Guardian Review: A New Level Of Home Protection

Guardian Protection is one of the leading home security companies in the USA. It offers a great quality of security systems for reasonable pay. Equipment options are quite satisfying and fit most protection purposes, including inside and outside video monitoring, different kinds of sensors, and more.

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Guardian prices start at $34.95 per month if you buy professional monitoring. Depending on home security system packages, the cost rises to $59.99. You can get a wide range of protecting equipment and services for the price plus the upfront cost and installation fee. There’s no DIY installation, but it’s a good thing since a professional will make sure the system works.


Equipment range of this security company offers to include standard outdoor, indoor camera, and pulse cameras monitoring, as well as more sophisticated ones like glass-breaking detector and Smash-and-Crash tech.

Customer Service

With Guardian, you can get both business and home protection. If you have any questions, their customer support is always ready to answer them. Although some Guardian home security systems reviews state that the support team isn’t as effective, most customers are satisfied.

Features & Technology

Guardian offers all the necessary features for your home protection. You get monitoring by professional operators, the ability to control the system remotely, and a wide range of detectors. Your house is secured from environmental danger, intrusions, and medical emergencies are also under control.

Ease Of Use

All of the features and equipment are easy to use and can be controlled with a mobile application available on Play Store and AppStore. Installation is done by a specialist from the company, which adds to the simplicity of Guardian system use.

Pros And Cons Of Guardian Smart Home Security

Guardian home security reviews vary, as with any other home protection company. There are things like long-term contracts that work well for some and are hated by others, so this pros and cons section is a bit subjective. However, it’s important to highlight all sides of this Guardian home automation review to give you a full idea of the company and answer the main question: “Should I get Guardian Protection for my house?”


  • Experience.
    This home security company is in the market for over 70 years, gaining trust among home and business owners from the very beginning.
  • Reasonable pricing.
    There are three main plans, and considering the quality of their equipment for sale and their services, even a $59.99 monthly fee (Premium package) doesn’t seem like a lot.
  • Customizable plans.
    Every home and business is different, and the Guardian monitoring system can be customized to any of them. You can choose an existing plan or add extra equipment to get better home security.


  • Narrow availability.
    Guardian isn’t available countrywide, unfortunately. You can only get their services if you live in 16 out of 50 states. Make sure you don’t move within the next couple of years to a state where the system isn’t available. Otherwise, you’ll be subject to a penalty for premature contract termination.
  • The long-term contract required.
    In order to become a customer, you have to sign a contract that lasts 3 to 5 years. Some people find this too much of a commitment. But if you don’t plan on moving anytime soon, getting a home security ally for 5 years doesn’t sound as bad.
  • Lack of transparency.
    According to some Guardian reviews, their pricing data for additional alarms and systems lack transparency. You’ll find out the full cost of your plan upon discussing the contract. A lot of people don’t find it convenient since they have to provide their data to the specialist first.

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The Bottom Line

Is Guardian a good company? Yes, even with its drawbacks, this is still one of the leading options. Their equipment range offers anything from a simple monitoring camera to a sophisticated doorbell camera within a wireless security system.

Before signing a contract with the home security company, make sure you won’t move in 3 to 5 years. It’s difficult to change documentation even if you move into a state where the Guardian security company is available. Besides, they have penalties for premature contract termination, so be knowledgeable.

Guardian Pricing: Reasonable Cost Of High-Quality Security

Protection will cost you $99-$499 upfront for equipment and system installation. Monthly fees vary depending on the plan, but usually, customers don’t pay over $59.99. Keep in mind that the prices might have changed as you’re reading this Guardian security system review. Make sure to visit their official website to be updated on the latest cost, plan, and conditions changes.

There are three main packages Guardian offers:

  • Standard.
    It contains a motion sensor and 3 additional entry sensors to put on doors and/or windows, all controlled with a keypad also in the package. It’s only $34.95 per month, with a $99 upfront cost.
  • Essential.
    Within this plan, in addition to the standard system, you also get a small home automation system. It includes a doorbell camera, a thermostat you can control with the application, a light module, a smart door lock, as well as an opener for your garage door. A control keypad comes in the package as well. The Essential plan will cost you $299 upfront and $49.99 a month.
  • Premium.
    In this package, you get everything from the Essential one plus a set of video surveillance equipment. It includes a doorbell cam, an indoor and outdoor ones. This plan will cost you $499 upfront and $59.99 a month. This is quite a financial commitment, yet it’s worth the money since you get a full security system package.

There are also additional pieces of equipment that come as a great addition, according to Guardian smart home reviews. The list includes different environmental sensors, high- and low-temperature detector, glass-breaking sensor, medical pendant, and more. Make sure you ask about the full cost of additional equipment and services before signing up for them.

Another great thing about Guardian home security prices for any plan is that you get their brand application to control the system remotely. No additional payments needed, and Guardian security reviews state that the quality of this app is great.

As to the technician services, you can call for a home visit that will cost you $60-$90. An emergency home visit usually costs about $75-$105 maximum.

Across the 16 states, Guardian Protection is available; there are over 250,000 customers satisfied with their service.

Equipment/Devices/Features: Guardian Alarm System Review

Here are the main features this home security company offers:

  • Free remote control app for your system;
  • All essential types of sensors for home security;
  • The real-time system alerts about the weather;
  • Strong cellular connection for all packages;
  • Various types of alert notification;
  • Around-the-clock professional monitoring;
  • The smash-and-Crash tech that allows the system to work even if it was damaged by the intruder or environmental accident.

All these, in addition to the systems Guardian provides, create a security system that fits all general standards.

According to Guardian review articles, the company dispatches 911 immediately upon threat confirmation. Their operators will try to contact you via phone and secondary contacts, an SMS and an email will be sent to notify you the alarm was triggered as well.

There’s also a panic button that will automatically confirm the threat. In this case, pro operators will contact you within 30 seconds. In case you aren’t at home, use the app. There’s a Smart Signal button that will help confirm the threat.

A confirmation is needed to avoid false dispatch. It interferes with police work and can lead to a penalty.

Having a professional operator dispatch 911 is a much better way of coping with an intrusion or another problem than calling the police yourself. When under stress, it’s difficult to explain where you are and what’s happening. A trained professional will do it clearer and more effective.

Guardian security cameras reviews state that video surveillance helps very much when it comes to identifying and confirming the threat. Also, it’s a great piece of evidence of intrusion or environmental threat that helps a lot when it comes to investigation or insurance.

Guardian Protection App For Remote Control

Guardian Protection app allows you to control the system remotely anywhere on Earth. All you need is a stable Internet connection. The app is free and available with every security plan.

You can download it on Google Play or AppStore. Customer ratings are 3.9 and 4.7, respectively.

Guardian Customer Service

Guardian Protection offers a great FAQ available on its official website. You can see answers to the most frequent questions potential, and current customers have. If there’s no needed answer, you can write a note to the customer support.

For emergencies and general help, call 1.800.PROTECT, and you will reach Guardian customer service. Operators are all from the US and are ready to answer your questions 7 days a week, from 6 am to 12 am.

If you’re a new customer, it’s recommended to create an account on the official website of the company. Using it, you can upgrade your system quickly and efficiently, make payments, get the news, and always be updated. Besides, the official website offers paying for services without having to log in.

Having an account will make it much easier to figure out your security system and avoid extra calls to the customer service.

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How To Order Guardian Protection Services And Equipment

Before ordering your security system, make sure to contact a specialist to choose the system most suitable for your protection purposes. Guardian also offers a free quote so that you know how much money to invest.

The specialist can help you prepare for the meeting and contract signing, as well as with the order of equipment. If you have an account on the official Guardian website, you can order additional services and tech there in the Shopping section. This works best if you’re a current customer who wants to order extra tech, signs, etc. If you’re a potential buyer, it’s best to contact their customer support to get help.

Guardian FAQ: Everything You Need To Know

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Guardian Protection.

Does Guardian Require The Internet?

Yes, to be able to contact an operator in case of an emergency and for them to be able to monitor your home security, you will need a connection.

How Much Is Guardian Per Month?

Depending on your plan, Guardian’s monthly cost will be $34.95-$59.99. If you order additional equipment or systems, the cost might increase. Make sure to discuss this with customer support to make sure you know how much your plan will cost.

How To Cancel A Guardian Account?

If you’re talking about the account on the Guardian website, you can deactivate it in the Setting section. If there are any issues with cancellation, contact customer service.

If you’re talking about contract termination, this is a much more difficult process that involves official documentation and possible penalties. Call 1.800.PROTECT to find out the details.

How Long Has Guardian Been In Business?

Guardian Protection has been in business for 70 years. The company has grown incredibly since 1950 and continues to protect homes and businesses across 16 states.

Does Guardian Offer Free Installation?

No, installation services are all paid. Usually, you won’t pay more than $100, and the benefits of professional help are:

  • Expert check of your home to see if there’s a potential danger;
  • The choice of best spots to install sensors and cameras;
  • Proper installation and connection.

Trusting a professional with handling of the equipment will minimize errors and damage.

Does Guardian Work With Alexa?

You can connect your Guardian security system to Amazon Alexa. Look up Guardian skill in the base and learn basic commands. This will be especially useful if you have a smart home from Guardian. Voice commands help in making remote control even more efficient.

Does Guardian Work With Google Assistant?

As of now, there’s no information about Guardian Protection skills for Google Assistant. Instead, you can use their app to control your security system and smart home elements remotely.

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For 7 decades now, Guardian Protection has been working hard to provide security and serenity to American homes. Although available in only 16 states, Guardian keeps its reputation at a high level and provides a great quality of equipment and service. Customer support can get better with time, according to some Guardian security system reviews, but overall, the company fulfills its purpose very well. With affordable prices, Guardian can become a great ally for your office and home security.

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