SimpliSafe vs ADT: Which One Can Protect Your Home Better?

Security Product Comparison: SimpliSafe ADT
Upfront Cost $229 $99
Monthly Monitoring Cost $14.99 $39.99
Equipment/Devices/Features Cameras, sensors, detectors Cameras, sensors, detectors, encryption
Easy to Use + +
Control (App) + +
MoneyBack Guarantee 60 days 6 month
Installation DIY Professional
Customer Service Excellent Poor
Overall Score 7/10 8/10

Protection home Security

ADT vs. SimpliSafe Overview

The variety of alarms system companies in the United States market is tremendous. In most cases, clients prefer choosing those parties that are reliable and trustworthy. Otherwise, some listen to their friends’ feedback or online reviews. Today, it is possible to outline two companies that can satisfy one with the quality of instruments and monitoring. And, let’s not forget about the price matter. ADT and SimpliSafe are both American companies that gained the reputation. But, which one to choose ADT or SimpliSafe concerning the complete safety and security of one’s house.

ADT Security is an alarm system company popular with clients due to its long-run history of services. Compared to its similar analogs, ADT is the one serving people already 146 years. And, if one strolls around the neighborhood, he will definitely come across its signs and logos located on houses. Commonly, ADT security is well-known for its smart home options and professional customization. And, if looking deeply into the statistics, this company involves more than 17,000 active users and covers around 200 locations throughout America. Relying on their mottos, ADT security company promises fast responses, the ultimate protection of what you care the most about, same-day service, and installation. But, keep one thing in your mind, they will oblige you to commit to their services a minimum for 3 years.

What ADT Has:

  • Money reimbursement. Check how it works, learn the functionality of features, and make up the right decision about their usage further on;
  • Certificate for insurance. Some homeowners can get discounts, and the ADT representatives can grant you a certain certificate for your insurer;
  • Theft protection. Receive an additional $500 deductible of the insurance package in case your ADT system was on during the theft;
  • Cybersecurity solutions upon the request.

Besides, the ADT security company is actively requested with clients who live in rural areas. And, you do not need to seek any centers if one of them will be off. They have them on every corner.

Even though the SimpliSafe with ADT cannot compete equally with a huge history, the first one was established in 2006, and it can be a real competitor to the ADT company with its prices and packages. SimpliSafe does not require you to sign any contracts; that’s a great benefit. And, its DIY installation may save your time regarding professional help of technicians. Looking at its awards, one person may greatly minimize the hesitations about the choices, because SimpliSafe was recognized by Business Insider, The Wirecutter, and CNET.

What SimpliSafe Offers:

  • Tiny security systems. They are designated to disappear; you won’t find them distractive;
  • Affordable SimpliSafe packages without any commitment to the contract;
  • Integrations with major voice commands, and many compatibility choices.

All in all, SimpliSafe is usually called the best self-monitored home security system that is distributed at bargain prices.

SimpliSafe And ADT Overview Of Similarities

As it was hinted before, ADT and Simplisafe both are good concerning their choices for home security. One won’t fail if choosing any of them. To make it easier for potential clients, they should know that both ADT Security and SimpliSafe provide clients with indoor cameras and 24/7 professional monitoring that works even when the Wi-Fi or landline connection is gone.

Then, SimpliSafe or ADT offers compatibility and integrations; as an example, both share this option regarding the Alexa voice command. And, do not forget that SimpliSafe or ADT security companies have designated applications with monitoring and recording. One can simply download it and check what is going on at home when he is away.

Finally, the similarity of SimpliSafe with ADT concerns the basic kit of instruments. There are key fob, sensors, and cameras.

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ADT And SimpliSafe Security Differences

The home security comparison chart of differences between SimpliSafe with ADT helps one find out accurate distinctions before buying one package. And, this is where the majority of clients choose one company over another one. Let’s start.

ADT is notorious for its pricey options. Yes, they are reliable, professional, and very fast and advanced regarding the installation and monitoring, but one has to greatly throw money down the drain even for basic packages. For instance, ADT monthly cost starts at $39.99, with the upfront cost of approximately $99. It is a huge amount that won’t be normal with any other alarm system companies. However, even if paying $99, one will for sure get a professional installation from the technician who can guide clients through anything about protection, devices, and self-monitoring. But, here is one super bonus, SimpliSafe or ADT differ in monetary reimbursement, the ADT has a 6-month money-back guarantee.

Then, ADT bounds its clients with a contract. Yes, you won’t avoid it, and there are no updates on whether executives plan to remove this obligatory option. Their contracts are lengthy, be ready to be with them for 36 months. Accordingly, this is not the best solution for renters. And, when comparing SimpliSafe or ADT with its aspect, ADT loses many clients.

Now, it is high time to speak about SimpliSafe best home security systems. SimpliSafe monthly cost is only $14.99, and you do not need to pay for the installation as far as this company offers DIY. But, there is an upfront cost for equipment that may scare you at first, but it depends on the package you ask for.

SimpliSafe security does not have any contracts, feel free to use it as long as you want. But, it does not mean you won’t face any cancellation fees. ADT and SimpliSafe are similar here. And, finally, this company, unfortunately, does not have outdoor camera options. Thus, if you want total protection and monitoring, it does not fit such requests.

All in all, a home security cost comparison of SimpliSafe with ADT is the major factor one should take into consideration.

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SimpliSafe vs. ADT Pros And Cons

To compare security companies SimpliSafe with ADT better, it is worth outlining the main pros and cons of both.

SimpliSafe Pros:

  • DIY installation only;
  • Affordable system;
  • No commitment;
  • High-quality devices;
  • Customization option.


  • Huge upfront costs;
  • No outdoor options.

ADT Company Pros:

  • Popularity and awards for the best-rated home security systems;
  • Multiple home automation choices;
  • Money reimbursement;
  • Good for rural areas;
  • Variety of centers.


  • Expensive packages and systems;
  • 3-year commitment.

SimpliSafe vs. ADT Comparison Of Features

Let’s start with the SimpliSafe alarm systems for the home. Together with affordability, it provides quite a decent package of devices. However, again, keep in mind there are no options for outdoor monitoring.

  1. Simplicam. High-resolution camera allowing one to capture intruders and any alerts;
  2. Sensors. Allow one to detect the burglar’s movements. Differentiate the pets motions;
  3. Detectors. Smoke detectors for alerting even with the slightest signs of fire;
  4. Panic button;
  5. Keypad and Key fob;
  6. Yard signs;
  7. Nest thermostat;
  8. Alexa voice command;
  9. Mobile application.

On the other hand, the SimpliSafe company still lacks integration with third-party devices, in particular with Z-Wave. But, as per executives, such a problem is tied to the actual design. They want their systems as simple as their name stands for.

ADT company is more generous concerning the features but, it reflects on the cost of their packages.

  1. HD cameras;
  2. Smart home;
  3. Touch screens;
  4. Voice commands;
  5. Mobile application;
  6. Encryption technologies;
  7. Kwikset, Z-Wave, LiftMaster;
  8. Sensors, detectors, key fob, touchpads.

If you want to compare SimpliSafe and ADT throughout knowing all the real drawbacks when using their systems, it is worth relying on customers’ feedback. Refer this interest to Trust Pilot and ConsumerAffairs.

SimpliSafe vs. ADT Lawsuit Of Contracts

Simplisafe with ADT companies differs in their contracts. If you have had the previous negative experience of signing contracts with alarm systems, ADT won’t be your best choice. However, if you are not a renter, and think of long-term cooperation, it can offer you monitoring and peace of mind. Some users claim that this is where some issues may start. For instance, customers’ feedback mentioned that a company might prolong the subscription without notifying the current clients, and to cancel a plan, they should pay a certain HUGE cancellation fee.

SimpliSafe company understood how to attract more clients; thus, they do not practice the introduction of any of the contracts. You can pay monthly together with the $299 upfront fees, and enjoy the security at your home.

ADT vs. SimpliSafe Review Of Installation

The ADT company has a depository of experienced technicians who deprive you of installation at sole discretion. Their visits can be the same-day when you buy a plan, and they do everything to install a system and guide you through its usage.

SimpliSafe company, in turn, won’t offer such professional installation. It has DIY, and a client can set up everything on his own. However, again, as per clients’ feedback, there might be some difficulties. And, one may have to call a customer support center to figure out where to put what and how.

ADT Or Simplisafe For Emergency Connections

Both alarm systems SimpliSafe or ADT have a designated application that helps the current clients to contact the monitoring representative or center whenever the emergency situation occurs. Besides, SimpliSafe or ADT offers a panic button. And, ADT company exclusively provides its clients with the Encryption alerts at additional cost. It means that in case of any suspicious activity or hacking in the system, they will prevent it, and inform a user about the status or monitoring.

All the other emergency contacts with SimpliSafe or ADT can be received or sent via mobile applications.

ADT vs. SimpliSafe: Decide Who Wins The Fight

Price comparison of SimpliSafe with ADT, the review of features, and pros with cons can help potential buyers decide on the right company for their peace of mind. If you have a sufficient paying capacity and want the top protection, it is better to choose ADT with its 146 years servicing on the market. If you require simpler alarms, but with enough features that can satisfy the basic security, SimpliSafe is there with its low prices and commitment-free options.

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