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  • Overall Score: 5 out of 5
  • Price: no fees except for the payment for specialized monitoring. The monitoring is from 44.99 USD per month.
  • Equipment/Devices: the enterprise offers all the items for accommodation security and a good selection of devices to turn your usual home into a smart accommodation.
  • Customer Service: their customer support is country-wide famous for providing the most attentive and helpful services in the niche and in the market.
  • Features & Technology: all the devices use Z-Wave for communication. It allows adding any Frontpoint device a customer needs. The items developed by the company itself are made with the consideration of this fact. They are all compatible with any other smart device. The company offers many Alarm devices. This is what many enterprises in this field do. But a specific feature of this firm is that it combines the Alarm offers with its own cutting-edge items.
  • Ease to Use: All the items are designed for DIY installation. Every Frontpoint home automation review we have found on the web insists that their process of installation is utterly simple. You just stick the items wherever you need. Adding it to the mobile app is easy, too. Just pick the needed item and follow step-by-step instructions. The Frontpoint app also provides a seamless user experience even to those who aren’t believed to be tech-savvy.

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Frontpoint is one of the favorite companies among the home security equipment options. Judging based on a plethora of Frontpoint reviews, we can conclude that the provider definitely offers many more benefits than drawbacks.

The main benefits are:

  • The devices are completely convenient and don’t require any professional assistance in installation. Every customer can manage it easily, even if he/she isn’t tech-savvy.
  • All the items can be returned with a full refund of their price within 30 days from the day when they were delivered. Everybody would agree that the firm gives more than enough time to test every single device for a really informed decision.
  • Plenty of Frontpoint reviews from customers confirm that the company`s support is excellent in all regards. They are friendly, willing to, and can help.
  • Frontpoint pricing might not be the cheapest on average, but the plans of the company can be adjusted to any budget indeed. Clients even can start with a zero dollars payment and pay the devices in installments. Thus, if you don’t possess enough free funds but are in an urgent need to acquire any wireless security system, the firm might find the right solution for your specific need.
  • None contract, a plethora of Frontpoint security reviews note this specifically, and we know that it is an absolutely crucial benefit. Clients are not tied with any obligations. You might just drop the service, with no financial consequences for you. This feeling of freedom is something that only a well-established and self-confident provider can afford.
  • The range of equipment for sale is undoubtedly immense. It looks like the enterprise has set a goal to satisfy any needs of its clients. There, you can get alarms, all the possible indoor camera variants with varied features, advanced and more common doorbell camera variants, needless to mention a top selection of top pulse cameras, and varied sensors.
  • The monitoring system uses not only the traditional internet but cellular connection, too. Clients can consider it an additional security layer. Even if the web fails or the intruder damages the cables, you still get the Frontpoint alarm via a cellular connection.
  • Frontpoint smart home works based on a special technology named Z-Wave. With this technology, you can monitor what is going on in your home in all the aspects. Clients might consider adding other smart things to the system; Z-Wave allows them to do it seamlessly.
  • The firm provides not only options for home safety but also many smart items. Customers can either create their own smart home or add them to an existing smart home hub.
  • We have checked that specific app ourselves, and it functions seamlessly. The guides are detailed and written in a simple language. A client does not have a specific education or experience in anything to use it. The difference from some of the provider`s competitors is that the app is provided even with the cheapest Frontpoint plan.
  • Frontpoint doesn’t provide any installation offers, and those are not needed. All the smaller items stick to surfaces, and the bigger ones can be installed absolutely seamlessly. All the things can be handled via a mobile app very easily.


  • Well, maybe the only drawback is the Frontpoint home security price, or rather the price for their plan. We cannot say it is excessively expensive. There are many more costly offers. However, it is not on the cheapest side, either.
  • Some cheaper items don’t provide all the desired functionality. For instance, cheaper items don’t have a very high resolution; some of them are lacking a decent viewing angle. However, if a client compares the prices, one can notice that all the items are on a cheaper side.

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The Bottom Line

Is Frontpoint a good company? It is sufficient to have a quick look at thousands of Frontpoint home security reviews to understand the idea: the enterprise Frontpoint is confidently among the leaders in all the aspects. Its equipment versions are so varied that every client can find something just for himself/herself. The Frontpoint pricing is completely fine, whatever your budget is. The support service is assessed as incredible: their friendliness and professionalism are talked a lot about. All the Frontpoint items are designed for a seamless DIY installation. And just forget about any monthly fee, it doesn’t exist though you are obliged to find come bucks for monitoring, like in any other company.

All the DIY installation devices can work with Frontpoint items, too. Thus, you can acquire whatever you like; all the items will collaborate with one another. The smart home by Frontpoint perfectly communicates with any AI platform for home, whether it is Alexa, or the famous Google Assistant, or whatever else AI can be around.


Home security system packages are very varied. Frontpoint is proud of the fact that anybody can choose something suitable. Even those clients who know that the safety level of their houses needs urgently to be boosted, but they haven’t saved enough funds can opt for Frontpoint items. It is possible to acquire a system at zero dollars and then, to pay it in installments during a specified timeframe.

Items are not just affordable. They are much cheaper than by other companies.

  • Fees? Let us have a look at them.
  • Frontpoint monthly fee doesn’t exist;
  • No client has any contract, according to Frontpoint security system reviews; thus, there is no fee if he/she wishes to stop using the service;
  • Finally, a fee for installation and activation: all the items are installed very easily. Just stick them in the needed place. It means no installation/activation fee.

Frontpoint security company offers the most affordable service variants in the market.


When you are asking yourself: “Should I get Frontpoint equipment?” you will be checking all the possible Frontpoint smart home reviews. They will clarify that regarding the equipment, this firm has selected its own way. Many other enterprises use Alarm offerings. Many firms offer them, and there is nothing special in it. But Frontpoint combines them with its own devices.

Every Frontpoint security system review clarifies that the form provides a full range of all the options to turn your usual home into a smart one.

It is all about a smart hub. Once purchased and installed, they become the brain of a smart system that takes care of your home.

You can give your preference to one or several Frontpoint items:

  • There are cameras options for indoors/outdoors. The outdoor devices are weatherproof. And both options can see at night and detect movement. A premium indoor option can even connect with your mobile.
  • Their normal doorbell camera is offered in many places. But from Frontpoint, you can acquire it cheaper than from other providers.
  • Door controllers for garages.
  • Nice though common locks, and other items.

All the Frontpoint items are compatible just with anything. If you have items made by another company or you wish to make items become friends with Alexa or any other AI, just connect them. The procedure is very easy; just follow the instructions.

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Control (App)

The Frontpoint mobile app is very easy, too. With it, everybody can keep his/her accommodation under full control; it doesn’t matter where the owner is. Here, some Frontpoint home security systems reviews will indicate to you that an app is available even with the cheapest plan. Let us remind you that some companies offer a special mobile app only with the costliest plans or for an additional fee.

Customer Service

Almost all Frontpoint security cameras reviews note that the customer support of the company is of excellent quality. Clients can chat with a Frontpoint agent or leave a message. For those who like to solve anything independently, there is an entire support section with detailed explanations, instructions, guides on just everything.

Many clients note that the support is so responsive to any issues that it cannot be even compared to any other company`s services. It comes to the point that even the smallest details are solved asap. Those Frontpoint review options that we saw also insist that the firm is great.

How To Order

The entire system or individual Frontpoint items can be purchased directly from the online shop. The majority of devices are constantly available on numerous e-commerce platforms, just everywhere. Thus, ordering items is not a problem at all.

If you have received the items and see that those are not exactly what you counted on, you can return them. Make sure you do it within 30 days from the day you have purchased them. In that case, Frontpoint will refund you the full payment. And if some of your items stop functioning properly, you can count on 3 years of warranty from Frontpoint.


Does Frontpoint Require The Internet?

Yes, we have checked with a customer agent, and almost every Frontpoint alarm system review insists that no internet connection is not required to make your items work. For you, a Wi-Fi connection or cellular is required to handle your smart home via a specialized Frontpoint app. It is a significant benefit for those clients who live in places where the internet fails frequently or is simply not available. Also, the fact that Frontpoint equipment works with cellular connection means an additional security layer for your home. Your home alarms you whenever something happens, and it doesn’t matter whether the internet is on.

How Much Is Frontpoint Per Month?

Fees for professional monitoring start from 44.99 USD. Other Frontpoint fees, any of them, are absent. The initial payment is something worth discussing. Frontpoint clients can even pay nothing but still get the system. Further, the payments for the items can be made in parts based on the schedule agreed with the company.

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How to cancel a Frontpoint account?

If you don’t need your account anymore, you can cancel it directly from your account. If your aim is to be confident that the process has been performed smoothly, you can ask a support agent to check your account`s status. And finally, if you have problems canceling it or simply don’t want to log in, connect again with a Frontpoint representative and ask him/her to provide this service for you. The Frontpoint agents are known for being absolutely useful even in the smallest details, and this small favor doesn’t require a lot of effort.

How Long Fas Frontpoint Been In Business?

The enterprise has been around for about ten years. For now, it is a well-established company that constantly leads the main ratings in the niche. We cannot leave without attention to the fact that Frontpoint has become a leader during a relatively short time.

Does Frontpoint Offer Free Installation?

No, the firm doesn’t offer free installation, and it is not needed anyway. All the Frontpoint items are DIY; you can just stick them to the surface wherever it is needed. To connect them, you need just to follow easy instructions from your mobile device. The enterprise is known for offering smart home items, too. They are also easily integrated into an already available Frontpoint or a different firm`s system.

Does Frontpoint Work With Alexa?

Frontpoint devices are perfectly compatible with all the DIY installed smart devices, any platform, and similar. It is easily integrated with Alexa and provides the most seamless experience.

Does Frontpoint Work With Google Assistant?

All the devices provided by the enterprise are perfectly combined with any other smart items and platforms, including Google Assistant.

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