Make Your Home Smart And Safe With Ooma

In the world, we live it is very important to protect your house from various threats. If you take care of your family members, your main task is to keep them and their homes safe. This Ooma review will make it clear for you what “safe and smart home” means.

Having read that review and additional Ooma alarm system review and Ooma security cameras reviews, you will understand that it is high time you applied for professional assistance and bought the best wireless devices for the safety of your house. Because there is no time for waging, you should keep your family in safety now and forever!

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Overall Score

Being a company concerned with security systems, Ooma can prove its professionalism in real customers’ reviews. Everyone who uses Ooma’s services can say exactly that it always tries to do its best to satisfy every client.

All the time, this company improves its services and equipment and implement various innovations and technologies. It has vast experience to make your home comfortable and safe to live. Its customer service is always ready to help you in case you face some difficulties. And furthermore, Ooma’s pricing policy is more than reasonable than make it a very beneficial choice for everyone.


Ooma pricing is more than reasonable. Prices are quite affordable, almost for everyone. Such a qualitative security company, as Ooma, is worthy of money paid for its services by its customers. What is more, you should not save your money if your home is not secured yet because the key task of everyone who takes care of his or her family is to keep the house and every member of your family safe.

However, in case you do not have much money, this company knows how to help you. The range of prices for Ooma’s equipment is quite wide. Due to this, there you can purchase the most appropriate devices to secure your home and do not spend a fortune on that.


The range of devices that Ooma offers for sale is large enough. This company can provide you with any equipment to secure your house. Furthermore, all the being wireless, all the devices are very beneficial in our world. The company traces the latest technologies and innovations and does its best to implement all of them in its work. The list of devices that now the company sells to its customers is the following:

  • Telo (the main piece of Ooma security equipment that syncs all the devices together and is the main controller of all their functions)
  • Sensors (water sensors, motion sensors, door and windows sensors);
  • Alarms (smoke alarm);
  • Siren;
  • Smart cameras (indoor camera, a doorbell camera, pulse cameras, and smart cams to install at home);
  • Professional monitoring system (it can sync with the mobile apps offered by Ooma);
  • Keypad (where you should enter pin-codes);
  • Ooma’s app.

Those are all the necessary devices that will make your home completely safe. Every piece of that equipment you may control using your smartphone and Ooma’s app.

Customer Service

Ooma customer service includes two options. You may contact with employees of the company via a particular messenger on the website or dial them using your mobile phone.

Customer service is the best source of additional information on the functioning of the system. You can answer any question and get answers to all of them. It is the best solution to contact customer service, especially if you want to get general Ooma security system review or find out some important nuances.

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Features & Technology

Reading Ooma review, you may think that Ooma offers only the basic security devices such as alerts, cameras, sensors, and so on, but it is not so! It also provides its customers with various additional options. And most of them are completely free!

  • You can phone 911 remotely, being far away from your home.
  • You should not sign any contract. It means that you have an opportunity to cancel your account anytime without any problems.
  • You can install any Ooma’s devices on your own because they are wireless and easy to set up.
  • You can download an Ooma Home Security app and monitor everything that is happening at your home.
  • If something goes wrong, Ooma’s professional monitoring system can detect it immediately because it works 24/7.

If you still have questions, stay on reading that Ooma home security reviews and get all the necessary information.

Ease to Use

If you read all Ooma home security systems reviews, you will understand that its devices are not only easy to use but also a very smart security system. All its equipment is completely wireless. For this reason, you can install and even set up any its device on your having no experience.

You can control everything that is happening at your home just using a smartphone and the app that a company offers to download on the PlayMarket or AppStore. Laying in the bed, you can monitor whether all the windows and doors close. It is fast, simple, convenient, and safe!

Pros and Cons


The number of pros is very large, which may prove all Ooma reviews.

  • First of all, it is smart and can sync almost with any smartphone. You can always know what is happening at your home even remotely.
  • All the Ooma’s devices are wireless, which makes it quite easy to install and set up its security equipment on your own, spending a few couples of minutes.
  • Reasonable prices is another strong benefit of this company. There you can buy the latest innovative devices for more than affordable prices.
  • You can cancel your account anytime you need it via customer service on the Ooma website.
  • It works fast and qualitatively.


It is difficult to highlight even a few cons of Ooma. Because how can safe and at the same time smart home be disadvantageous? And Ooma smart home reviews always prove it.

  • However, it is necessary to say that some people can find even such affordable prices to be high enough to order.

The Bottom Line

Ooma is the company that has been in that business for a long time. Subsequently, it has gained enough professional experience and expertise to satisfy the needs and desires of every client.

All the technological innovations that this company uses to sell for its customers are of high quality and very durable. Such equipment is user friendly and will cause you no problems with installation or setup.

If you have not secured your home yet, stop procrastinating and ask for professional advice from Ooma.


The standard package price varies from 150 to 250 dollars. It is a very reasonable price for such innovative wireless devices that Ooma offers for its customers. Free shipping and discounts are also common. If you think that a smart and safe home is an expensive pleasure, it is time you applied to a professional company because Ooma home security price is one of the most reasonable on the market.

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On the Ooma website, you can order the best home security system packages. Read the Ooma home automation review and choose the items to secure your house!

The company offers a huge deal of various devices, technologies, and services. However, it does not persuade people to buy particular equipment. As the main Ooma’s task is to satisfy the client, they design a good option for creating your own features of the home security system. What does it mean?

It means that you can choose what devices to buy on your own, taking your personal lifestyle into account. You should understand what equipment is the most crucial for your home security and only after that you can start ordering.

If you want to know what packages the company offers, read the below-mentioned information and find out more about Ooma.

You can create your own home security system. Due to this, you can be that person who will determine the price for your order.

To choose the necessary items, you should define what lifestyle you have, think about the needs of all your household and take into account the size of your house. Only after that, you can choose the right number of smart devices to make your home completely secured.

If you want to entrust that to professionals, you should know about two basic packages.

  1. The package includes 1 Ooma Telo and three sensors. It costs less than 180 dollars and can keep your home safe even for such money.
  2. A basic package with a water sensor. It is very similar to the first one, but it also includes a water sensor and costs about 210 dollars.

These are just the main packages. You are able to choose the most appropriate combination of the best innovative devices that will suit you and your family members best.

Control (App)

Ooma Security System Reviews will show how to control all your security devices remotely.

If earlier people could not even imagine that one day they would be able to control everything that is going on at their home even being far away from there, now the world has changed. People’s lifestyle will never be the same. And if you want to keep abreast of the time, you should know almost everything about the trends.

Ooma security company is ready to help you with getting acquainted with the latest innovations in the field of home security. Because this company uses only the newest technologies and does its best to simplify the lives of its customers, no matter what smartphone do you have, Ooma can sync with any devices!

Customer service

Customer service, as you must have understood, is the best source of information for you. There you can order all devices, get all the necessary information, and even create or cancel your account if necessary.

How To Order

The process of ordering Ooma home security devices is more than simple. You need to visit the website and contact customer service. They will provide you with all the necessary information and help you with purchasing.

Also, there are a few basic packages on the website that you can order without waiting. You need only click “Buy”, and your order will be performed within a short period of time.

The next step is to download an Ooma’s app where you will be able to set up all your security pieces of equipment ordered. And then you can enjoy your safe and comfortable life in the secured home.

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How to make your home safe? How to set up and use Ooma’s app? What does the “wireless security system” mean? What equipment for sale do you offer now? Should I get an option of free installation? What is the monthly fee for Ooma’s smart home? Reading FAQs, you can get answers to these questions and much other useful information that you may be concerned about before ordering Ooma’s services.

FAQs are a completely free option for all Internet users. So, in such a way, you can find out everything about this company and make the right choice to secure your home.

Does Ooma Require the Internet?

To download the company’s app on the PlayMarket, without a doubt, you need an Internet connection. Furthermore, if you want to take benefit from Ooma’s monitoring system as much as possible, you should do it online. Because only in such a way you can control all alarms and other security devices remotely.

How Much Is Example per Month?

Ooma’s home security price is reasonable. The more the security devices you decide to install at your house, the more the money you should pay.

The minimum price for one device is 25 dollars. Due to this, you do not need to spend a huge amount of money on securing your home. Ooma’s pricing is affordable for everyone that helps this company to hold such a high position on the market.

How to Cancel an Ooma Account?

If you want to cancel your account, do not worry that it will be a very time-consuming process. Like creating an account, it also will not take too much time for you. All it is necessary to do is to contact Ooma’s customer service and indicate the reason for the cancellation of your account. You can also do it using the Ooma app. Nothing sophisticated or time-consuming.

How Long Has Ooma Been in Business?

Ooma is a company that has quite long been in business. It means that Ooma has very vast experience and knows exactly how to make your home safe. For many years, they offer only high-quality services for their customers and always try to satisfy every client.

If one day someone asks you, “Is Ooma, a good company?”, you may answer such a question without any difficulties. Because Ooma always gives top priority to meet the needs and desires of all its customers.

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Does Ooma Offer Free Installation?

Ooma is a wireless security system. Due to this, you can install all the equipment on your own and should not pay any money for that. It will take you no more than half an hour to equip your home with the best innovative devices and make your house safe and comfortable to live.

Of course, if you want to ask for professional help with installation or setting up some security devices, you can write to the customer service and clarify that.

Does Ooma Work with Alexa?

As you know, Alexa is an Amazon assistant that can sync almost with any app. As Ooma offers an app for installation on the PlayMarket, you can download it and sync with Alexa Assistant.

This app is quite smart and provides every customer with a great number of opportunities. You can monitor the state of all sensors and other devices remotely, just giving a command to Alexa Assistant.

Does Ooma Work with Google Assistant?

If you are a lover of Android smartphones, you should get enough information about synchronization Ooma with Google assistant. Just download the Ooma app via PlayMarket and customize it to your google assistant.

Using this app, you can stop worrying about what is going on at your home when you are far away from there because you can know everything about the state of your house and monitor all its indicators of various equipment options remotely without any problems.

Ooma Security Reviews: Conclusions

As you must understand, Ooma is a very high-quality company that offers a huge range of innovative wireless security devices for sale and provides its customers with other advantageous options to make their lives more pleasant and safe.

If earlier you thought that it was very expensive to make your home smart and safe, now Ooma must have persuaded you that it is affordable for everyone. What is more, it is easy to use. You can install, set up, and sync any of its devices on your own without any difficulties.

Stop procrastinating, protect your home from any possible threats, and buy the best home security devices to keep your family and house in safety.

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