Monitronics vs. ADT Review: Complete Guide On The Best Security Systems

Comparison Table

Security Product Comparison: Monitronics ADT
Upfront Cost $199 (free DIY installation) $139 (without installation)
Monthly Monitoring Cost $29.99 $49.99
Equipment Basic devices + a set of additional gadgets (smart doorbell) Advanced home automation, enhanced camera quality,
Ease of Use +
MoneyBack Guarantee 30 days 6 months
Installation DIY or expert Only expert
Customer Service A+ (BBB rating plus satisfied reviews) A+ (BBB rating)
Overall Score 9/10 9/10

Overview Of Companies

Keeping a home safe and sound has become easier today. Despite the growing frequency of intrusions and other safety threats, technology is brilliant at standing our guard day and night, preventing any of those from accessing our premises.

The choice to purchase a security system is quite reasonable. Still, it takes lots of thinking, analysis, and research to find out which of the existing alarm systems for home will be the most compatible with your type of home, lifestyle, or the size of the property. Looking at the most renowned home security systems, in this article, we will shed some light on the reputable Monitronics vs ADT to discover how Monitronics and ADT security systems adapt to various homes, what security functions to expect from them, and how much you would spend on each of the systems.

Both ADT and Monitronics remain in the limelight thanks to the cutting edge equipment, well-organized monitoring, quick access, and reliable data storage. Companies are widely known as experts in the field of security; still, if we compare Monitronics and ADT, ADT is a seasoned pro (yet, not a has-been!) while the admired Monitronics, successfully rebranded in 2018 as Brinks, is a comparatively young provider offering minimalistic but not less effective security system for flexible budgets, allowing the whole family to keep track of every move in the house.

Monitronics And ADT Similarities

As the gorgeous world-class security systems, Monitronics and ADT have a set of useful features that set them apart. In a nutshell, both companies allow the following.

  • Easy controlling of the system through a smartphone.

To establish a connection between all devices and be able to track them at any time, you will either need a landline or a Wi-Fi connection, both of which are easy to set up and use.

  • Requiring a long-term contract.

The minimum term of using ADT and Monitronics is 3 years: signing a contract with the type of plan of your choice will also let you get around-the-clock client support and good equipment service.

  • Buying or taking rented devices.

Each of the companies allows customers to rent or buy their devices. With ADT and Monitronics, you will have to buy or pay for the trial equipment, which is not too expensive, especially considering the prices of essential plans.

The Key Differences: What To Expect From ADT And Monitronics

Differences between security systems are unavoidable: they give every system its own style, charm, make it recognizable. What we would like to present to your attention in this Monitronics vs ADT comparison are the most remarkable contrasts that would most likely be significant to you as a user.

  • ADT provides a longer warranty time.

While with the ADT security, you’ve got half a year to test every device and sensor with the 100% money-back guarantee, Monitronics gives you the demo-version of what ADT has. Only a 30-days long return period would not be enough for many to get familiar with how all the equipment works, but with ADT, it’s better.

  • Monitronics has 2 installation options, while ADT is purely professional.

Now, the DIY setups are like double-edged swords. On the one hand, you can save up a little bit, while on the other hand, it doesn’t always bring obvious benefits. What professional installers have done will be fixed and re-installed by them alone, which is great if you’re not a tech genie.

  • ADT equipment is much more promising.

Even a look with a non-professional eye at ADT devices will tell you that technology here is more prominent. Devices that monitor natural phenomena, effortlessly store data, and make helpful safety tools in a household with a pet or several ones, – all of this makes ADT a matchless home automation system.

  • Different price categories.

As a decisive factor in the choice of a security system, prices of these two security giants vary based on the plan. If Monitronics includes wireless setup as a default setting, even in an elementary plan, ADT has a great premium plan for the same convenience. Besides, an ADT plan will cost you about $10 more, leaving apart the cost of the equipment set, so picking Monitronics, you will save on monthly costs.

Monitronics: Pluses And Minuses Of The System

Brinks main page

Evaluated as one of the best home security systems and the top picks of 2020, Monitronics (Brinks) is, in a way, a simplified version of a security system, which, however, makes a uniquely adjustable system unmistakably working with any home. Still, it does have some space to grow!

Monitronics Pros

  • Adequate maintenance cost.

Monitronics can confidently boast the excellent quality of its devices at a rather reasonable price. Speaking in a more down-to-earth language, a Monitronics plan ‘Smart Security Complete’ with an indoor camera equipped with the night vision technology, a set of motion detectors, and yard signs will cost $349, plus the Monitronics monthly cost $39.

  • A huge range of outstanding devices.

According to your needs, you could additionally set up a flood sensor, video doorbells, smart locks for doors, thermostats, or anything else to match your security needs. Nest integrated gadgets, smart home capabilities are also included.

  • Wireless connection.

Perhaps, as a younger company, Monitronics has a standard installation through wireless networks, which is more convenient for most people, so we couldn’t help but count it as another system’s advantage.

Monitronics Cons

  • The contract with Monitronics is a must.

For those who lead a lifestyle of adventures or are planning to move out, a 36-month time would be quite a long time, so you better take a look at other systems with shorter contract periods.

  • The changing reputation.

Based on real customer’s feedback and the things they talk about on Trustpilot, many of them would like to top up the maintenance.

  • Initial costs.

While the thought of as a tight-budget security system, Monitronics starting price is still quite high, especially for first-time clients. Yet, based on our price comparison, it is still the cheaper option.

ADT: What Shines Bright In The Age-Old Security System?

ADT main page

Winner in comparison with many of the best-rated home security systems, including Monitronics, ADT is indeed impressive.

ADT Pros

  • Repairment and installation are professionals’ business.

Equipment offered by ADT in a standard set often surpasses the devices that other companies give in premium packages. Alongside this, all of them are fixed by experts, so it’s not your headache.

  • Flawless home automation system control.

If you go above average, many devices by ADT are wonderfully compatible with Alexa and Google smart home as well as other Nest or August devices if you already have them.

  • The exceptional quality of security cameras.

If we see the ADT equipment as a cake, cameras would, without a doubt, be a tasty cherry on top. While other brands tend to give cameras in reduced image quality or have them as an add up, for ADT cameras go in essential kits, – you won’t even pay extras for them every month.

ADT Cons

  • Canceling the contract.

From the point of view of ADT, if you are with them, you’ve got to stay forever. Okay, we might be exaggerating, but for an average person, paying off the 75% of the system’s initial costs is a challenge.

  • Moving.

Changing places with ADT can result in either signing up a brand new contract or even buying a new set of security gadgets.

  • Installation.

The more professional the setup – the bigger the sum for it (not even speaking about ADT monthly cost, which will be comfy for owners of big houses). Ordinary households would be good with the DIY setups, such as the ones Monitronics has.

Features And Quality

The attractive minimalistic design of Monitronics or the armed-to-the-teeth device sets of ADT, – you decide what matches the lifestyle you currently lead, the plans you build, and the kind of property you wish to protect. Features and technology of Monitronics vs ADT are hardly comparable: both provide anti-theft cameras and sensors, both Monitronics and ADT are easy to use with smart home systems, both of them are controlled through a smartphone app and let you see, hear, and speak to the place you need to keep an eye on.

Numerous reviews on claim that, while being super-traditional, ADT focuses on things other than transforming the devices to adapt to different customers’ needs and households. Taking Monitronics vs ADT in the same sphere, the accomplishments of Monitronics are incomparable. Users claim that Monitronics is much more powerful in creating hybrid security systems.

Contracts: ‘Do I Really Need It For 3 Years?’

With much being said about contracts’ length, we would like to mention that the period of contracts has a significant impact on the clients’ satisfaction rate of both ADT and Monitronics security systems. Anyway, there is hope that Monitronics vs ADT lawsuit won’t be an issue since each of them well deserves the status of the best self-monitored home security system.

Installation Peculiarities

Basically, if we compare ADT vs Monitronics installations, companies have very different points of view on setting everything up. From the home security comparison chart, we can see that Monitronics tries to ‘fill in’ the spaces ADT creates: taking its weakness (compulsory professional installation at a high price), Monitronics has made its own strength. To set up any type of equipment set – from Essential to Ultimate – there are no super skills required, except for the two hands growing from shoulders. Not more than 30 minutes, – and the job is done.

Emergency Connections

Keeping the entire house within your easy reach is not a problem with a cellular connection, which doesn’t seem to be a problem either for Monitronics and ADT. However, a pricier plan by ADT, – around $50 per month (in comparison with a plan by Monitronics for $30), is only for those who are well-off. As a result of this home security cost comparison, we consider Monitronics to surpass ADT when it comes to emergency access.


Some say that the idea to compare security companies like ADT and Monitronics sounds like comparing two peas. However, reality shows that both of these excellent home security companies have their unique features to offer. You just have to decide whether ADT or Monitronics is more fitting for your home, more convenient for your entire family, and which would be affordable enough. To wrap this ADT vs Monitronics review up, if you crave a system with the up-to-the-minute technology, simple and quick installation, and wondrous smart home compatibility but aren’t rolling in money, Monitronics will satisfy your desires. On the other side of the medal, if you don’t fall for the latest trends, value devices that work for decades, and need expert monitoring, choose ADT over Monitronics as your best security solution.

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