Piper Home Security Review: Worth Your Money Or Not?

  • Price – 8.0
  • Equipment/Devices – 8.5
  • Customer Service – 9
  • Features & Technology – 8.0
  • Ease to use – 8.5
  • Overall Score – 8.4

Small Piper devices that have appeared on the market recently can simultaneously control a home security system and a smart home system. Even if you have never dealt with such equipment options, you’ll find it as easy as ABC to control home security system from a smartphone. Piper is not just another security system. It is also able to control smart home devices. Using optional accessories of the Z-Wave standard, such as special electric plugs, the user can integrate various devices into a single solution. By connecting, for example, the lighting system to the Smart Switch, you can control the light from anywhere via the Internet. The system is famous for its affordable price without monthly fees. Are you intrigued and want to learn more about Piper? Then, stop searching for Piper reviews and check the full unbiased Piper review below.

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According to most Piper home security reviews that users leave, this system has many advantages. Let’s have a closer look at them. The system is notable for its impressive dimensions; however, due to its unusual shape with many roundings, the Piper does not look so massive. The producer offers two options for the location of Piper. To place the gadget on a flat surface, you can use a stylish aluminum stand. When mounting on a wall, the stand is unscrewed, and other mounts are used. The gadget is connected to the electricity grid via the 7.5 W adapter, but this is not the only power source: in the back of the Piper, there is a compartment for three AA batteries. One set is enough for 4-6 hours of work.

Are there cons? As Piper security system reviews say, there are several features that some users can consider drawbacks. The gadget has two color options – black and white. In both cases, it’s necessary to put up with glossy surfaces – it may be beautiful, but is this beauty necessary for a security system, which is better to hide in the shade? The key component of the gadget is, of course, the camera. In general, it’s of great quality, but its individual parameters raise questions. What do most users like according to Piper security reviews?

Many admit the fact that the indoor camera can shoot video in Full HD format and has a viewing angle of 180 degrees – a fisheye lens is used here. At the same time, the standard version of Piper does not support night mode: for some reason, the usual IR LEDs are absent, so the camera is useless in the dark. The good news: despite its short life and North American roots, Piper launches in two versions – for the native land and for Europe. The bad news is: since Z-Wave operating frequencies vary by region, accessories for the European and American versions are not interchangeable.

The Bottom Line

The gadget is equipped with various sensors. First of all, this, of course, is a passive infrared sensor that senses movement within 10 meters. By default, triggering a sensor in combat mode provokes video recording. Pay attention to the following fact in this Piper security system review: Shooting lasts for 35 seconds, after which the resulting movie is automatically sent to the cloud. A remote server can store up to 1000 files, and this service is provided free of charge. In the event of a loss of connection with the router, Piper writes the video to its own memory and, at the first opportunity, transfers data to the cloud storage.

Piper Pricing: How Much Will You Pay For Your Security?

What is the Piper home security price? There are several versions of the Piper smart home system. So, everyone can choose the best one for his/her money. Those who want to save on home security system packages are recommended to pay attention to the classic Piper. Its cost is only $199. The good news is that you pay once when you get Piper. No need to make regular monthly payments for any features. Choosing the device at the lowest price, you need to take into account that it doesn’t have a function of night vision. If you don’t need much, then don’t hesitate to purchase this one.

Do you want you’re a more sophisticated home security solution? Then, pay $279 for Piper with the night vision function. This gadget is an upgraded version with the improvements that refer to the camera and video stream. It’s up to you to decide how much you can spend on your safety. According to Piper home security reviews, more and more customers give preference to the latest version of the gadget as it can provide you with a higher level of security at an affordable price.


The case is made of plastic. On the upper and lower ends, there are inserts in the form of a fine lattice. The Piper base unit includes a panoramic (180⁰) high-resolution camera, which can change its position and enlarge the image by an external command. Besides, equipment for sale contains a motion detector and a 105-decibel siren. In case of violation of security rules, the device can send messages using SMS, e-mail, and push notifications.

The system sends a message to the user if the movement is detected in the area of ​​the door. At the same time, you can check the image from the indoor/outdoor camera. If the person standing there makes you suspicious, turn on the light in the room to scare him/her before he/she decides to break into your apartment or house. Moreover, such a procedure can be performed automatically using pre-programmed scripts in the Piper application. Piper security cameras reviews from real users serve the best evidence of this.

The gadget has sensors that monitor the temperature, humidity, and degree of illumination – they are used to monitor the condition of the room; their readings can be used to create automation rules. Other important structural elements are the microphone and speaker. This combination allows you to use Piper for two-way communication. And the system also has a 105 dB siren that can scare away uninvited guests. Piper runs under the TI DaVinci ARM chip. The amount of RAM is 128 MB, permanent storage has twice the capacity.

It’s worth mentioning wireless modules. Piper has two of them: Wi-Fi and Z-Wave. The first is used to communicate with the router and allows you to place the gadget in any part of the room. The second module gives Piper the ability to act as a hub for other devices with Z-Wave support. At the moment, the gadget can only interact with branded accessories, but the producers promise that in the future, their brainchild will make friends with solutions from third-party manufacturers.

Piper Home Security

Control (App)

Do you use iOS or Android? No matter which system you prefer as Piper works great with any of the platforms. If you have an iPhone but plan to change it to the smartphone on Android, you won’t need to get adjusted to new features. Piper security reviews prove that the functions of apps are the same. There is no difference between applications for the convenience of Piper users. So, what functions will you enjoy when using an app? You’ll get full control over the home security system. You can adjust settings of pulse cameras, a doorbell camera, and other settings by using the Dashboard, which is the main button for the app control.

Users are provided with an opportunity to switch between three modes: “Stay”, “Away”, and “Vacation”. The good news is that the user is the only one who can create rules for each of the modes. Feel free to turn on and turn off the functions using your app. It’s enough to enter the app from your smartphone and control everything whenever you are. Do you worry if everything is fine at home? Just use your control app and look through the videos made by the system. Users are provided with the possibility to check cameras in the live mode.

In any Piper home automation review, you’ll find the information about how it’s easy to monitor each movement via the app. The Piper software is very user-friendly and allows controlling each movement in your house even if you are far from it. Just enter the application to look at what is going on at your apartment at the moment and be aware of all the changes inside or outside the house. No doubts that the app has been designed by smart programmers. It can call the homeowner and send alarms if there is an urgent need to inform about something. Wonder what if your cat or dog runs over the house and makes chaos? Will the system react to these movements? No! As you can see, the Piper control app, as well as the system itself, has been thought out to the smallest detail.

Piper Customer Service

According to Piper’s smart home reviews, if you need some extra help with the device, you can always get it online or by sending an e-mail. Effective customer support will consider your issue and deal with it at the earliest convenience. In most cases, you’ll be able to find the answer to your question on the website of the provider. There are frequently asked questions with detailed answers and helpful online manual for users. There are many must-watch videos for those who have chosen Piper as their home security system.

There are detailed instructions on how to adjust settings and activate the functions you need using your app. You won’t face any problems with the installation of the application. Even if you face any trouble, you’ll be able to find all the possible reasons for this as well as effective solutions on the page of the Piper support. Check the list of the issues you may face and follow the instructions on how to deal with them spending minimum time and effort.

How To Order Piper

Want to protect your house when you are inside and outside? Nothing is easier than that if you have such a reliable security system as Piper. How to get it? Just enter the site, choose the option you like most. Before you order the Piper security system, check how the cheaper and the more expensive options differ. After you compare the functions that are included in each of the Piper options, make a purchase. The good news is that you will need to pay just once. There is no monthly fee you need to pay regularly, like in most home security systems.

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Does Piper Require The Internet?

Piper works effectively, providing you with the possibility to control all the features from the app. The only essential condition is the presence of a stable Internet connection. There are additional wireless security system accessories you can use if you want to enjoy more possibilities.

How Much Is Piper Per Month?

There is no fee you need to pay every month. Just buy home security at a price of $199 or $279, and that’s it. Get total control over your home security round-the-clock.

How To Cancel A Piper Account?

If you want to stop using Piper, you can do this on your own by using your application. There are no contracts you sign when getting the system, so use the device until you find it useful for your security. Don’t you want to control your house security anymore? Just don’t use it.

How Long Has Piper Been In Business?

Piper security system appeared several years ago. Despite the fact that it’s relatively new, it has become rather popular among smart homeowners.

Does Piper Offer Free Installation?

Nothing is easier than that. Even if you are a beginner, you won’t face any problems in the process of installation. Install the application on your smartphone after you connect the system to Wi-Fi and get started. You won’t need extra help with the installation as it’s as easy as 1,2,3.

Does Piper Work With Alexa?

Some time ago, there wasn’t such an opportunity, but now you can enjoy this function. Give instructions to Alexa by voice, and it’ll send commands to Piper.

Does Piper Work With Google Assistant?

Piper can work with Google Assistant to provide users with maximum comfort and convenience.

Conclusion: Is Piper A Good Company?

“Can I entrust my life and the life of close people to the Piper security system?” “Should I get this one or consider other options available in the market?” It’s normal to ask yourself whether the system can provide you with 100% security. If you check Piper home security systems reviews on the web, you’ll see that more and more people choose this gadget to protect their houses. The main reason is that the Piper security company is a trustworthy one. This provider is known as a reliable company that offers high-quality home security solutions at an affordable price.

Piper monitoring system is equipped with all the essential functions for the proper protection of the house and its inhabitants. The latest upgraded Piper NV is the one that is definitely worth your money. It costs cheaper than similar safety solutions with the same sophisticated functions like this one includes. Hope, this Piper alarm system review will help you to make the right buying decision and protect your house/apartment from intruders.

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