Protect America Review: Learn If It’s Worth Trusting It Your Safety

These days, taking care of your security and safety is the number one thing you should think of. Luckily for you, most of the jobs can be done by a security system of superb quality. And in today’s article, you will find out more about Protect America, a service that promises complete safety and security features that will make your house a much safer and more comfortable place.

This review, as well as many other Protect America security system reviews, is here to tell everything you need to know about this great security system and a lot more. If you are looking for a security system that will give you some freedom in your choice and several outstanding features, you came to the right place. Find more details about this top security system down below!

Overall Score: 8.9

  • Price 10
  • Equipment/Devices 9
  • Customer Service 7.5
  • Features & Technology 9
  • Ease to Use 9

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So what’s so great about Protect America? It’s got many good things to offer every client. Let’s talk about the pros of the outstanding Protect America security system right here:

  • Some high-quality equipment is free. Just by getting a monthly subscription, you can also get some equipment for free together with your security system. Not many companies are ready to offer such a great deal.
  • You can choose yourself whether to pay upfront for your monitoring system or not. If you do that, you will be able to lower the cost of the monthly fee, but if you are not comfortable with paying the cost for the system upfront, you can just pay the fee every month, which includes the price for the equipment.
  • Lifetime equipment warranty. You don’t have to worry about your equipment since it’s protected with a lifetime warranty that guarantees you the replacement, reimbursement, or repair in case something happens to your devices.
  • Good rates. Affordability is definitely one of the main characteristics of this service. With Protect America security company, you can get a lot of equipment for sale as well as many other deals for a price that works for you.
  • Protect America will match the price for almost any devices if you find a lower cost for them somewhere else. It is the last pro mentioned in the Protect America security system review, but let’s agree that it is a great one. This way, you will be sure that you’ve cut a nice deal.


Not everyone is perfect, and in this Protect America review, you will also find a few details on the cons of this service. But there are not that many of those, so no worries! Let’s take a close look at negative aspects of Protect America:

  • The Landline package does not come with home automation features or video streaming, but it comes with many other great features. Many Protect America home security reviews state that still, their security system worked out great, and they are satisfied with its work.
  • Environmental monitoring comes for an extra price. This feature usually comes with basic packages in most companies, but Protect America charges an extra fee for this one.

The Bottom Line

As you can see it yourself from the customers’ feedback, Protect America can be a great solution for many homeowners. What is also great is that Protect America offers some good solutions for renters as well. Not many companies are ready to offer that, and if you are a renter, you could use the assistance of this service. Some features can be added or customized, so if you are still not sure about getting a security system for your rented apartment, you should discuss this with the service, who will provide you with a detailed guide.

What’s great about Protect America is an opportunity to sign a long-term contract that will provide you with everything you need when it comes to your safety. What is more, Protect America can be fully installed by you at any place, and you won’t experience any problem with setting up. Most Protect America smart home reviews are positive, so there are only a few cons that might change your mind, which is unlikely.

So, what else do you have to remember about the service? The biggest con is the fact that there are only long-term contracts available: at least 3 years long.

This Protect America home automation review doesn’t find the reviewed service a perfect one, but it will still be an outstanding fit for most households. And, for sure, this is one of the best choices in the current market!


The basic monthly rate starts at $19.99 if you make a $100 down payment and $29.99 if there is no down payment. Video monitoring is a paid option. Depending on the chosen plan and equipment options you’ve selected, the price will grow. Protect America pricing mostly depends on a set of devices and features you’ve decided to add to your security system. You can discuss your budget with the service to determine the best Protect America home security price that would work for you.

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Protect America has many devices and features to offer its customers. Let’s start with the equipment options you have. Here is what kind of equipment you can get together with your security system:

  • Window and door sensors;
  • Motion sensors;
  • Alarms;
  • Control panels;
  • Glass break detectors;
  • Key fobs;
  • Indoor camera;
  • Doorbell camera;
  • Outdoor camera;
  • Pulse cameras;
  • Skybell video doorbells;
  • Garage door controller;
  • Yale Z-Wave touch-screen lock;
  • Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation;
  • Z-Wave light and appliance module;
  • Z-Wave LED dimmable light bulbs.

And the list might go one. There is a huge variety of devices you can choose from for a price that would work well for you. The contents of the packages may vary as well. You should contact the service to learn more about customization options and packages that would fit your needs.

When it comes to features that every security system has, there is a lot to choose from as well. Let’s take a quick look at what kind of features you can get together with your Protect America smart home security system:

  • 24/7 monitoring. With Protect America, you can get broadband, cellular, or landline 24/7 intrusion monitoring. Your security system will connect to both cellular and Wi-Fi, so you can be sure that your security system will be monitored at all times without a single trouble.
  • The security system takes a photo every time someone disarms your system, so you will always know about people who used your system, which is more than great. This way, you will always know if an intruder is trying to disarm the system instead of you.
  • Amazon Alexa integration. Customers’ Protect America reviews state that you can easily integrate Alexa with your Protect America security system. It will work flawlessly and without any interruptions.
  • Pet-friendly motion detectors. If you have pets at home, you will not have to worry about the security system going off every time your pet moves around the house. There won’t be a false alert sent to you by Protect America every time your pet is active. Thanks to this feature, this Protect Alarm alarm system review is ready to call this security system one of the best choices on the market, especially for pet owners.
  • Home automation. Your security system will provide you with all capabilities of a great smart home system. As a result, you can make your home much more comfortable, safe, and cozy.
  • DIY installation. You should not worry about overpaying for professional installation or not being able to install the security system on your own: with the help of simple and understandable instructions, you can easily install it without the assistance of an expert fast.

As you can see, Protect America security systems can be great for everyone: even those people who are not tech-savvy. Just contact the service to get further details and current offers that might help you save up and cut a good deal.

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Control (App)

Protect America offers one of the most modern approaches to the safety of your house. This service works with a variety of other services, systems, and devices, including Amazon Alexa, Google, and Z-Wave. Thanks to that, you can modernize your house and take care of your safety more effectively. As you can see it from multiple Protect America security reviews, most users are satisfied with the achieved results provided by PA.

Protect America offers a good app for all its customers that you can use whenever you are far away from home or too busy to run around the house to change the settings of your devices or to turn on and off your security system. It might be lagging something, but it is a rare occasion, and you won’t experience any problems with it regularly.

Customer Service

Is Protect America a good company when it comes to customer support? When it comes to the good side of Protect America, you can be sure that there will always be someone on the line ready to help you out. You can contact the service via phone, email, and live chat. You will not only get an answer quickly but will also receive an understandable solution to your problem or a piece of advice you were looking for.

When it comes to not so good news in this Protect America alarm system review, you should be ready for some minor issues. Of course, your whole experience of using this service will still be great, but your problem might not always be solved so quickly, and if you request information to be sent via email, the company might refuse from that and will tell you to speak to the service directly via phone.

So, even though most Protect America security cameras reviews state that customer service is just average, this review has a different opinion that’s ready to say that Protect America is doing a great job. Of course, it is expected for a service to ask you to speak to their rep, and there is nothing too bad about it. Protect America still does its best to provide its clients with outstanding support and the assistance they require.

How To Order

To make a purchase, you have to follow a few simple steps. Here is a quick instruction on how to do that:

  1. Visit the website. On the site, you will find all the details about the available home security system packages.
  2. Discuss the details. After studying the website and Protect America home security systems reviews, you can get to talking about all the details with the service.
  3. Place an order. If you have agreed on all the important details, make an order and pay for it. You can choose from different payment options.
  4. Get your security system. Now that you have received your security system, it is time to set it up. It will be a quick and interesting process.

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Does Protect America Require The Internet?

To be able to use home automation features, your security system should be connected to the Internet. Internet connection is not required for basic functions and features.

How Much Is Protect America Per Month?

The prices start at $19.99. You can find a suitable plan for your budget after consulting the Protect America service.

How To Cancel A Protect America Account?

To cancel Protect America, you have to contact the service that will provide you with instructions on how to do so.

How Long Has Protect America Been In Business?

Protect America has been in business for over 25 years.

Does Protect America Offer Free installation?

You don’t have to request a professional paid installation for your Protect America security system: it can be installed DIY easily and fast.

Does Protect America Work With Alexa?

Yes, Protect America works with Alexa.

Does Protect America Work With Google Assistant?

Some Google devices can be integrated into your security system, but Google Assistant is not one of them.

Get The Best Security Services From The Right Company

Your house should be protected by the most reliable services on the market. And Protect America is one of those: they are ready to provide you with the best price, great pulse cameras, nice equipment for sale, and a wireless security system that will work smoothly at all times.

If you were asking yourself something like, “Should I get this security system?” the answer is for sure “Yes,” but only if you are ready to take a few extra steps to ensure that your house is a safe place. Feel free to talk to the service and discuss any questions you have left.

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