Vivint vs ADT: Which Security System Is the Best One?

Security Product Comparison ADT Vivint
Upfront Cost From $99 From $599
Monthly Monitoring Cost From $19.99 From $29.99
Easy to Use/Control (App) 9.2 9.5
MoneyBack Guarantee 6 month 30 days
Installation 9.1 9.6
Equipment 9 (leased) 9.5 (owned)
Customer Service 8.1 7.8
Overall Score 8.8 9.1

Are you a smart homeowner? Then, you must have heard about the two most popular home security systems like Vivint and ADT. They offer effective smart home solutions for your personal protection and safety of your property. Both of them are worth choosing despite the fact that ADT is the company that has been in the market for a long while Vivint has appeared in the market not a long time ago. These home security providers have attracted hundreds of customers already. Check the Vivint vs. ADT review to compare Vivint and ADT and have no doubts that you’ve chosen the right system according to your needs.

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Let’s start our ADT vs. Vivint review from the similar features these two home security systems have. The first similarity is the need to install the system. You can’t do it on your own. You need to call the specialist who will come and install ADT and Vivint security home systems. The installation isn’t free – it costs about $99. On the one hand, it may not be very convenient to allocate time to meet the installer. On the other hand, it’s the best way to be sure that all pieces of equipment have been installed in the right way and function properly.

What is next? Another similarity refers to the possibility of controlling your home security system from your smartphone. Both systems provide an opportunity to integrate with other smart devices. Does the list of the similarities include only 2 points? There is one more important similarity. ADT and Vivint have effective customer care available round-the-clock. You can send an e-mail or use a live chat option whenever you need professional customer support.

Vivint vs. ADT: Differences

Now, let’s proceed to the main differences between home security systems, which you can see in the home security comparison chart. You should pay more attention to the differences because they may influence your buying decision. The major difference is the Vivint monthly cost of the services. If you want to save money, choose Vivint. Its cheapest package of home security services is $29.99, while the ADT monthly cost for home security services is $36.99. The installation of Vivint can take longer compared to the installation of ADT equipment.

Another difference refers to equipment options. Vivint company uses the equipment of its own production, which makes it’s easy to connect devices. As for the ADT company, they use equipment that is made by other companies. This doesn’t mean that the equipment used by ADT is of the low-quality. They order all the options from reputable companies. But at the same time, the selection of options is richer in Vivint. So, keep in mind this difference. There is one more significant difference – if you choose ADT, you’ll have to sign a contract. When choosing Vivint, you won’t have to do this as the company offers customers to enjoy its home security services on the no-contract basis (this refers to those cases when the customer buys equipment paying for it upfront).

Pros/Cons Vivint

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Vivint is a giant in the market of home security systems that has a wide range of plans to choose from. Whether you need the basic package for the protection of your house or you want to get a sophisticated system for your house, you’ll find it here. The good news is that you can have full control over the house from your smartphone when using this best self-monitored home security system. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll choose a cheaper plan or the more expensive package of services. Mobile monitoring option is provided in each of the plans. One more great advantage is the presence of a medical alert in all the Vivint plans. It’s a very important option for those who live with the elderly who have health problems. Most Vivint users admit that they have superior-quality customer care with the competent specialists who will come to the rescue 24/7.


There are two features that we can refer to as Vivint’s disadvantages. The first one is the inability to install the Vivint home security system for free without extra help. The second con is the need to pay for Vivint equipment options.

Pros/Cons ADT

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ADT is a well-known reputable company that provides smart home security solutions. Choosing ADT, you can be sure that everything will work properly. They have reliable customer support that can be reached around-the-clock, which is an important pro. You shouldn’t pay for the basic equipment like control panels, motion sensors, and others, but you need to buy glass break sensors, smart locks, and other additional options to enjoy better home security.


ADT home security system has one significant con that refers to the compatibility of smart devices. As has been mentioned, they get equipment from third-parties. This may influence the process of ADT integration, which is possible, but you’ll have to pay extra money for the integration of ADT with other smart home products if you have any.


The most important features of both ADT and Vivint home security systems are the following:

  • Systems are wireless;
  • They require professional installation;
  • ADT and Vivint are designed to protect from possible intrusion;
  • ADT and Vivint have the option of mobile monitoring;
  • Both systems are environmentally friendly.

If to compare the main features of ADT and Vivint, it’s possible to mention that Vivint is the solution for those who like trying new technologies while ADT has more traditional features. Both systems provide an opportunity to watch the video in the live mode and record it. Both providers offer to choose the security plan that fits your individual needs by adding options that aren’t included in the basic plan. For example, you have an opportunity to use sensors, CO detectors, and other smart options that guarantee premium protection from any possible type of emergency.


The price of the Vivint services depends on the options you need. When choosing, Vivint, you’ll pay from $29.99 to $45 monthly fee for getting high-quality monitoring services. The most expensive plan includes video monitoring. The cheapest package is $599, where you pay for the equipment and $9.98 monthly. The most advanced package will cost you $1789.92 and $29 monthly. Take into account that Vivint company doesn’t provide an option of self-monitoring. Only professional monitoring ($29.99) is available.

What about the ADT home security pricing policy? According to the home security cost comparison, the price varies depending on the package. The initial price is $36.99 per month. If you want to enjoy all the best features of the system, you’re welcome to get a more expensive package of services that costs $52.99.

Choosing ADT, you’ll be prepared to conclude a contract that lasts for 36 months. It’s the minimum duration. When choosing Vivint, you aren’t obliged to sign a contract. Instead, you need to get equipment upfront.


Compare security companies and their methods of equipment installation. The Vivint home security system is installed by a competent technician for $99. You’ll need to call the specialist who will install the equipment and consult you regarding the use of all the options. The cost of the installation is the same for all the plans. According to our Vivint vs. ADT comparison, the same situation is with ADT, which also offers professional installation only. As the price comparison shows, the installation fee is also $99 for any plan you choose.

Emergency Connections

Nobody knows when an emergency may happen. But there is nothing to worry about if you have installed either Vivint or ADT home security systems. Vivint company has an option Vivint Live. If something bad happens, the alarm is triggered, and the monitoring center will react. Specialists will come and deal with the emergency situation at the earliest convenience. You’ll get the necessary support and care whenever the emergency takes place as the monitoring center works round-the-clock. If you choose ADT home security service, you’ll be protected either. Don’t worry if there is no possibility to call 911 on your own. ADT system will monitor your house and will call emergency services if necessary.

Conclusion: Vivint or ADT?

In the conclusion of the ADT vs. Vivint review, it’s possible to admit that both home security systems are good options to choose from. Looking for the smart home security system, you can rely on? Don’t pass by Vivint and ADT. They are both worth investing your hard-earned money in. Some ADT customers were confused by the Vivint vs. ADT lawsuit, but the situation has been clarified within a short time. ADT is the company with a long history that has been in the market for years. If you want to feel 100% safe and secure, don’t hesitate to get ADT services. Vivint is a relatively young company that has won the attention of millions of smart homeowners within a short period. It has become another giant in the industry of home automation systems, and you should agree that this fact proves that Vivint offers high-quality, innovative solutions.

Learn about their similar and distinctive features of the Vivint and ADT security systems carefully to make the right choice of the home security system. But if you want to save money and get high-quality services, you’re recommended to pay attention to Vivint. It has more great features compared to AD at a lower price. If you used to give preference to the brands with the longer history, then, you won’t regret if paying for the ADT package of home security services. It doesn’t matter which system you will choose, ADT and Vivint best-rated home security systems will provide you with maximum comfort and security. If you have Alexa or other smart home devices, you’ll connect them easily and will enjoy even more home security opportunities.

Have you chosen the best home security plan that meets all of your requirements? ADT and Vivint are the best home security systems choosing which you will be able to control every move in the house and outside. Then, hurry up to contact the specialists, make the payment for alarm systems for home, and call the installer. Everything will be done quickly and effectively. Purchase the security plan and forget about any worries as ADT and Vivint companies provide their customers with the warranty that lasts for 6 months for ADT and one month for Vivint.

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