to get the grasp of the essentials such as the DIY setup, quick start guides, video guides, system manuals, testing and dispatch procedures, and much more. These resources will come in handy every time you feel at a loss while using codes for your EMC touchpad, use the app, install door sensors, glass break detectors, or other extras. Manuals and videos also provide meaningful insights into video doorbell and indoor cameras setups or replacing batteries so that you will never be left on your own with problematic situations.

How To Order

If you have already looked through EMC home security reviews and decided that for your dwelling, it will be a perfect match, the process of ordering will not take much of your time or effort.

The most convenient way is to get a consultation and shop for equipment online. The official website is fully transparent about the EMC home security price concerning different kits and will label each gadget and send it to you for free. Even if you change your mind or decide to move out, there is a highly convenient option called ‘90 Day No Questions Asked Return Policy’. If you need a live talk, you can make an order through a telephone talk with a security consultant who will evaluate what devices you need most and will place an order. Experts who aid you in purchasing your first EMC kit will also help you test the system and answer every question that might arise on the way.

We hope this EMC security system review has helped you decide and revealed the brightest sides of EMC Security.

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Does EMC Security Require The Internet?

To maintain the alarm system, you don’t need an Internet connection, but it’s better to have it to store video and access the base anytime.

How Much Is EMC Security Per Month?

The monthly fee starts at $16.95 per month. All payments are made once a quarter (3 months).

How To Cancel An EMC Security Account?

All you have to do to cancel the service is to call the Cancellation Department at 770-963-0305, provide the necessary account data (account number), verify the password, and set the cancellation date.

How Long Has EMC Security Been In Business?

The EMC Security company has been the most trusted company for home protection for over 22 years and continues to provide excellent service, updating its devices and monitoring system on a regular basis.

Does EMC Security Offer Free Installation?

Yes, your system can be installed absolutely free of charge.

Does EMC Security Work With Alexa?

Yes, the system is compatible with smart home systems such as Alexa and Google Home.

Does EMC Security Work With Google Assistant?

Yes, EMC Security smart home automation is a great tool to simplify daily things. Working with Google Assistant is a great experience that many users enjoy, judging from many EMC Security reviews.

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