SimpliSafe vs Nest Secure Review 

  SimpliSafe Nest Secure
Upfront Cost Yes Yes
Monthly Monitoring Cost 5 5
Equipment/Devices/Features 4 4
Easy to Use/Control (App) 3 5
MoneyBack Guarantee 5 4
Installation 4 4
Customer Service 5 1
Overall Score 4.3 3.8

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  • Upfront Cost

In both companies, you pay for the equipment.

  • Monthly Monitoring Cost

The monthly monitoring cost by Nest Secure starts at 19 USD, while with SimpliSafe, you will pay just 14.99 USD.

However, if you compare all the options of Nest Secure vs. SimpliSafe, you will see that with SimpliSafe, you cannot move on without a professional monitoring service. Without a Control App, the devices are useless, too, while the app itself is paid. Therefore, the initial difference in price (which is very insignificant) is not crucial. You should check the entire home security comparison chart to select something optimal.

  • Equipment/Devices/Features

Nest Secure offers a complete selection of the best home security systems. A starter kit, for example, includes a base station, two multipurpose sensors, mounting accessories, a power cord, two tags. A client can add whatever else he/she considers necessary.

The Nest equipment is just great. The tags provide you full control over your house. If you lose your keys, just deactivate the tags, and the house is protected again. Additional features, such as Quiet Open, are loved by the majority of users and distinguish Nest Secure absolutely profitably from other security systems.

If you compare SimpliSafe vs. Nest Secure, you will see that SimpliSafe offers rather simplistic equipment. It doesn’t have a lot of home automation. But it can be a nice option if all you want is to add some alarm systems for home without huge costs.

  • Easy to Use/Control (App)

Any of the Nest Secure packages comes with an advanced app. Nest Secure monthly cost includes the cost of the app, too. You don’t need to pay additionally for downloading and using it.

SimpliSafe app is also available. SimpliSafe monthly cost doesn’t include the app. So, be ready to pay for it. If you decide to move on without the app, be sure that the system will not help much if you want your home to be safe. Without the app, it is useless.

  • MoneyBack Guarantee

The moneyback guarantee is more loyal by SimpliSafe if you compare SimpliSafe and Nest Secure.

If you buy equipment form SimpliSafe, you have 60 days to return all the equipment and to get your payment back. With Nest, however, you have just 15 days, and the equipment should be returned in its original condition if you want your money to be refunded.

  • Installation

Both Nest Secure and SimpliSafe offer DIY equipment.

  • Customer Service

SimpliSafe offers support services from 9 am until midnight EST every day. Clients can get in touch with a customer support agent via their mail, or they can call the support team. On Trustpilot, one can find a plethora of positive reviews about the company and its customer support.

Nest Secure offers assistance via phone, live chat, Facebook messenger, or Twitter. While the company seems to do its best to provide customers with the best support ever, it looks like they don’t manage to do it properly. There are complaints about prices, the quality of the equipment, the way Nest Secure representatives handle the claims, and so on.

  • Overall Score

4.3 – SimpliSafe, and 3.8 – Nest Secure.

Overview Of Companies

Both Nest Secure and SimpliSafe are well known in the industry of home security. Both companies provide top solutions but in different ways.

SimpliSafe is rather for those people who want to make their homes more secure, but don’t chase any automation features. The company offers simplistic but robust and reliable solutions. However, sometimes the firm is tricky, like in the case with a mobile app. To get it, users need to subscribe to the most expensive monitoring plan.

Nest Secure is a manufacturer of the best self-monitored home security system solutions. They can be integrated into other platforms. Nest systems offer the top-level reliability and control over your entire house and adjusting territory.


  • Both companies offer the best solutions for the price. Any Nest Secure vs. SimpliSafe review will tell you that both companies offer great packages.
  • In both versions, clients get what is needed for basic security and control over the house.
  • Both firms offer equipment that you can either install on your own or have it done by a company`s specialist.
  • Equipment can be customized. In addition to the selected package, a client might select any options that he/she needs.
  • The moneyback guarantee is available even though the conditions are different.


Any SimpliSafe vs. Nest Secure comparison also informs clients that the companies, even though have many things in common, are pretty different:

  • Nest Secure is a world-known company, which is reflected in the equipment variety and prices. The equipment is not cheap. But it is modern, very well designed, and robust.
  • SimpliSafe offers rather simplistic equipment options. Designs are sometimes old-fashioned.
  • Nest Secure allows you to automate your home completely and manage it from wherever you are.
  • With SimpliSafe, clients get basic security features and not much of automation.
  • With the Nest App or without it, you still get your equipment work.
  • With SimpliSafe items, a mobile app is a must, and it is not free.

Pros/Cons SimpliSafe:

main page SimpliSafe


  • Items are nice-looking even though simplistic. The widest range of tools is available for all the purposes.
  • All the equipment can be DIY installed.
  • Professional installation is available.
  • Customization options, you can select whatever you need.
  • Prices are affordable.
  • The mobile app allows controlling all the items, and with professional monitoring, your house is completely safe.
  • All the items work from both the internet and cellular connection. Even if the internet fails, your house is still protected.
  • A SmashSafe feature is available. If somebody destroys the keypad or the base, the SimpliSafe system sends an alert to the monitoring center and to your mobile.


  • With SimpliSafe, you cannot count on cutting edge equipment. Even the most advanced SimpliSafe set will not make your home into a smoothly functioning smart system.
  • SimpliSafe mobile app is not free, like by the majority of Security companies. To get it, a client shall subscribe to the most expensive SimpliSafe monitoring plan. Otherwise, even the best-rated home security systems from SimpliSafe are useless.

Pros/Cons Nest Secure:

main page Nest Secure


  • Nest Secure offers the best systems ever. They are robust, nice-looking, and advanced.
  • All the equipment allows for DIY installation. Installation services by a specialist of the company are available, too.
  • You can sign a 3-year agreement. The price for professional monitoring then drops almost twice.
  • The Nest items provide full home automation.
  • Complete control over your home, all the aspects.
  • Nest customization options are endless.
  • The Nest systems can be integrated into the majority of third-parties platforms.
  • Nest Secure mobile app is free; clients don’t need to pay for it. Nest professional monitoring is not mandatory; a client can control his/her home with the Nest app only.


  • Nest Secure equipment is not the cheapest.
  • Just 15 days are given to determine whether you need the Nest items or not. If you decide to return the devices, they should be in their initial condition.
  • Even though there are plenty of benefits, customers complain about the services, the poor quality of equipment.


It is difficult to arrange all the features of both companies into a more or less accurate SimpliSafe vs. Nest Secure comparison. They are too different. These companies are initially aimed at different customer types.

If you prefer something simple and functional but aren’t looking for systems that will turn your home into a smart one, SimpliSafe is definitely your security company. At the lowest SimpliSafe monthly cost, you get all the needed security devices. You pay around 300 USD for the cheapest equipment set. Consider though that you need to pay also for SimpliSafe professional monitoring and the SimpliSafe app. Without the SimpliSafe app, devices are useless.

With Nest Secure, you get a complete system to automate your home. It is not only about security. It is about comfort.

The prices for both equipment and monitoring are much higher. For around 400 USD, you get the basic set of devices. Nest Secure offers, though, are very flexible. If you sign a contract, the monitoring price drops almost to the level of SimpliSafe.


In both cases, Nest Secure and SimpliSafe security companies, clients have an option not to sign a contract. Nest Secure, though, has contracts for those who prefer it. With a 3-year contract, Nest Secure offers a big discount on monitoring prices. It drops from, for example, 29 USD per month to just 19 USD per month.


Both companies offer equipment that you can install on your own. If you aren’t a tech-geek or want to make sure everything is done properly, you can also request the installation by a company`s specialist.

Emergency Connections

Nest Secure offers you several options. You can opt for a Nest professional monitoring service. Then, if the system sends an alarm, you get a notification, and the same does an operator. The operator will also alarm your local police office, firefighters` office, or any other service if needed. If you don’t want to pay for professional monitoring, you can control everything via your app. Then, you will need to take care of everything if you get an alarm.

With SimpliSafe, you can count on safety only if you buy a plan for SimpliSafe professional monitoring. If you don’t do it, SimpliSafe mobile app is not provided. And without these options, the SimpliSafe monitoring, and the SimpliSafe app, the devices are useless.


In our SimpliSafe vs. Nest Secure lawsuit, wins Nest Secure even though reviews about the company are mostly negative. We had checked the reviews and concluded that most of them are rather of personal character when people didn’t consider the company’s terms.

When we compare security companies, we consider a lot of factors. The home security cost comparison is only one aspect. And this is the only aspect when SimpliSafe wins. This firm’s equipment and plans are significantly cheaper. But with it, the advantages are over.

Nest Secure provides significantly more advanced equipment with plenty of options. The designs are better, and the functionality cannot be compared to the SimpliSafe items.

The monthly plan costs are very flexible. If you buy a 3-year subscription for monitoring, Nest Secure will win in a home security competition even in the price comparison. Other than that, SimpliSafe is a good option for those who look for budget-friendly, but still reliable devices.

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