SimpliSafe Review

SimpliSafe is one of the leading companies when it comes to home protection. Their specialists create powerful wide-range sensors that are hard to notice, using the newest technologies. The security packages will help you prevent flooding, fires, and break-ins. They will also help with medical emergencies, dispatching 911 immediately.

The prices vary depending on the equipment you need. You can get one piece for $99 or a wireless security system package for $200-$400 on average with a 20% discount. There are no contracts and a low monthly fee. You pay once, they help you install the sensors in your house, and that’s it.

SimpliSafe reviews show how much people trust these guys. It’s on the list of Google’s Trusted Stores, while The Verge calls it “the best home security system”. SimpliSafe provides cameras and sensors that detect motion, smoke, and more. They are able to distinguish the sounds of an intrusion from pet movements or household mishaps.

All SimpliSafe home security reviews say that the manufacturer has a great customer service working till midnight. You can contact them via email or phone. Besides, there’s a forum where you can ask other users questions as to their SimpliSafe monitoring system experience.

The equipment options offer confirmed alarms, power outage protection, deep encryption, and much more. All the elements of the package are action-ready right when you take them out of the box. There’s no special installation required, just place the sensors on doors and windows and switch the SimpliSafe Base Station on. In case help is needed with home security system packages installation, SimpliSafe will send a specialist to you.

Overall Score – 8.8

  • Price – 9.0
  • Equipment/Devices – 9.0
  • Customer Service – 8.5
  • Features & Technology – 8.5
  • Ease to Use – 9.0

Pros/ Cons

SimpliSafe security cameras reviews show several advantages and disadvantages to their systems. Keep in mind, though, that to make a wise decision, you’ll need to make some investment. Besides, if there are inconveniences in use, SimpliSafe will cooperate to resolve the issue asap. And if the customer doesn’t like something, they can return the system.


  • Price – SimpliSafe security reviews state that the company doesn’t overcharge or try to hold you with them for longer. The equipment you purchase has a warranty that lasts 3 years, plus the monthly fee is only $14.99 or $24.99, depending on what features you want.
  • Wireless sensors – No hard wiring and obvious alarms, no space limit, put the sensors anywhere you want. All elements of SimpliSafe smart home protection are wireless.
  • No phone line needed – SimpliSafe will be able to call the emergency services even if the phone line is cut. The alarm will work for break-ins, flooding, fire, carbon monoxide concentration, as well as freeze.


  • Connection issues – Depending on the area, the dispatch connection may be lost. Some areas have a weak signal, but usually, SimpliSafe cooperates and finds other ways to connect your home to the Monitoring Center.
  • Considerable investment – While the monthly fee, according to SimpliSafe security reviews, is small, buying the whole package including the alarms, indoor camera, doorbell camera, pulse cameras, sensors, and more are quite expensive. Your first payment maybe $500, but it’s worth it.

If you’re wondering, “Should I get their equipment for sale?” or “Is SimpliSafe a good company?”, the answer for both is “Yes”. SimpliSafe is reliable, and almost every SimpliSafe home automation review proves it.

The Bottom Line

It’s very easy to work with the system:

  1. A sensor detects an unwanted, potentially dangerous movement.
  2. The core element of the system, the Base Station, sounds an alarm, contacting the SimpliSafe Monitoring Center until they confirm the alarm.
  3. If you don’t cancel the alarm, SimpliSafe calls 911.
  4. Their specialist calls you to check the situation and notify you that the police have been dispatched.

Having a camera installed is highly recommended. Video evidence always helps the police find criminals in the fastest way. So if someone tries to break in and the alarm scares them off, the video captured will be a rescue!

camera installation


The SimpliSafe home security price depends on the package you choose. They have a great feature that allows creating your own combination. Include everything needed for your particular home, starting with the two main components. You can get around-the-clock SimpliSafe monitoring with a 20% discount and a specialist to install the system!

There are also standard combinations and separate elements (professional monitoring included in the SimpliSafe pricing):

  • “The Haven” package – $391 with a discount (initial price $489).
    Include all the details to protect your home from fire, floods, and more.
  • “The Knox” package – $359 with a discount (initial price $449).
    This combination was created for large houses (4 and more rooms).
  • “The Hearth” package – $299 with a discount (initial price $374).
    This is an extended basic combination + smoke detectors and an additional powerful siren.
  • “The Essentials” package – $207 with a discount (initial price $259).
    The basic, most popular combination with the most SimpliSafe home security systems reviews. Includes motion and entry sensors for every window and door.
  • “The Foundation” package – $183 with a discount (initial price $229).
    Created for small homes, this combination of one entry and one motion sensors is a nice choice if you want to try the system out for the first time.

The SimpliSafe security system review can’t be complete without the separate elements you can install to improve the protection of your home:

  • SimpliCam – $99.
    This is an indoor camera that will show you what’s happening there at all times in HD. It works with and without the full package.
  • Video Doorbell Pro – $169.
    A camera attached near the bell with motion alerts and two-way audio so that you can always see who’s there as soon as they approach.
  • Smart Lock – $99.
    The modern rhythm of life may cause forgetfulness, but with this smart lock, the unlocked door won’t be a problem anymore. You can keep the lock you have at the moment.

While there is not just one home security company promoting itself on the Internet at the moment, most SimpliSafe security reviews show real experiences that prove its trustworthiness. You can alter every package, adding more sensors and cameras if needed. Do it conveniently on the SimpliSafe website.

If you want to save money, consider buying one of the company’s refurbished systems. They can save you up to 40% of the full package price. Their only con is some wear, but the functionality is as good as of a new one. Besides, these offers are also protected with a warranty.

Equipment/ Devices/ Features

Here are some of the main features SimpliSafe offers to grant premium protection for your home:

  • Deep encryption.
    All the signals that the system sends to the SimpliSafe Monitoring Station are encrypted. Same with the indoor communication between the Base Station (the core piece of equipment) and installed sensors.
  • Confirmed alerts.
    The system keeps sending the alert to the SimpliSafe Monitoring Center until the specialists there confirm that they are working on it. This eliminates the possibility of a missed alert.
  • Power outage protection.
    In case of a power outage, the backup batteries will take over so that the Centers are always online.
  • Multiple SimpliSafe Monitoring Stations.
    There are 6 interchangeable stations looking over your sensors at all times. So, even if 5 of them get destroyed due to a natural or another disaster, there will be one left.
  • Smash protection.
    In case the keypad gets smashed, the alarm will still go on, and the emergency services will be dispatched.
  • Double security.
    The feature most SimpliSafe smart home reviews are grateful for, and double protection, offers a built-in cellular connection with Wi-Fi reinforcement. So if one goes off, the other one will do the job.
  • Burst pipe prevention.
    The sensors detect the smallest leaks and notify you about them before those turn into floods or cause mold and mildew.
  • Sensor open alert.
    If you leave a window open, the sensor placed there will notify you about it, so there’s no way you can leave home unprotected.

According to SimpliSafe alarm system reviews, the best thing accompanying all this is the size and range of the sensors. They’re tiny yet powerful, covering a wide area and saving power, so you don’t have to change batteries often. All SimpliSafe security system reviews praise this technological breakthrough the company did.

fingerprint and camera

Control (App)

The system is easily controlled by using a mobile app SimpliSafe offers. You can check whether you’ve locked the door and windows, which often happens when people are in a hurry. Also, if you need to let somebody in when not at home, just disarm the security sensors for the needed amount of time.

The system will also notify you on the app about everything unusual happening at home. This is convenient if the kids might be doing something they’re not supposed to do, like trying to open your liquor cabinet. And if you have a SimpliCam installed, it’s easy to watch your home in HD on the phone.

The app is compatible with most phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops.

Customer Service

You can find the answers to your questions in several ways:

  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions section on the main SimpliSafe website. There you’ll be able to find easy answers and solutions on basic topics.
  • Join the SimpliSafe User Forum where all the customers discuss the systems and their elements.
  • Read the SimpliSafe User Manual that can be downloaded easily on the website.
  • Contact the customer support directly using a feedback form on the Contact Us page.
  • Call the support team using the number specified on the same page (every day from 9 am to midnight).

SimpliSafe will get back to you as soon as possible. In the form, you can specify whether you’re a potential or current client.

How to Order

You can order the security system of your choice right on the SimpliSafe website. Here’s an easy step-by-step:

  1. Go to the “Show Now” page. You can see the button in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose the system of your interest, read about its features, current special offers, etc.
  3. Make your choice and click “Add to Cart”. It’s easier to manage your purchases if you create an account on the website.
  4. Go to your cart (upper right corner).
  5. Check if everything you need is there.
  6. Proceed to checkout.

If at any stage you have questions as to the payment or the system, contact the customer support.


Does SimpliSafe Require the Internet?

Yes, to provide maximum security with SimpliSafe, you will need cellular and Wi-Fi. If you have issues with connection to the SimpliSafe Monitoring Center, even if the Internet is intact, call SimpliSafe asap to resolve it.

security staff

How Much Is SimpliSafe per Month?

Depending on the system and the features you want, the monthly subscription is $14.99 to $24.99. As to sales and discounts, check them on the website or contact the support team.

How to Cancel a SimpliSafe Account?

You can do it in the Settings on the SimpliSafe website. And if you have issues with canceling the account or subscription, please, contact their customer support for a precise guide.

How Long Has SimpliSafe Been in Business?

SimpliSafe was founded in 2006, the hometown of the initial service is Boston, Massachusetts. Nowadays, the amount of homes and offices that chose SimpliSafe is over 3 million.

Does Example Offer Free Installation?

No, the installation will cost an additional $79, available at any time convenient for you. A certified professional will help you install the sensors and connect them. And if you’re not satisfied with the work of the system, SimpliSafe is ready to make a full refund and pay for shipping for you.

Does SimpliSafe Work with Alexa?

Yes, it’s in the skill base of the Alexa assistant. Adding a new skill to your assistant isn’t difficult, and it will be a great addition to the system.

Does SimpliSafe Work with Google Assistant?

Yes, they started cooperating in 2018. Google Support offers a detailed explanation of setting up and managing apps using the Assistant.

To conclude this SimpliSafe review, all the systems are highly recommended, and you should definitely try them out. Contact the SimpliSafe support team to choose the necessary plan suitable for your house and protection goals.

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