Swann Security System Review

Swann is a company that works on manufacturing and selling self-monitoring systems. They are one of the leading companies on the market, even though not everyone is satisfied with their work. Here in this Swann home automation review, you can find all the detailed facts and important information about Swann systems and how they work. Is Swann a good company? Can you trust the safety of your own house for this company? Find out more about Swann on this page.

Overall Score – 8.3

  • Price – 8.0
  • Equipment/ Devices – 8.5
  • Customer Service – 8.0
  • Features & Technology – 8.5
  • Ease to Use – 8.5

So should I get Swann monitoring systems for my house? To answer this question, let’s first take a look at this service and its main features:

  • Price – Most of the Swann reviews state that it is not very expensive. The outdoor camera costs around $149.99, while the indoor camera is around $100. You will not have to buy any additional accessories, so this price is not really very high.
  • Equipment/ Devices – They offer some nice equipment that does not cost a lot. If you decide to purchase their equipment, you can check out Swann alarm system review or Swann security cameras reviews to choose the right devices. They have got many equipment options you might like.
  • Customer Service – These guys are ready to help you out whenever you need some support and assistance. Their managers will give you all the detailed answers to any questions you might. If there is any issue, you can rely on the experts to help you solve it.
  • Features & Technology – As you can see it from many Swann home security reviews, many customers have shared positive thoughts about features and smart home technology the company uses. This wireless security system has got all the things you need.
  • Ease to Use – When you are using the solution, you don’t have to do any complex manipulations or obtain technical knowledge. The navigation is extremely simple.

Pros/ Cons


In this Swann review, we are also going to take a lot at some pros and cons of the solution. Here are some of the benefits of choosing it over other home security systems:

  • Ability to adjust the sensitivity. No matter what time of the day it is, you can regulate settings of the camera, as well as sensitivity, in a way that’s more comfortable for you.
  • HD quality camera. If you want to monitor what’s happening inside or outside of your house, this camera is the best option for you. It has 1080p HD resolution, which makes the quality of the videos extremely good. Facial features can be easily seen on this camera, so you will know who is at your door.
  • Easy activation and installation. Another great thing about the system is that it can be easily installed and turned on. You will not have to pay a lot of money for installation, and it can be activated in just a few seconds.
  • Self-contained DVR system. It will record any motion that’s appearing in the area of view. This means that if anything happened, you would have proof of it. You can later provide with.
  • Cloud and local storage options for saving data. You can choose yourself where it is best for you to save photos and videos. Also, you can upload data to Dropbox (without having to pay for the subscription).


Even good things have some drawbacks. Same for Swann: even though it is a good product that has a lot of benefits, there are a few negative aspects that will influence your experience with the solution. Here are some of them:

  1. Not always professional monitoring. What is good about Swann is that you can buy any equipment for sale and install it at home with ease. But it does not mean that your house becomes automatically guarded. Because of that, you cannot always be sure about 100% safety of your home. Still, this monitoring system is believed to be reliable, so you don’t have to doubt its ability to protect homes from most dangers.
  2. Not the cheapest offer on the market. Even though many Swann security system reviews state that this security system is not a very expensive one, there are still many good offers on the market that might beat Swann. Still, it remains one of the best options, so it is recommended to check out Swann before making a final decision.
  3. Too many product options. Yes, it can be a drawback. The choice seems overwhelming, and because of that, it becomes hard to make a decision when it comes to choosing the right plan. Often features are very similar, and because of that, you don’t really know which one you need.

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The Bottom Line

As you can read it yourself in many Swann smart home reviews, the price for the monitoring systems is not as high as many other companies offer. It does not mean that its quality will suffer: Swann smart home system is a good choice for those who are willing to improve the security of their house and make their lives better.

Of course, there are many other systems that could serve this purpose well. But Swann is the ultimate choice for those who are looking for inexpensive options that will help them secure their home. Swann will definitely be able to handle many situations well.

Pricing: Choose a Suitable for You Price

Swann security reviews post different information about Swann pricing and other rates. Here are the relevant prices for all the Swann home security system packages:

  1. Safety cameras. With Swann, you can get any kinds of cameras, including doorbell camera, indoor camera, bullet camera, dome camera, as well as pulse cameras and many others. Prices start at $19 and might go as high as $380.
  2. Security systems. Depending on how well protected you want your house to be, you can also install a security system. The prices will range between $149 and $2000.
  3. Smart Home Security System Kits. These will help you expand your home system monitoring features and add some accessories. The prices start at $300.
  4. Professional monitoring system. You can also get professional systems that will help you make sure that everything is under control. The monthly fee is only around $19, which definitely not a lot.
  5. Safe plans for video recording. Swann offers two plans, and both are very cheap. The first costs around $10, while another one is $25 per month. You can also get a free 30-day trial.

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Equipment/ Devices/ Features: What Can Swann Do?

In this Swann security system review, you can also take a look at some of the most important features, equipment, and devices that Swann company has to offer. Here are some of the things that make Swann stand out among others:

  1. Mobile alerts. If any issue occurs, you will be the first to know. All the important messages about what’s happening in your house will be sent right away to your home.
  2. Weather resistance. Since Swann is often used outside, it is weather-resistant to protect the equipment from possible damage that rains or winds might cause.
  3. Night vision. Everything that happens during the nights will be seen through the cameras. It does not matter if it is light or dark on the street: you will see everything that is going on near or in your house.
  4. Live streaming. You don’t have to wait long until the videos or photos are uploaded to the storage to see what is going on. You can watch what’s happening live! With the help of the Swann App, you can view the current situation in your house without quality loss.
  5. 2-Way voice. It is a feature that not all companies have to offer. Most of the Swann’s cameras include this one, which can actually make your life much easier. When this feature is turned on, the users can communicate with people in the house and guests, even if the user is far away from home.
  6. A variety of options for smart home equipment. Decide yourself or with the help of a specialist who knows exactly how to advise you on what you want to get for your smart home ecosystem. Everything, from a price to an internet connection, can be discussed with our support team professionals.

Control Over the Ecosystem: Mobile App

The overall rating of the app in many Swann home security systems reviews is good. Still, many users have had complaints about failed connection and password errors. Of course, experts from Swann are taking care of all the issues that might take place.

This app is still good even though it has some drawbacks. You can easily control the monitoring systems with the help of an app and watch what’s happening in your house. But you have to be ready for some unpleasant situations that might occur with the app.

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Customer Service

Swann security company is ready to provide assistance to its users 24/7. These experts are trained to deal with different situations, so your problem with any of the devices or plans will be solved quickly. If you have a problem, Swann will make sure that you get the support you need. You can contact the specialists through the live chat or phone call, and you will get some important information or help at any moment. Your issue or problem will be solved in short terms, so when it comes to customer support service, you will not have to worry about anything.

How To Order?

Making an order with Swann is not going to take a lot of your time. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Browse through the products to see which one you should get. There are many different options, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.
  2. Place your online order. Just check out your order after you are done browsing. You can make a payment with your credit card or online wallet safely on the site.
  3. Don’t forget about the taxes. Keep in mind that the taxes will also be included in the Swann home security price at the checkout.
  4. Mention your delivery address. This one is pretty important as well: make sure that you don’t make any mistakes since otherwise, the shop will not be able to deliver your order.
  5. Check the order after its arrival. If the item has arrived damaged, you can request reimbursement or just return. On the website, you can read the returns policy as well as other useful information that will help you understand what to do in such situations.

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Does Swann Require the Internet?

Not really. Of course, you can connect cameras to the internet in order to be able to view everything live, but it is not a requirement.

How Much Is Swann per Month?

Prices for Swann’s plans may very. The lowest price is around $20, while the most expensive one will cost around $25. Cameras cost around $20-$380.

How to Cancel a Swann Account?

You can easily do it in the app or on the website. You will be charged for further usage, but your subscription will be active until the end of the current billing cycle.

How Long Has Swann Been in Business?

Swann has been in business for over 30 years. It has been a leader on the market for a long time.

Does Swann Offer Free Installation?

No, they don’t. Prices may vary, so you will have to speak to their experts to know more.

Does Swann Work with Alexa?

Yes, Swann cameras are compatible with Alexa. All you have to do is just to ask Alexa to control your cameras, alarms, or monitoring systems.

Does Swann Work with Google Assistant?

Yes, Swann security cameras support Google Assistant. Now, you can control your monitoring system through the Google Home devices.

So Is Swann a Good Service that Can Be Trusted?

Swann company is a good service that will be able to provide its users with the security that they hope for. Still, it is not always a perfect solution for those who are willing to protect their houses from all kinds of dangers. You have to keep in mind that this is a self-monitoring system that does not guarantee 100% safety.

Still, Swann remains one of the best options on the market. It does not cost a lot, and you will get all the equipment you need for a suitable price. This is why you should definitely consider Swann when choosing a security system: you will still get many important features that will make your home a safe place.

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