NorthStar Alarm Reviews

Even though the choice of home automation security features is tremendous both in retailers and online distributors, people tend to spend hours online looking for the best equipment for sale. Thus, when you come across NorthStar alarm, do not hurry up to make a decision, any feedback can be a simple promotion to attract as many customers as possible. Read the following guide to acknowledge the pros and cons of the NorthStar alarm company.

Overall Score – 7.5

  • Price – 7.5
  • Equipment/Devices – 8.0
  • Customer Service – 7.0
  • Features & Technology – 7.5
  • Ease to Use – 7.5

Let’s dig into detail so that you could understand the evaluation criteria.

  • Price – Free installation (depending on the package), $54-$74 per month with the upfront costs and activation;
  • Equipment/Devices – NorthStar alarm control panels, detectors, sensors, smart home automation devices, a video doorbell, cameras;
  • Customer Service – responsive both via email and phone;
  • Features and Technologies – IQ Panel 2, IQ Remote, Key Fob Remote;
  • Easy to Use – Convenient devices with versatile design.

However, even the above-mentioned promising NorthStar alarm features can be spoiled with the help of users’ feedback and hidden terms of a contract.

Pros/ Cons


  • Variety of premium security options;
  • 24/7 advanced monitoring;
  • Remote control;
  • Average prices.


  • 5-year commitment contract to their home security system packages only;
  • Unforewarned auto-renewal;
  • Poor feedback from their clients.

security camera

The Bottom Line

Scrolling NorthStar alarm smart home reviews, people share mostly their negative experience with the company. They mention that the service lacks transparency, and sales representatives are constantly promoting new devices or packages. Even though one person already has a contract signed with this company, some employees lack competency and can ask to sing one more agreement claiming it is just a formality. Besides, a negative experience with NorthStar alarm concerns the cancellation. If you want to cancel your plan before the expiration of your 5 years commitment, be ready to face a skyrocketing price. And, unfortunately, you cannot negotiate the discount as far as all the terms were clearly mentioned in the contract.

Regarding the pros of NorthStar alarm, they definitely have a premium quality monitoring system, and they “buy” customers with their free installation. Such systems fit busy people who would like to control remotely everything that is going home when they are away. Key fob and remote panels allow one to check videos or send emergency at home in case of the intrusion.

All in all, NorthStar alarm home security reviews show that if you have other choices to go for, you had better use that opportunity. If you agree with all their strict terms of a contract, you are more than welcomed to subscribe.

NorthStar Alarm Pricing

As usual, do not even try to navigate their official website to find the cost information, there are only descriptions of features but no signs of prices at all. However, upon reading various NorthStar alarm security reviews, one can find some fluctuations in packages and their prices. For your acknowledgment only, check the following cost but take it as general information. For exact details on how much one device or monitoring essentials can cost, please address this concern to the actual provider.

  • NorthStar Alarm Regular Installation – $199;
  • Activation – $199;

There are three plans used for special NorthStar alarm home security price of plans: Protecting, Connecting, and Automating.

  • Protecting plan – $54,99 with the upfront monthly fee;
  • Connecting – $64.99 with the upfront monthly fee;
  • Automating – $74,99 with the upfront monthly fee.

The maximum average upfront cost is $398.

The relocation cost will be $99. And maintenance is $80.

Besides, there is a division in NorthStar alarm packages for security monitoring as well. They are Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum sold at $44 up to $100 on average per month.

Accordingly, the NorthStar alarm security company packages have their own stuffing that dictates such a price. Depending on your paying capacity, you can choose the next services – Remote control using a designated application, 24/7 monitoring system, lifetime service protection, professional installation, auxiliary home automation instruments.

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NorthStar Alarm Review of Equipment/ Devices/ Features

Let’s speak of the premium quality NorthStar alarm equipment options. The company boasts the quality of cameras and their instruments.

IQ Panel 2

It is a NorthStar alarm central hub that guarantees users the security and safety of home. As per their official statement, this panel has a versatile design that can be invisibly accommodated to any apartment or building. Thus, it is not a huge machine but a comfortable tablet with a minimum of buttons and easy-to-use functionality. For instance, a user can connect up to five mobile devices through Bluetooth to the hub to monitor the security remotely. When you are in the range of access, you can easily arm or disarm the system. When you quit the area of the range, it will automatically proceed with the disarming.

Then, one can use it as a video answer. Did someone knock to the door? Check who is there via the NorthStar alarm doorbell camera. And, finally, it supports 24/7 monitoring for any emergencies possible.

IQ Remote

NorthStar alarm wireless security system or remote for the primary IQ Panel 2. It is a secondary instrument for users who want to rest assured knowing their house is safe when they are working or gone abroad. Otherwise, it perfectly fits large homes with multiple floors. Save a time running to the central panel just by sitting on the sofa and checking what is going on on the ground floor via a tablet.

NorthStar alarm remote panel has an emergency button that allows with one click to connect to the monitoring representative to ask for help. Police, firefighters, or medical authorities will receive your signal within seconds. Besides, with its help, one can mark the signal as a false alarm. Most commonly, potential buyers request this tablet if they have children or toddlers. And, they just want to check whether they are safe and sound.

Key Fob Remote

Don’t you want to take a tablet with you? Go for NorthStar alarm key fob remote control. There are minimum buttons, it does not take much space, and it is extremely easy to use. As per reviews of this premium instrument, it has a long-range that allows users to arm or disarm a system within 100 feet away from home. And, finally, it also has an emergency button to call the police, firefighters, or ambulance in case of any danger.

NorthStar Alarm Security Essentials

These components help your family or beloved ones to have auxiliary safety. They can be a part of the package depending on the price, or you can buy them separately.

  • Onsite sensors – check whether a door or window is opened by unknown people;
  • Motion detector – it differentiates the pet’s movements from human ones if an animal is less than 40lbs. No chance for intruders;
  • Glassbreak detector – it spots any sound of glass break within 25 feet range;
  • Smoke and Carbone Dioxide NorthStar alarm detectors – the first one detects even the slightest rise in heat or the presence of smoke. With the advanced battery that can live up to 5 years, users have automatic fire alerts and always-on mode. Regarding the CO, this detector monitors the level of CO and alerts users about the fatal or critical numbers of it;
  • Smart Door Lock – activate lights or regulate the thermostat. Have full control of what is going on and receive alerts about suspicious movements;
  • Smart garage – Integrate this feature with the NorthStar Alarm App and open or close your garage door wherever you are at the moment;
  • Smart Thermostat – cooling or heating management at your hand with a touchscreen device.

Finally, the last ones are NorthStar alarm security cameras reviews.

NorthStar alarm offers a Wi-Fi HD video doorbell camera. Indoor camera with HD wide-angle views and flexible mounting. And, outdoor and pulse cameras aimed to help keep an eye on the outside of one’s house environment.

All in all, the NorthStar alarm smart home is aimed to provide clients with the top comfort regarding security. If needed, one can also access the VIP service plan that has a lifetime warranty on new instruments, and free system move but only after one year.

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NorthStar Alarm Security System Reviews: Smartphone Application

As you could notice above, the panel is easily controlled even via the NorthStar alarm application. It saves time and the trips to the house to arm or disarm a system. First off, it allows a person to have all the features at hand, including cameras, thermostats, or garage automation. Secondly, one can receive doorbell notification, which, and when knocks on the door. And, you can check the live video to ensure your children or family members are safe or whether they need help.

NorthStar alarm home automation review proved that people could just by checking the video, use panic buttons, and send help to the house. It can be firefighters, police, or ambulance.

The NorthStar alarm application is designated for both iOS and Android operating systems. Nevertheless, as per users, they are not satisfied with the quality of an application. Some state that they had to reinstall the cameras at home because the app did not see them on. Some mention that the geolocation function in the NorthStar alarm app lacks functionality because sometimes it finds the user far from home when he is at home.

Is NorthStar Alarm a Good Company: Customer Support

The opinions on the NorthStar alarm customer service are extremely different. Thus, it is quite complicated to come up with one rate on the customer service of NorthStar Alarm representatives. People mention that employees lie to clients about relocation and cancellation terms. But, they will still solve the problems and provide customers with the top results. The company is fast responsive via email and phone.

However, the biggest issue current clients state is that a NorthStar alarm company is always auto-renewing the contract. For example, after the termination of a 5-year commitment to the package, a representative won’t call you to renew it or cancel it once and forever. They only auto-renew without even informing the clients. Thus, when a person notices this manifestation, he again is obliged to pay the cancellation fee.

But, you can find positive feedback about the NorthStar alarm system review as well, especially concerning their dedication to delivering the services. Regarding the plans, one employee will describe you inside out of the benefits, and you will be hooked on any plan.

NorthStar Alarm Home Security Systems Reviews: How to Order

In fact, there is nothing complicated in the NorthStar alarm ordering process. All one should do is to call them by their number or use a designated chat form located at the bottom of the official website.

Besides, a NorthStar alarm company offers to pass a registering process to get a free quote. Note, upon discussing the variants or plans with the representative, make sure to always get to know the final price.

Last but not least, think twice about this option as far as a 5-year commitment should be dedicated to the most. Otherwise, you will have to pay a cancellation fee that is not pleasant for your eyes for sure.


If you still have any questions regarding the NorthStar Alarm devices or you hesitate – should I get one, read the following FAQs. They will serve as the best NorthStar Alarm Security System review ever.

Does NorthStar Alarm Require the Internet?

Yes, some NorthStar alarm devices require a Wi-Fi, for example, cameras. Besides, you should have an Internet on your mobile phone when accessing the features remotely.

How Much Is NorthStar Alarm per Month?

NorthStar alarm company does not disclose the actual prices. But, the average rate is $54-$74 per month with the upfront fees and activation.

How to Cancel the NorthStar Alarm Account?

As was said before, you have to pay a cancellation fee at all times; that’s why this company is not popular with clients. To cancel your NorthStar alarm account, you should call the representative or contact him via a chat form online. A NorthStar alarm company should send you a policy.

How Long Has NorthStar Alarm Been in Business?

It was founded in 2000 in Ohio.

Does NorthStar Alarm Offer Free Installation?

It depends on the package or seasonal pricing. One can have a free professional installation if buying the advanced plan. Otherwise, the average price is $199.

Does NorthStar Alarm Work with Alexa?

It is undisclosed information.

Does NorthStar Alarm Work with Google Assistant?

Ir is undisclosed information.

Final Say!

To sum up, the NorthStar alarm company is a hidden gem regarding premium quality devices. But, their contract seems a burden for many potential buyers. Thus they opt for other companies. Their prices are not marked as exorbitant ones, but customer support is not excellent as per users’ reviews. You will be promoted continuous features, and at some point, you can come across your plan is automatically renewed for 5 years again. Please, take these facts into consideration before subscribing to the NorthStar alarm plans.

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