Smith Thompson Plan 3 Review

If you are looking for a quality solution to ensure absolute home safety, then it’s time for you to reveal all the truth about Smith Thompson Plan 3 system. In this review, we will dive into solution tech specs, available service packages, as well as pricing options.

Overall Score – 9.0

  • Price – 9.0
  • Equipment/Devices – 9.0
  • Customer Service – 9.0
  • Features & Technology – 9.0
  • Ease to Use – 9.0

For you to understand all the system specs, let’s take a closer look at each point from the above evaluation list.

  • Price: 29.95 monthly for Plan 3, 499 USD for the entire security system, the most comprehensive home security offer. Additional devices are available at affordable prices.
  • Equipment/Devices: a touchscreen keypad, door and window sensors (a takeover module as an option), a motion (as an option a glass break) detector, a siren, and a backup battery; initial systems can be expanded by additional devices, for instance, a doorbell camera, cameras, both indoor and outdoor, smart lights, smart locks, and whatever else you might need, at additional costs.
  • Customer Service: excellent. You can call a Smyth Thompson customer support representative. Their phone number is available on the website. You can check the information available in their help center, and there are even videos there. As an option, you might want to check whether your issue was explained in the FAQ section.
    Features & Technology: home security and advanced home automation solutions.


Plan 3, like any available home security plan, comes with its advantages and disadvantages.


  • No contract: you join the company when you require it, and you can stop using their services if you find a better option. You cannot use a Smith Thompson security system without using services offered by the enterprise, and they are great, indeed.
  • Affordable or rather low Smith Thompson pricing: you can use one of their plans based on your budget, even if your budget is limited indeed. Prices for devices are affordable, too, and vary from 29 USD per a door-window sensor and up to 249 USD for a smart lock.
  • Customers can select basic or smart options, depending on their needs and budget. The price varies from 16.95 per month monitoring fee plus 89 USD of start costs for equipment and up to 29.95 USD per month monitoring fee with 499 USD start-up cost for Plan 3, where smart devices are included. The company is flexible and aims to serve all types of clients.
  • Quick installation: if you managed to acquire a Smith Thompson system for your accommodation and need to upgrade it, the installation might take around 45 minutes. If a technician needs to install all the devices, the complete procedure might take up to 2 hours. Smith Thompson, home security systems reviews, inform that the procedure is smooth;
  • One-year guarantee for both devices and services;
  • 3 days are given to cancel the order if you have changed your mind or are unhappy with what you have received. Smith Thompson security company refunds the entire order price.
  • Once installed, a native system is easily upgraded to a more advanced option, with the change of a plan, of course, or even replaced if you decide to change your usual home to a smart home.


  • The company operates in a limited area: in Texas only. If one from a different location wants to move on with their systems, it is not easy even if you like the Smith Thompson review indeed.
  • From Smith Thompson reviews, you will learn that security systems don’t have a smooth modern look. If you like advanced systems, these ones might not be fine for you.
  • Smith Thompson works with native equipment only. If you have been using devices produced by a different company, Smith Thompson technicians will need to upgrade it.
  • They have one monitoring center only. It means that if something happens to it, the entire system will become useless, by all the customers.

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The Bottom Line

Smith Thompson has something for any type of client. With its Plan 3, you get all the needed functionality of a reliable and elaborate home security system. You can choose the basic monitoring system or expand it with the needed devices, such as an indoor camera, outdoor cameras, a thermostat, and similar.

For a monthly fee, you get comprehensive support of all your devices. Besides 24 hour monitoring, you will receive notifications, history of your system in a dedicated app, WiFi updates, alerts on activities that haven’t been expected, and similar. The system uses advanced encryption technologies to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your data.

It works with both Alexa as well as Google Assistant. You can choose into which platform you want to integrate your Plan 3 Smith Thompson wireless security system.


Plan 3 costs 29.95 USD per month. This is a very reasonable price. You can research Smith Thompson security reviews and the reviews of other companies to notice it immediately. The business also offers several options to pay for Plan 3. From Smith Thompson home security reviews and the explanation provided by the enterprise, you learn that you pay separately for equipment, a set needed for Plan 3, and for service (monitoring).

The Plan 3 pricing depends on several factors, such as the availability of any of the Smith Thompson security system, the total area of your house (Smith Thompson doesn`t provide house security systems for apartments), and some more factors. It starts with 499 USD for devices and a monthly fee.

Clients can opt for purchasing the devices and then, paying a monthly payment. For those who pay upfront, the business offers one month of free service. And for those who cannot afford an immediate payment for equipment for sale and the required service, Same as Cash plan exists. If you choose this plan, you pay for the selected equipment options up to the 12th month of the plan.

This system is created to ensure that Smith Thompson home security system packages can be bought by the majority of the population.

Equipment/ Devices/ Features

Smith Thompson smart home already offers the needed home security equipment, but if you prefer, you can enhance the system by adding any options of devices that you want.

Within the basic Plan 3 home security system are offered:

  • A keypad with 7 inches touchscreen;
  • Power G door or/and window sensors (3 pcs., can be replaced by a Takeover module);
  • 1 motion detector or 1 glass break detector;
  • A backup battery;
  • A siren.

These Smith Thompson devices are controlled via a smartphone app. Labor and stickers are included, too.

For an additional Smith Thompson home security price within Plan 3, you can expand your house security system by some additional sensors, HD indoor and outdoor pulse cameras, a smart thermostat, a smart lock, and some more devices.

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Control (App)

Smith Thompson home security reviews inform the clients that it is a must to use a native app developed by the mentioned company. You can perform control via WiFi or cellular connection. It provides you with notifications, works with all Smith Thompson devices, alarms you when unexpected activities are detected. Smith Thompson app integrates with Alexa and Google Home. To use it, you require the internet. The native Smith Thompson app helps you to check your home 24/7.

The connection is protected by advanced encryption software. Nobody can see what you are sending online or what is happening in your home. Your data is one of the main priorities of the company. A comprehensive system history is stored in the app and is made available when you need it.

With the Smith Thompson native app, you control your home. It works with both indoor and outdoor cameras, a doorbell, a Z wave hub, and so on. It notifies you in case of power outage and restoral. Scheduling and automatic updates are included.

Customer Service

If you cannot find the needed information in Smith Thompson smart home reviews, you can check the Smith Thompson FAQ section and their useful videos. If you don’t find the required information there, you can call a representative of their customer support ¡and ask whatever you need. They are known to provide exceptionally professional and friendly customer support services.

How to Order?

Smith Thompson security system reviews inform users that the ordering procedure is quite complex. You need to place a quote on the Smith Thompson website. There, you need to reply to several questions. Only after that, Smith Security security company willingly offers you a super detailed explanation of options offered.

If you agree with the Smith Thompson security system review, you select the needed option.  A business representative will get in touch with you to schedule the installation.

Your system is installed at a scheduled time. The entire process takes around 45 minutes if Smith Thompson specialists need to work with an already available security system. If they have to install all the devices from scratch, the entire process might take up to 2 hours.

Consider that you will be required to get a permit from the police in your area to receive a Smith Thompson security system. Otherwise, the police aren’t going to reply if an alarm is off.

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Does Smith Thompson Monitoring Plan 3 Require the Internet?

Yes, it does. To use the native app and to connect it to your security devices, you need a WiFi connection. Plan 3 home security system reviews inform clients that it functions if you apply a cellular connection, too.

How Much Is Smith Thompson Plan 3 per Month?

Plan 3 is 29.95 UDS per month. This is a payment for the monitoring services. Any equipment is paid separately. Are you still thinking whether “should I get Smith Thompson security system?” Compare the prices for the services offered by different companies. From any Smith Thompson alarm system review and a review of any different companies, you will find out that the prices offered by Smith Thompson are affordable for most families.

How to Cancel a Smith Thompson Account?

Smith Thompson requires a 30 days cancellation notice. You can send it via mail, fax or by post. You can also cancel the service via a special form on the Smith Thompson website. For that, follow the instruction:

  • Open the company website;
  • Move to Support page;
  • In the Billing section, find the option Cancellation;
  • There, you need to fill in the required information and select the reason why you are going to cancel the services;
  • Click Submit to submit the form. When 30 days are over, your account will be canceled and the provision of monitoring services
  • will be terminated.

If you need to renew the services, you need to submit the quote to Smith Thompson again.

How Long Has Smith Thompson Been in Business?

Smith Thompson has started its operation in 1978. Since then, it has received several awards, such as a Super Service Award 2016, for providing excellent services to customers in Texas. One more quality sign of the company is the absence of any contracts. They keep their customers with excellent services.

Smith Thompson is still a family-run company. Its services are limited to Texas only. But it has expanded its offer from basic security devices to advanced smart devices that can be integrated into third-party platforms.

Does Smith Thompson Offer Free Installation?

Is Smith Thompson a good company? Definitely, it is. Their payment policy is transparent and clear. When you order the Plan 3 package, you pay for the devices, if you don’t have them, and a monthly fee. Installation works and maintenance during one year from the installation date are included in the price.

Do Smith Thompson Plan 3 Devices Work with Alexa?

Yes, all the devices offered within Plan 3 are smart devices. They are managed from a native app developed by Smith Thompson, and they can be integrated into Alexa`s platform. To connect your Plan 3 devices with Alexa, in your Smith Thompson app, allow Alexa to collaborate with your smart devices. Now, you can ask Alexa to check whether Smith Thompson devices are plugged, whether a battery of a particular device is charged, or you can ask Alexa to check what is going on around there and inform you.

Smith Thompson security cameras reviews will tell you though that only devices included in Plan 3 can be integrated with Alexa. Plan 1 and Plan 2 packages do not support this option.

Do Smith Thompson Plan 3 Devices Work with Google Assistant?

Smith Thompson Plan 3 devices are smart devices. They work with some third-parties` solutions, and Google Assistant is one of them. To integrate your security devices into the Google Assistant platform, in the Smith Thompson app, allow Google Assistant to work with your smart devices. Now, your smart Google Assistant can read the data from each device and report you.

From any Smith Thompson home automation review and information about Plans provided on their website, you can learn that only Plan 3 allows the integration with Google Assistant. This option is not available if you select Plan 1 or Plan 2.


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