Nest Security System: Cutting Edge Technologies To Protect You And Your Dwelling

Nowadays, more and more people prefer to protect their property with the help of house alarms. Smart security systems have become an integral part of many Americans. It’s worth mentioning that not only young people entrust their safety to innovative technologies. Recent researches indicate that the greater part of alarms owners is aged 30-49. The current market proffers you a wide range of available variants. The Nest security system review is to assist you in making the right choice and evaluate the basic characteristics of the product.

Nest came on the market 10 years ago. Google was not the initial owner of the brand. The digital giant acquired the output only in two years when it was already rapidly evolving. The first successful creation was the Nest Learning Thermostat. Nowadays, the assortment of the company is all-embracing. There are thousands of users in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Although TrustScore is not rather high, there are still many positive Nest reviews. If you crave to know the answer to the question “Is Nest a good company or not?” you should consider the following information.

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Nest Smart Home: Overall Score

Google Nest is a wireless security system. It’s good for both small and large dwellings. Yet, you should consider the installation of additional Wi-Fi points if your house is larger than 1600 sq. Ft. The common information about the Nest characteristics is presented in the following chart:

  • Price – $399 and up
  • Equipment/Devices – Speakers and displays, locks, smoke alarms, thermostats, cameras, and doorbells
  • Customer Service – 24/7 chat, phone support, email
  • Features & Technology – Wireless connection, indoor use only
  • Ease to Use – DIY or professional installation, voice control

Nest Home Security Reviews: Main Pros And Cons

Nest smart home reviews point out both pluses and minuses of the product. It’s necessary to take into account the peculiarities of your dwelling, options you crave to use, and the level of security you need. Like any other security system, Nest has both pluses and minuses.


  • The superb quality of the technologies.

The manufacturers pay attention to the functionality, reliability, and performance of the equipment. You don’t need to worry about the durability of the sensors or controllers.

  • Privacy Policy 

Your privacy is of prime importance. To activate the products, it’s necessary to log in to your Google account. Moreover, you entrust personal information to Nest. The devices gather information about your habits and needs. Yet, it doesn’t mean you should worry about your security. Before you start using the gadgets, you should avow Google to collect some data. It needs it to improve the features and services.

  • A wide range of compatible devices

Nest security system review states that the service plies well both with Nest and third-parties devices. If you have already had security devices installed, you can check whether they will ply with Nest with the assist of a special online checker.

  • Intuitive software

You don’t need to be a genius to cope with an app. Both Android and iOS users have no problems with installing and operating an app.

  • Geofencing 

If you leave your dwelling and forget to arm the service, the app sends you a notification and concedes you to turn on protection. It’s a rather helpful and useful option for families with kids.


  • Expensive equipment

The price of the starter kit starts from $399. Moreover, if you need constant monitoring, you should pay more. Although the monthly fee is not very high, you still should pay it. The final bill may appear to be rather substantial. Yet, it’s always possible to purchase equipment for sale.

  • C-wire may be needed.

If you are going to install a thermostat (when you choose Nest, you can hardly cope without it), you may require a C-wire installation. It means you have to pay more.

  • It works only with the Net.

If something goes wrong with the Internet connection, Nest won’t serve. The greater part of the devices can function only when Wi-Fi is available.

Nest Home Security Systems Reviews: The Bottom Line

If you are a big fan of innovative technologies and covet to savor all the prevalences of the smart home, Nest is a perfect choice for you. Yet, security is only one of many available options. The service differs from the professional monitoring system.

The Nest is able to make your dwelling as comfortable as possible. It can control temperature and humidity levels in compliance with weather conditions.

Almost every Nest home automation review highlights the user-friendly interface of all devices. It’s easy to install and connect new devices. It’s up to you to decide where you install sensors and indicators. The most common places are the windows and doors.

Yet, one of the most significant pluses of the service is the high price. You should be ready to buy sky-high devices. Moreover, to experience all the prevalences of Nest security, you have to pay for copious extra options such as professional monitoring, video recording, or additional cams.

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Nest Pricing: What You Should Pay

There are two major cost components – equipment and monthly fee. It’s possible to buy devices individually or within the package. The camera prices vary from $199 to $349. The most expensive variant is the Nest Cam IQ Indoor. For $349, you get 1080p HD video display, the option of night vision, fantastic zoom capabilities, and high-quality audio. This type of cam features 130° field of vision. For $199, you get Google Nest Cam Indoor. It possesses a 3-megapixel color sensor, 130° diagonal wide-angle view, and an all-glass lens. Yet, it has only one microphone.

It’s more profitable and convenient to buy cam packages. There are various types of them building upon the number of units. The minimal number of cams is 2. The price of such packages starts from $298 gambling on the type of gadgets. The maximum price is $864 for the 6-unit package.

The next point to consider is the Nest Aware Plan. It avows you to get recorded video within 5, 10, or 30 days. The costs are $5, $10, and 30$, respectively.

A standard Nest home security price doesn’t include such options as an automatic call to the police in the case of intrusion. Yet, it’s possible to order extra services.

Nest Alarm System Review: Equipment, Devices, Significant Features

No one Nest review is possible without mentioning the peculiarities of the mesh network the system uses. If you are going to install protection equipment, the simple Wi-Fi is not enough. It doesn’t give you the needed quality and stability of the coverage, no matter what router you possess. Google Nest Wi-Fi and Google Wi-Fi are a must when it comes to the stable functioning of all of the system components.

Nest caters you with the wherewithal tools for your protection. There are 6 main groups of the available equipment options. They are the following:

  1. Speakers and displays. One of the main outstanding things Nest cameras can do is to recognize your face and faces of your family members.
  2. Thermostats. The Nest Learning Thermostat is able to create the most comfortable climate in your dwelling. The copious sensors know when you are at home and change the temperature gambling on your needs. The device is able to add or reduce cooling or heating in compliance with the weather forecast. The thermostat has a Wi-Fi connection that concedes the gadget to get to know the forecast earlier than you do it.
  3. Cameras and doorbells. Cameras are what makes Nest especially proud. Every indoor camera, as well as pulse cameras, has an all-glass lens. The peculiar features of Nest cameras include person alerts and Talk and Listen option. Moreover, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor and Nest Cam IQ Indoor possess supersight option. The quality of the recording video is fantastic. Nest security cameras reviews indicate that it’s even possible to create funny clips using the recorded video. All indoor cameras are able to differentiate humans from objects or pets. It concedes minimizing the risk of false alarm.
    One of the most functional options is the Nest Hello video doorbell. It’s a successful combination of camera and doorbell. The doorbell camera favors you with a high-quality video. The option of 24/7 streaming is available. The device detects people who come up to the doors even if they do not use the bell. That’s why you can easily control everything that is happening outside.
  4. Alarm systems. The typical set includes the Nest Guard, Nest Detect Sensors, and Nest Tags. The sensors are equipped with an open-close magnet. The Nest Guard is the brain of the system. It turns the protection on and off, turn the sounds and alerts. The tags are necessary to arm or disarm the system without using the control panel.
  5. Locks. The Nest and Yale Lock is an innovative lock. With its avail, you may lock and unlock your dwelling remotely. It avows you to schedule the visits of the guests. Moreover, the tool collects the data about the actions with the lock. You can always see when the door was opened.
  6. Smoke alarms. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are of crucial importance for your safety. The units that are proffered by Nest possess all the necessary certifications. They are able to detect the danger on time.

Nest Security System Reviews: Control (App)

The magic word combination “Ok Google” now solves all your problems with security, not only with your homework. There are two main ways you can control and administer the service. It’s possible to arm and disarm by entering the code on the control panel or by using the app.

You are to receive helpful notifications. It’s up to you to decide in what cases the app should send you a message. It may happen is the door or window is opened, something has happened indoor, or intrusion has been detected.

Nest Security Reviews: Main Peculiarities Of The Customer Service

The specialists of the Customer Service are ready to provide you with all the necessary information about the creations of the company, the peculiar features of this or that devices, the major peculiarities of the functions. Moreover, you are always to get competent technical assistance when something goes wrong. Nest uses a cloud-based customer support platform. You may call, send a mail, or leave a message on the website. The user-friendly interface avows you to get the needed support as soon as possible.

How To Order The Home Security System Packages

There are several ways you may place your order. The easiest one is by using an online form on the Google Store. The first step to take is to visit the Google Store website. You can get acquainted with all the available options and their features. If you have some problems or can’t find the needed devices, you should ask to help the specialists in customer service. It’s possible to place an order from any device – computer, Android, and iOS smartphones.

The nest way to place an order is to call the helpline. Yet, it’s not so convenient while you can’t see the articles you are going to purchase. It’s worth mentioning that Nest technologies are available in 21 countries throughout the world. It’s better to check whether your county is within this number or not. It’s also important to clarify the possibility of shipping.

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FAQ About Nest Security Company

Does Nest Require The Internet?

Should I get a stable Net connection? It’s one of the most common questions. The Internet is necessary for stable functioning. Yet, it’s possible to use a cellular backup option in case of emergencies. It’s worth mentioning that Nest is a wireless system that’s why you need a Wi-Fi connection. For the app, it’s possible to use the mobile Net.

How Much Is Nest Per Month?

The monthly payment depends on such factors as the chosen packages, the number of additional options. The minimum monthly fee is 5$. If you need constant video recording, professional installation, and monitoring, cellular backup, you should be ready to pay more.

How to cancel the Nest account?

Only the owners of the home are able to cancel Nest Aware. It’s possible to do via Manage your subscription option. If you face some problems, you may always contact the customer support service.

How long Has Nest Been In Business?

The company has been operating since 2010.

Does Nest Offer Free Installation?

Nest advances free DIY installation. It’s quite easy to do. Yet, if it’s the first time you use the protection system, it’s better to hire experts.

Does Nest Work With Alexa?

It operates with Alexa. However, it supports not all units. Alexa is able to control the cams and doorbells as well as of thermostats.

Does Nest Work With Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is your best helper when it comes to controlling the work of the Nest. The Assistant is able to play with all of the units of the system.

The Nest is a smart choice for those homeowners who want to make their dwelling secure, comfortable, and protected.

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