Protect America Home Security VS ADT: Know Who’s Your Safety Guarantee


Home Security Product Protect America ADT
Upfront Cost\Monthly Monitoring Cost From $19.99-$54.99 per month From $27.99 to $60 per month.
Equipment/Devices/Features 8 9
Easy to Use/Control (App) 8 9
Money-Back Guarantee 15-day trial period

lifetime equipment warranty

6-month money-back guarantee
Installation DIY type of installation Requires professional installation only
Customer Service 7 9.5
Overall Score 7.6 9.2

All of us pursue the same goal – live a safe life and be sure that our house and close ones aren’t in danger. Choosing the best home security system, it’s easy to achieve this goal with minimum effort and maximum effectiveness. Protect America vs. ADT: which one to get? ADT is a well-recognized system on today’s market. It isn’t surprising as it appeared over 100 years ago. The company has a large experience in developing smart security solutions for the protection of houses. Protect America is a younger company that has won the popularity not only among Americans. It has its own benefits that appeal to most customers. The  Protect America vs. ADT lawsuit proves that Protect America can rightly be called a decent rival of ADT. Making the right choice is crucial here, as your safety depends on the quality of the security system. Check the full ADT vs. Protect America review to learn what similarities and differences systems have.

Similarities: Protect America And ADT

Both producers, ADT and Protect America, offer user-friendly solutions for homeowners. Whether you get Protect America or ADT, you’ll be able to monitor the house in a non-stop regimen. Producers have made it possible to control everything that is going on inside and outside the house round-the-clock, regardless of your physical location. Wonder how it is possible? There is a helpful control app for easy monitoring. Both ADT and Protect America systems have great quality automation options that can guarantee full safety.

Differences: Protect America vs. ADT

As has already been said, ADT is a company with a rich history. It’s the very first difference. The company has been improving its equipment options for over a century. Now, they have a fully automated system with perfect control functions. Protect America doesn’t have such a large experience, but they have progressed much in developing home security solutions. The company offers a good quality home security system at an affordable price. Compared to the ADT, the Protect America monthly cost is cheaper. The list of differences doesn’t end here. The key difference is in the type of installation. ADT producers offer only professional installation. As for Protect America, it is a DIY system you can install by yourself.

Company 1: Protect America

protect america main page

Many homeowners find Protect America the best self-monitored home security system. The company has been on the market for over 25 years already. They have developed a good quality system of house control at a fair price that is affordable for everyone. It’s a great deal for the price you pay.

Protect America Pros

There are many features you’ll be happy with if buying Protect America. Check the benefits of the Protect America system listed below to know you’re making the right choice that will meet your expectations.

  • A possibility to control everything that is going on in the house 24/7.
  • An affordable price for good quality solutions offered by Protect America developers.
  • A possibility to save on installation and install the system on your own.
  • Absence of fees for the Protect America equipment options.
  • Access to your home security system Protect America via a user-friendly application that works flawlessly.
  • A presence of a trial period within 15 days.
  • An automated system with the possibility to record video without any skills.

Protect America Cons

Tastes differ. It refers to the best-rated home security systems as well. That’s why it’s impossible to define the only leader on the market. Protect America has a lot of pros. Like any other thing, it has features that someone can consider to be cons. Firstly, it’s the need to conclude the contract for three years. Secondly, there are restrictions on the landline type of monitoring. You won’t have limitations if you pay an additional cost for Protect America extra options.

Company 2: ADT

ADT main page

When most people hear the brand name ADT, they associate it with the best quality ever. The company has been protecting homeowners for ages. ADT has made a revolution in home security and offered effective solutions for those who want to feel safe being inside and outside the house. Check what you’ll enjoy if choosing the ADT system.

ADT Pros

ADT has a lot of great features. The main advantages are listed here:

  • ADT equipment is of the top-notch quality. It’s smart and has impressive functionality.
  • 24/7 helpful customer support that can deal with any emergency fast and easy.
  • Several emergency connections for guaranteed safety.
  • A cool opportunity to monitor the house in the day and at night round-the-clock.
  • The presence of pet detectors is also here.
  • An easy-to-use ADT application for every day and everywhere control.
  • A presence of a money refund that is valid for half a year.

ADT Cons

Is the absence of DIY installation a con for you? If not, then there are no features that can be called the disadvantages of the leading home security system ADT. It has a bit higher price than some other home security systems. Is it worth paying more for the protection of your house? Definitely, yes. ADT has a reasonable price for the solutions it offers. Even if someone says that they have an expensive security plan, don’t believe it. The price for durable and reliable ADT equipment and smart solutions is completely fair here.

ADT vs. Protect America: Features

Buy ADT or Protect America, and you’ll get access to the full package of options needed for guaranteed safety and security. Thieves won’t intrude in the house as both security systems have reliable indoor and outdoor cameras and high-quality monitoring solutions. Your house will be well-protected from any type of emergency with these alarm systems for the home. Smoke and fire protection is present in both systems (you need to pay an extra fee to be able to use this option). Both ADT and Protect America security systems have sensors able to detect whether it’s your pet moving in the room or it’s a burglar.

Contracts: Protect America And ADT

Now, let’s compare Protect America and ADT in terms of payment. The good news is that choosing Protect America; you can spend only $19.99 a month. It’s the initial price. The maximum cost is $54.99. There is one thing to bear in mind when considering this home security cost comparison – in case you want to cancel the contract, you need to pay the fee. When returning system devices, you’ll also need to pay the cost for shipment. Protect America has a super offer – get a discount if you find a lower price somewhere. You don’t have to pay for the equipment, which has an endless warranty.

Choosing either ADT or Protect America, you’ll have to conclude a contract for three years. Using ADT services, the ADT monthly cost per month may reach up to $60 per month. Watch how the ADT system works within the first half a year and turn to the customer care if you’ve noticed some flaws as there is a 6-month money-back guarantee.

Installation: ADT vs. Protect America

The type of installation is one of the features that make these systems different. Choosing ADT, you should be ready to pay an additional cost for the professional installation. It costs money, but it provides you with a guarantee of superior quality. You’ll be able to forget about any kind of stress connected with the wrong installation of the system. The best-qualified technician from the ADT company will come to your house at the most convenient time for you and install a system for your protection within a short time.

Buying Protect America, you can enjoy a free type of installation. It means that the system refers to the DIY type of home security solutions. It’s up to you to choose the one you like most. If you are going to purchase your first security system and worry that it’s difficult to install it, forget about any worries. It’s as easy as ABC. The system Protect America has a detailed guide for you to follow. Besides, there are many videos on the web on how to install this popular system.

Emergency Connections: Protect America vs. ADT

If you compare security companies in terms of emergency, you’ll notice that both ADT and Protect America have taken care of the guaranteed protection from any type of emergency. If something unexpected takes place, the system will inform the necessary center about the danger. The company offers protection from emergency on the top-level – triple protection! What can be better than this? If one center isn’t on the line at the moment, then the alert will be sent to the next one on the list. ADT provides a reliable landline and Internet emergency connection that is also super fast.

Conclusion: Protect America Or ADT?

According to the home security comparison chart, the leader among these two systems is ADT. But it’s up to you to decide which criteria play the most important role in making the decision. The price comparison shows that Protect America is more cost-effective. If your goal is to save money, then the choice is obvious as Protect America producers offer a better cost. If you like brand products with a rich history and large experience, no doubts, the best choice is ADT. It’s a number one among the best home security systems thanks to the years of development.

Every year ADT improves its home security options, making them even more convenient for users. Choosing this system, you have nothing to worry about as they use innovative technology of the great quality. Hope, this Protect America vs. ADT comparison will be helpful for you when buying a security system for your office or house.

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