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There are many Vivint reviews on the internet and all of these different state things about the Vivint security company. In Vivint home security reviews on this page, you will find all the detailed information about Vivint and some facts about this company. Is Vivint a good company? Can you trust your security to them? Find answers to these questions in this Vivint review.

Vivint is definitely one of the most used security systems that have many benefits. Let’s first take a look at Vivint and some features it has got in this Vivint home automation review:

  • Price. With Vivint, you can choose any kinds of plans that cost differently. The Smart Security plan costs 29.99$/month, and Smart Security is 39.99$/month when Smart Home Video 39.99$/month.
  • Equipment/Devices. Vivint is easily integrated with a variety of Vivint smart home devices. Pair up with smart locks, cameras, outlets, thermostats, as well as different other gadgets. There are many equipment options you can choose from.
  • Customer Service. There used to be many complaints about Vivint staff, but now things have changed. No matter what kind of issue you might have, some of the nicest people are ready to assist you with it.
  • Features & Technology. This is an innovational technology that will keep you safe from natural disasters, intruders, thieves, as well as will take care of your toddler or kid so they would not get hurt.
  • Ease of Use. There is no need to specialize in computers or electronics to be able to have control over your security systems: it is extremely easy to use, and you will not experience any problems with that.

Overall Score – 8.1

  • Price – 7.5
  • Equipment/Devices – 8.5
  • Customer Service – 8.0
  • Features & Technology – 8.5
  • Ease to Use – 8.0


Vivint has some great benefits, as well as a few upsetting cons. In this Vivint security system review, some of the most important benefits and drawbacks are covered:


  1. Guaranteed protection – You can be sure that your house and family are protected from different dangers. Rest assured, knowing you are in full safety.
  2. Remote access to your house – Vivint allows you to watch everything that is happening at your home from any point on Earth. You can also control devices from your own smartphone.
  3. No need to worry about kids – You will see what your children are doing and how they are feeling. There will not be any reason for your kids all the time since you will be able to make sure they are feeling alright.
  4. Electricity management – Noticed lights that were not switched off? Or maybe it is just too bright in the room? Manage electricity easily from your phone or tablet and reduce the electricity bill.
  5. Notifications when something happens – If a security system detects a problem, you will be the first to know. Constant notifications are on 24/7.


  1. You will have to pay for false alarms – There is always a chance that your child or just you might trigger the system unintentionally. In such a situation, you might be fined.
  2. High installation cost – Another thing that is often mentioned in Vivint home security systems reviews is the high cost of installation. Let’s agree that it is extremely expensive to install a system. You will have to pay really a lot for the special service that will help you with the installation.
  3. Monthly fee – Nobody wants to pay for monthly subscriptions when their time comes. This is another drawback of a security system: you will be charged every month. Otherwise, it might just stop working.
  4. Having to set the alarm when leaving the house – Whenever you are going somewhere, you have to set the alarm. If you don’t do that, it might go off when you or other family members come home.

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The Bottom Line

Vivint is one of the most discussed security systems on the internet, and people have mixed opinions about it. With Vivint, you will be able to use any kind of great devices. Install your doorbell camera or indoor camera, thermostat, smoke detectors, Vivint alarm, as well as many others. You will be able to take care of your house from any point, and there will not be any reason to worry about safety.

If you are not sure which devices you should choose for your smart home system, read such reviews as Vivint security cameras reviews or Vivint alarm system review to find out more about which gadgets are the best for your home.


In the Vivint security system reviews, often, the prices differ. If you decide to purchase a Vivint plan, you will be offered a couple of options. Here they are:

  • Smart Security – 29.99$ per month. No automation or security camera support.
  • Smart Home – 39.99$ per month. Home automation is supported.
  • Smart Home Video – 44.99$ per month. Both video and home automation are supported.

The prices for Vivint equipment and home security system packages start at 599.99$, while the installation of the equipment and systems starts at 49.99$. The starter kit will cost only around 38.99$ per month, which is not a lot since you will still get a lot of features and functions to use.

Vivint offers some of the most affordable plans, so you can definitely choose this company to provide you with inexpensive assistance with your house and daily routine.

Equipment/ Devices/ Features

Vivint offers a variety of different features and equips you can work with to make your house a safer place. Even though first, it seems too expensive, it turns out to be the purchase worth the Vivint home security price. Here are some of the most important feature:

  • 24/7 monitoring. The Vivint security system will monitor your home around the clock. While you are sleeping, the security system will watch your back. You will be provided with cellular monitoring that is impossible to be taken down by Intruders and hackers.
  • Mobile notifications. If something happens, you will get notified about it first. Vivint sends immediate alerts to the phones of homeowners if there is an issue. Your neighbors and contacts listed as the closest ones will be notified as well.
    Doorbell cameras. To avoid unexpected visitors and always be aware of who is at your door, you can install the Vivint doorbell cameras and always know who is near your house.
  • Voice assistant. The new iconic duo that consists of Vivent and Amazon Echo is ready to provide you with some interesting technology. Hands-free control will let you turn on and off all the devices at your house!
    Wireless equipment. No wires at your house: with the help of modern technologies, you will not have to worry about someone cutting the wires of the security system.
  • Interact with the visitors. If there is someone at your door, you can first talk to the person to find out who they are and why they came. This way, you will be secured from dangerous intruders.

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Control: Mobile App for Controlling Your Home Security System

One of the best things about Vivint is its mobile app. It makes many things much more comfortable and easier to use.

The navigation through the app is very simple: you will understand everything right after you open the app. The app allows you to control all the devices that are connected to your security system. It is 4.6-stars rated on the Google Play and App Store, which is a pretty good grade for such an app.

From the app, you can control and manage door locks, cameras, lighting, and climate control devices, as well as other gadgets.

If needed, you can also change the settings for the decides right from the app. It also allows remote control, which means that you can use the app to manage the security system from anywhere.

In general, the app is very easy to use, and has a nice interface. You will understand how to navigate through it intuitively. Of course, it might first be unusual to use such an app, but you will get used to it very quickly, and you won’t even notice how fast you will manage all the devices at your house.

Customer Service

This is another important thing that should be discussed. In past years, there were several complaints and bad Vivint security reviews. But this company has heard all the complaints about them and feedback from their customers, and decide to change some of their approaches to become better. As a result, now Vivint is one of the top companies on the market that offers extremely supportive customer service.

If there is any issue, you can contact them right away and get an immediate response. Their company offers assistance 24/7, which means that you can message them whenever you need help and get feedback on your issues right away.

Vivint works with real experts who know what to do in a stressful situation. This means that if you experience any problem or just have a question regarding Vivint, the best experts will provide you with the proper response and the best solution possible.

You will not have to worry about anything if you choose to trust your home security to Vivint. Their team of professionals is always listening to what the customers say and doing everything they can to help the clients out and make their service better. Don’t hesitate to discuss any of the issues with them.

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How to Order?

If you decide to buy Vivint, you will not have to go anywhere or spend a lot of time doing any papers or filling in any documents. You can easily do it online, and your security system will be delivered at your door soon. Here is a short instruction on how you can do that:

  1. Talk to the expert. You can ask questions like, “What should I get? Which equipment options are the best for me?”. Vivint specialists will help you pick the right plan and set of features that will suit your home and your lifestyle.
  2. Start building your system. Now you have to decide which equipment you would as well as which functions you would like your wireless security system to have. There are many different options, so take a look at them before you make a final decision.
  3. Install your monitoring system. Now comes the hardest part. Installation costs a lot, but it will definitely be completed by the expert who will make sure that everything is fine. The specialist will arrive at your door at the time you requested, and the installation process will be quick, so you will not have to wait long.


Have you got any questions left? In Vivint these home security systems reviews, you can find all the answers now.

Does Vivint Require the Internet?

Yes, you will need an Internet connection to be able to use smart home security systems. It is important for you to have it since you will have to control the devices from the app.

How Much Is Vivint per Month?

The prices for plans are different. The most basic plan Vivint pricing is 29.99$ per month, while the plan that includes video monitoring is 44.99$.

How to Cancel a Vivint Account?

If you decide to cancel your Vivint subscription, just call 1-800-216-5232 x5020 to get help with your account. The experts will help you out with cancellations.

How Long Has Vivint Been in Business?

Vivint was founded in 1999.  It has been on the market for over 29 years, and there are thousands of Vivint smart home reviews that discuss good and bad aspects of it. But what is true is that it has been one of the top companies for a long period of time.

Does Vivint Offer Free Installation?

If you need to install your home security system, you will have to pay additionally for that. The specialist will come to your house, and everything will be done in the shortest terms.

Does Vivint Work with Alexa?

Yes! It is another great thing about Vivant. You can use Alexa to give voice commands and control the security system as well.

Does Vivint Work with Google Assistant?

Vivint works with Google Assistant as well. You can choose the voice assistant that you prefer the most and use it to manage all the devices and equipment at your house easily with only your voice.

Pick the Best Smart Home Systems for Your Place

There is a variety of different options on the market, and you can get some equipment for sale if you choose wisely. Vivint pricing is not as high as some other companies have to offer, so definitely check out what their features are and if their plans are good for you. Vivint has got everything: from pulse cameras to smart outlets. Even though it has some drawbacks, it is still one of the best picks on the market.

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