Vivint vs Frontpoint: Choosing Security System For Home Or Office

Everybody wants to feel safe and protected. Yet, in modern society, it’s almost impossible because of the various dangers you face every day. Sometimes even the proverb “My house is my castle” doesn’t ply. According to statistics, about 16% of robberies crop up in the residences of the citizens. The significant part of the holdups crops up during the day between 6 am and 6 pm. Not to become a sufferer from the numerous breaks-in, you should care about safeness and confidence. The successive comparison of the security systems Vivint vs. Frontpoint will assist you to favor some variations.

If you wonder why best home security systems are the things you crave, consider that the dwellings equipped with alarms are not so often robbed. Thefts prefer to break in dwellings without movement indicators. With the help of the successive information, become familiar with the most popular variants and compare functions and prices.

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Vivint vs. Frontpoint: General Information About The Companies

Brand Vivint appeared in 2011. Yet, the company itself has been existing since 1997 under the name PX Alarm Security Solutions Inc. In two years, the company was ranked as the 46th one in the annual ranking of “America’s Most Promising Companies” by Forbes. The number of employees is about 11,000. The number of users is about 1,4 million in the U.S.

Many clients appreciate Vivint smart houses because they are easy to be controlled. Moreover, it’s viable to combine both dwelling and car alarms. You covet only one Vivint app to control both of them. The company pays attention to creating and developing innovative and convenient software products. They fully correspond to the motto of the brand “Your smart home is just a call away”.

Frontpoint has been existing since 2007. The preeminent aim of the Frontpoint security company is to make every human feel safe and confident. The self-installed technology and reasonable prices make the services of the enterprise popular among residents all around the USA. The founders of the Frontpoint technology denote that they try to center the service on simplicity and support. Frontpoint is the first brand that has included smart elements to the guardianship options.

The number of employees is 500+. They provide such options as installing, monitoring, and maintaining security solutions for homeowners throughout the country.

Home security comparison chart shows general information about both Frontpoint and Vivint security:

Aspects Vivint Frontpoint
Upfront Cost at $599 for equipment $99
Monthly Monitoring Cost $29.99 $34.99 – $49.99
Equipment/Devices/Features 4.5 4.2
Easy to Use/Control (App) 4.6 4.1
MoneyBack Guarantee 30 days 30 days
Installation Professional DIY
Customer Service 3.8 4.5
Overall Score 8.4 7.2

Both Frontpoint and Vivint have strengths as well as weaknesses.

Vivint And Frontpoint: Common Traits

One of the predominant facets of the best-rated home security systems Frontpoint and Vivint is that they both provide clients with outstanding protection services. It doesn’t matter which variant you co-opt – Vivint or Frontpoint, you acquire the whole spectrum of services. With the help of smart technologies, it’s viable to protect inside and outside areas.

These facets are common for Frontpoint and Vivint:

  • You acquire a free mobile app for Vivint and Frontpoint security systems. Although the interface and functionality of the apps differ, they both provide with a contingency to administrate the safety of your belongings;
  • Vivint, as well as Frontpoint, tries to keep pace with the times. Their gears go with the home automation facet. Sensors can complete or update the existing systems or become the first element of the automation;
  • Vivint and Frontpoint security systems require monthly monitoring payments. They differ depending on the chosen package and facilities;
  • No matter what sample of Frontpoint or Vivint dwelling protection you pick up, you don’t aspire to worry about the sudden power outage. Cellular monitoring operates even if the blackout happens thanks to the battery backup. It’s true about the Internet connection. Even if your Internet provider is not very reliable and stable, cellular Vivint or Frontpoint technology keeps working on;
  • Not every protection system is ready to provide you with live video streaming. Vivint vs. Frontpoint comparison shows they both variants have the necessary devices to run live video;
  • Cable-free. The clients appreciate the wireless technologies of both brands – Vivint and Frontpoint. The connection is conducive or adaptable. Your dwelling is cable-free whereas the appliances operate perfectly;
  • Voice control. If it’s of prime prominence to administer a smart security system with the help of voice commands, Vivint and Frontpoint security systems match definite requirements.

Alongside with similarities, Frontpoint vs. Vivint review shows there is enough distinctiveness you should know about.

Vivint vs. Frontpoint: Vital Diversities

Both brands have many common traits. It’s imperative to concede momentous differences. The prime of them are consecutive:

  • Type of home system installation. 

When you compare Vivint and Frontpoint proposals, the prime thing to consider is the model of installment. Frontpoint provides its clients with fully optimized and ready-to-work tools and instruments. DIY installment is trouble-free. Even if it’s the first time you launch the system, you don’t aspire to hire an expert. Step-by-step tutelage avows you to launch the system in no time.

Vivint offers professional installment. Moreover, it’s not free of charge. Yet, it may be free if you procure gear upfront. The time the process of installment takes depends on the dwelling peculiarities and chosen tools. Specialists explain how to operate the system. After all the elements are set up, it’s necessary to activate guardianship.

  • The functionality of the appliances.

Both brands try to meet the expectations of modern society. They try to pick up gadgets as effectively as possible. Yet, there is one distinct difference between Vivint and Frontpoint.

The first one proffers only cutting-edge samples. It’s can’t but influence the price. Yet, all the displays and sensors work flawlessly.

Frontpoint propounds high-quality technology. Yet, it succumbs to Vivant in the functionality and appeal of the units. If you desire to have an awesome-looking dwelling, you should prefer Vivint. If a stable operation is enough for you, select Frontpoint.

It’s necessary to know the predominant advantages and disadvantages of both Frontpoint and Vivint.

Vivint Alarm Systems For Home

main page Vivint Home Security

Vivint Pros

  • 24-hour monitoring. It’s an awesome option. Even the best self-monitored home security system succumbs to a professional audit. Vivint avows you to supervise dwelling remotely;
  • First-rate gadgets and technologies. If you are a great fan of new innovations, you can’t but appreciate the functionality of the Vivint supplies.

Vivint Cons

  • Clients designate a contact to use Vivint alarms;
  • The most pricey gadgets.

Frontpoint Smart Security Systems

main page Frontpoint Smart Security

Frontpoint Pros

  • No contacts. You don’t aspire to designate an agreement for several months. It’s viable to refund monthly;
  • Crash and smash guarantee. Thanks to this feature, it’s impossible to disable the system by breaking it;
  • You may grab payments back within 30 days;
  • You don’t aspire to recoup for heat, CO, and flood detectors.

Frontpoint Cons

  • There is no landline alternative;
  • DIY Frontpoint home system setting up – not everybody likes it;
  • High cancellation fees.

Facets Of Frontpoint And Vivint You Should Pay Attention To

If you experience smart home technologies, you may be interested in the compatibility of the home systems. There won’t be any Vivint vs. Frontpoint lawsuit. They both work with Amazon. They cooperate with Alex or Google Assistant, too.

The well-designed mobile applications send you notifications when something happens. It’s up to you to mediate what notifications you would like to receive. Toy define the number of detectors Vivint and Frontpoint suggest. Frontpoint and Vivint propound the successive variations:

  • Detectors for doors and windows;
  • Sensors to detect movements;
  • Fire or flood alarms;
  • Cameras for out-of-doors and indoor locations.

Vivint also proffers a unique medical pendant. It’s a perfect choice for those who have serious health problems. Frontpoint propounds clients to create their own set in accordance with their demands. You may pick up the base you need and various adds-on.

Available Plans And Contracts

The home security cost comparison is a decisive factor for copious clients.

Price comparison shows that Vivint’s monthly cost starts at $29.99, while Frontpoint’s monthly cost starts at $34.99.

When you compare security companies, it’s imperative to research the available packages. Vivint propounds such variants:

  • Vivint Smart Security Monitoring. The monthly payment is $29.99. Alongside general traits such as phone access, 24 hours supervising, it also includes medical pendant support. The plan includes entrance, smoke, and CO indicators;
  • Vivint Smart Home Monitoring. The price is $39.99. It implies smart home integration, too;
  • Vivint Smart Home Video Monitoring costs $44.99. You obtain superb video vigilance with the system.

Frontpoint suggests the successive plans:

  • Frontpoint Safe Home Everyday $99.00. You acquire 9 units to protect your dwelling;
  • Frontpoint Safe Home Plus $319.94. The set of 9 pieces is to protect your dwelling from breaks-in around-the-clock;
  • Frontpoint Safe Home Select. The payment is $383.92. The system consists of 12 items;
  • Frontpoint Safe Home Preferred costs $479.90. The set includes 14 elements.

It’s viable to pick up both the budget and the more pricey variants of the systems.

Installation: Facts To Consider

If you clinch to become a client of Frontpoint, you may acquire the full set instantly. It means when you procure the smart security system, you acquire gadgets, tutelage to the launching, and 24 hour supervising. You have to unpack the boxes, install the hub, and call an operator to activate the alarm.

Yet, if you opt to join Vivint, it’s necessary to make up an appointment for system installment. It’s the time when the master comes.

The Possibilities Of Emergency Connections

Vivint vs. Frontpoint comparison shows that brands alter in the number of additional functions. They help to make the application of the protection system more effective and convenient. One of them is emergency connections. Vivint proffers Live quick response. It means the experts call the emergency services only after they connect with the client or if the client can’t be reached. Frontpoint also alerts the authorities if you long help.

Final Stock-Taking

To sum it up, it’s worth highlighting that Vivint is a professional, smart protection system, while Frontpoint is a DIY variant for those who appreciate comfort and safety. Vivint is a forerunner if concede cutting-edge technologies while Frontpoint is at the top if concede affordability.

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