Night Owl Review

  • Overall Score: 4 out of 5
  • Price: Night Owl reviews tell that the items of the company are on an expensive side. In the long term, though, the initial investment pays off. Clients shall consider that there are no monthly fees, unlike in other firms working in the segment.
  • Equipment/Devices: complete security systems. Night Owl cutting edge technologies that are easy-to-integrate into any platform.
  • Customer Service: excellent. On the Night Owl website, one can find a very detailed Customer Support Page. There, all the typical questions are listed. Clients and interested persons can request information by opening a ticket, writing a mail, or just calling an agent directly. Clients note that this company’s customer support is among the best in the industry.
  • Features & Technology: every Night Owl review indicates that the provider offers complete systems to secure any premises or home. The equipment is ultra-modern and features audio functionality, night vision features; customers can choose whether they prefer a DVR, a digital video recorder, or an NVR, a network video recorder, and other features that are crucial to a cutting-edge security system. All the Night Owl cameras are waterproof, not just weatherproof. It means that they can be installed even in humid and dusty locations.
  • Ease to Use: the only difficulty, based on the Night Owl home security reviews, is connected with the installing of wired items. The cables shall be well-arranged and hidden. Thus, professional assistance might be handy. Though once this issue is sorted out, the items are easy-to-use and provide a nice user experience.

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Night Owl is a relatively young company comparing to other home security giants that have been in the niche for generations. Thus, the main benefits are related to Night Owl young age:

  • The cutting-edge equipment.
  • All the Night Owl security cameras reviews indicate that the majority of items have a night vision function, all of them.
  • Waterproof, not just weatherproof. The protection level allows the items to withstand almost any weather conditions. Thus, they can be used even in humid locations and places with elevated dust levels.
  • No fees for storage, monitoring, and similar. Clients monitor their homes from an app. Instead of a typical cloud storage option, a MicroSD card is used.
  • Recording function works without an internet connection.
  • Night Owl smart home reviews confirm that all the items are compatible with any other systems, platforms, or whatever.
  • Night Owl equipment comes already arranged in systems. They are optimally composed to let you choose the most appropriate option, even if you aren’t well-aware of such technologies and their principles of work.
  • All the devices are absolutely customizable.
  • 30 days of a money-back guarantee is quite a decent time.
  • Installation services provided by a third party are available in the entire country.

There are drawbacks, too, like in any other case:

  • The initial Night Owl home security price is not low. But just a quick look at the Night Owl security system reviews and short, superficial research confirms that in the long run, the investment in Night Owl pays off.
  • In some Night Owl home security systems reviews, users insist that the mobile app crashes too often to be called convenient.
  • The set-up works, especially those of the wired equipment, are troublesome. In most cases, the services of a professional are needed though the installation services of a third party are available for a small fee.

The Bottom Line

Night Owl is a relatively new provider. Thus, with it, customers can enjoy some benefits that only a new company can offer. Cutting edge equipment, compatibility with all the modern platforms and systems, easy integrability, zero monthly fees are the main benefits. Night Owl’s customer support is known to be among the best in the market.

Clients can choose among the widest variety of options. Even though some find it pretty confusing, but you cannot disagree that this is one of the crucial benefits that makes a good company.

Among the things that can be improved is definitely the Night Owl app. Many users have reported already that it is constantly failing. Another drawback that many notes are pricing. If you check properly, though, you will see that this is not the case. Even at the start, the investment might be higher than an average, but it pays off due to the absence of a fee for cloud storage and a so much common in other cases monitoring fee.

The money-back-guarantee is standard; it is valid within 30 days.

Even though there are still things to work on, Night Owl has definitely proven itself to be among the best options. With such a trend, very soon, Night Owl will become a leader in the market.

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Clients often complain that the prices for items are not low. Considering that in most cases, you order not a single item but an entire system, you shall count on at least a couple of hundreds.

If you count in the long run, though, and any Night Owl security system review confirms the fact that the prices are more than reasonable. The trick is in the absence of the monthly monitoring fee, which is still practiced by the majority of the providers in the security niche.


Night Owl provides everything that an advanced user or an average citizen might need. The cameras are equipped with a night vision system that increases the security level several times. One more feature to mention is dual sensor systems. Normally, many alarms are triggered by mistake. Dual sensors by Night Owl allow eliminating more than 90% of false alarms. The systems can detect motion plus heat. Thus, their efficiency increases incredibly.

The devices don’t need the internet to provide you with all the information about your home security.

Equipment might not be easy to install for those who don’t understand a lot in such details.

Both wired and wireless equipment is offered. Installation troubles might arise mostly in the second case. The third-party installation services are offered for a limited fee. They are available in any location, and a client might consider them seriously if he/she believes that installation works might be not the easiest ones. However, it is easy-to-use and suitable for both in-home use and commercial applications.

All the Night Owl devices can be easily integrated into any smart platform. They work perfectly with Alexa, Google Assistant, or any other similar service. Night Owl devices also perfectly collaborate with any other advanced systems.

Control (App)

Night Owl app can be used on all devices. In some Night Owl security reviews, customers complain that their app for Android fails frequently. While there is nothing overly complicated in getting it back running and functioning properly, this deteriorates the general experience.

Other than that, the app is easy-to-install. Just download it and follow step-by-step installation instructions. The next procedure is adding your Night Owl monitoring system items. To add new items to your Night Owl app, verify that they work on the same network. If yes, there is a special function in the app called Smart Detection. It will find the available tools. Select the needed once. Follow detailed instructions, and they will be added to your app. Now, you can monitor your Night Owl smart home directly from your device.

One more option to add an item is to do it manually by using an Add function. Finally, you might just scan a QR code of the item.

The app allows you to check all the Night Owl devices in your home. Even though if there is no internet connection, all your Night Owl devices will be letting you know about everything that is happening there and sending all the data directly to any of your devices.

Customer Service

Is Night Owl a good company? The initial impression about whether the company is good or it is not worth attention is made based on the work of the customer support agent. If a customer support agent can explain everything about the latest doorbell camera, explain why it is different from an indoor camera, and why pulse cameras are the most preferred option for some cases, it makes a good impression.

Every client can get the main information and the replies to the most common questions about Night Owl’s pricing and all types of equipment for sale on a special page. If something is still not clear enough, it is possible to fill in a special form on the website of the company. Interested people can ask there anything about a particular wireless security system, details about a monthly fee, and similar.

If one prefers to talk to somebody alive, and this happens, too, there is a phone number. You can call a Night Owl representative directly and acquire information about home security system packages and other available equipment options. The same questions can be asked by writing a mail to Night Owl.

How To Order

Night Owl security company lists all the items for house security on the website. They all are available on a variety of internet resources, such as Amazon, and similar. Thus, the question “where should I get the Night Owl devices?” is easy to reply to.

The devices are delivered to all the locations in the USA without limitations. Depending on the resource where you buy the item, you might either get delivered for a reasonable fee or completely free of charge.

Night Owl customer support


Does Night Owl Require The Internet?

No, any Night Owl alarm system review, as well as the data provided by the producer, confirms that no internet is needed. It is the main reason why the devices of Night Owl are recommended to those who live in remote or difficult access locations where there is either no internet or there might be interruptions with the service. This feature is also very valuable to those clients, for instance, elderly people who don’t understand much about the technology. With or without the internet, you can be confident that your Night Owl home is safe.

How Much Is Night Owl Per Month?

The price depends on the system and the package the client chooses. You can count on the initial price of around 349 USD. Within this plan, you get 4 cameras, 1 TB of storage space, and all the other perks that an advanced system might ever offer. 2 way-audio function is not available, but this is the only drawback. The more you pay, the more advanced features you get.

One of the main benefits is the absence of a fee for cloud storage. Night Owl doesn’t offer this option for most of the packages. Instead, you can store all the videos on a card. One more Night Owl detail is a benefit for some users, while it might be a significant drawback for other clients. The company doesn’t charge a monitoring fee. Such an option as professional monitoring doesn’t exist; you are responsible alone for the monitoring of your home.

How To Cancel A Night Owl Account?

Everything can be done directly from your Night Owl account. Login to your account. Further, choose the item the subscription for which you want to cancel. Follow the instruction to cancel Night Owl’s subscription.

If this procedure was not successful, contact the company customer support. They will do their best to guide you through the entire procedure.

How Long Has Night Owl Been In Business?

Night Owl is a new provider. The company has been in the industry for around 11 years only. This is very little compared to some veterans in the niche that have been offering the services for several generations. But during this time, Night Owl has already earned the reputation of a reliable firm that offers the best products and services.

Does Night Own Offer Free Installation?

No, Night Owl doesn’t offer free installation. While wireless devices can be installed by clients, for wired items, professional installation might be needed. The third-party services are offered, though, throughout the country, the fee is very reasonable. If you believe that you are tech-savvy enough, you can try a DIY installation.

Does Night Owl Work With Alexa?

Night Owl is one of the youngest firms in the security sector. The provider is well-aware of the most advanced technologies and trends and considers them all. You would find the confirmation in any Night Owl home automation review: all the systems and items work seamlessly with Alexa, like with any other AI system.

Does Night Owl Work With Google Assistant?

Considering that the firm is among the newest in the niche, you can expect the top flexibility level. Night Owl systems can be easily integrated into any platform, including Google Assistant.

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