Vivint vs Ring: Which Company Deserves Your Attention? 

Whenever people are looking for some good home security options, one of the popular companies are Ring and Vivint, and it’s not a surprising thing. Vivint vs. Ring lawsuit is something many people heard of, which made both companies famous. 

But are these companies actually as good as it is often said in many Ring and Vivint security systems reviews? Here in this article, you will find a detailed Ring vs. Vivint review and home security comparison chart that will help you make the right choice. Compare Vivint and Ring and pick the best self-monitored home security system to protect your home!

Security Product Comparison Vivint Ring
Upfront Cost $599.99 Prices start at $99.99
Monthly Monitoring Cost $29.99/month $3/month
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days  30 days
Equipment/Devices/Features 9.0 8.5
Easy to Use/Control (App) 9.1 9.0
Installation Pro  DIY
Customer Service 7.5 8.0
Overall Score 8.9 8.7

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Similarities Between Vivint and Ring 

In the Vivint vs. Ring comparison, it is important to note that both services have a few similarities. Here are some of them: 

  • Smart home automation systems. Vivint and Ring offer great plans for those who would like to create a smart home system that will not only protect your house but will also help you make your home a better place. 
  • Vivint and Ring systems are wireless. You will not have to go through the confusion with cables. It is also going to be hard for someone to turn off the security system just by cutting the wires. 
  • Good mobile app. Both companies offer remote control through their apps that you can easily install on your phone. 
  • All kinds of sensors. Together with your home system, you can choose to purchase any type of sensors that will help you detect any movement or danger. 
  • Cameras with two-way communication. You can install the camera near the porch to see who is visiting you and why. You can interact with the intruders and ask them anything. 

Differences between Vivint and Ring

In this Ring vs. Vivint review, it is also important to cover some differences since there are a few of them as well. Here are the things that make these companies different: 

  • Vivint requires a longer contract. Ring’s contracts are much shorter than Vivint’s, and in order to get the full protection with Vivint, you will have to sign a long-term contract. 
  • Ring offers DIY installation. If you choose Vivint, you will have to rely on the professional to install the system instead of you. The Ring has got systems that don’t require the assistance of the professional. 
  • Ring’s devices can work with products of other companies. They are compatible with most of the devices that are sold by other services. 
  • Vivint has got a lifetime warranty for all products. With Ring, you don’t get this option. Still, Vivint’s lifetime warranty will not cover all of the issues, so you have to be careful.  
  • Prices. For the price comparison, it should be said both Ring and Vivint are expensive, but Ring is a little bit cheaper and does not require a professional installation, which cuts the cost of the company’s services.

Pros and Cons of Vivint Smart Home Systems 

Even though Vivint’s reputation is not flawless, this company has got some great benefits despite a few drawbacks. Here, you can find all the advantages and disadvantages of Vivint home security.

main page Vivint Home Security

Pros of Getting Vivint Smart Home System

  • It’s compatible with voice assistants, such as Amazon Echo or Google Assistant. You can just give voice commands in order to change the settings or turn the system on and off.
  • Professional installation. Those who prefer the assistance of an expert when it comes to different gadgets can rely on these professionals to install the system correctly and answer all the questions.
  • Best rated home security systems. The quality of the Vivint’s security systems is superior. This system will definitely serve as great protection of your house for many years.
  • Good Vivint mobile app. Vivint has got one of the best smartphone apps for remote control. It is almost never bugging and very simple to use. 

Cons of Vivint Security Systems 

  • Extremely expensive. Vivint’s monthly cost is not very high, but still, there are many much cheaper plans. And the upfront cost for the equipment is pretty high as well. The Ring monthly cost is much lower.
  • Too long contract. If you decide to use Vivint security systems, you will have to sign a contract, which will be 5 years long. It will be hard for you to cancel the subscription or change anything.
  • Not the best customer support. There were a few complaints about the support team: not all customers received the solutions they needed. Also, a few reviews stated that the Vivint support specialists were rude to the clients.

Pros and Cons of Ring 

When we compare security companies, we get a chance to take a closer look at the positive and negative things of both services. Here are good and bad aspects of choosing Ring over other companies:

main page Ring Security System

Pros of Ring Company

  • Price. In the home security cost comparison, you should not forget about checking out the prices Ring, and Vivint companies have to offer. Ring’s services are pretty affordable, and you can get some nice equipment for sale. 
  • Fast installation. Your Ring security system will be installed in 30 minutes. You can do it completely by yourself. Even if you don’t know much about tech and devices, it will still be easy for you to do it.
  • No long-term contracts. Use the Ring as long as you want. If you feel like this security system is not a good pick for you, you can easily switch to another one without having to pay for anything.
  • Voice assistants. Your Ring security system is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. You can just give voice commands to your security systems and manage your system with a voice.

Cons of Getting Ring Security System

  • Sensors are not always working perfectly. Whenever you get a set of sensors, you have to be ready for some lags and glitches. 
  • Not compatible with most gadgets manufactured by other brands. You will have to get the devices that Ring offers in order to make sure that everything is running smoothly.
  • Very basic keypad. Compared to Vivint’s keypad, Ring’s is too basic and can be too confusing to use. It is not very multifunctional and not comfortable at all. 

Features of Vivint and Ring

Vivint and Ring have many great features to offer customers. Since both companies are leaders on the market, they try to do their best in order to stay that way. So what can you expect from the best home security systems? Here are some of the features and technologies that you will get to use if you choose both systems: 

  • Multifunctional security systems. Both of the systems have a wide range of abilities: they can monitor everything that’s going on around the house or outside of it through the cameras, detect motion with the help of the sensors, set alarms, as well as other great things. 
  • Remote control. You can monitor your home through the mobile app at any time. No matter where you are, you can use the Vivint or Ring app to change the settings or turn on and off the security system.
  • Professional monitoring. Your home will be monitored around the clock, even when you are asleep. You can choose to rely on the experts to monitor the house instead of you or do it yourself.

Vivint and Ring: Contracts 

Vivint is a good option for those who are willing to stick to one security system and company for a long period of time without having to worry about the renewals and new contracts. Vivint has got a 5-year contract that you are required to sign if you want your house to be monitored professionally. The only way to avoid signing the contract is to get all the equipment upfront. 

The situation with Ring is different. You don’t have to get a contract when choosing to use this company. Ring company offers monthly plans which do not require a contract.

Installation of Vivint and Ring Systems

With Vivint, you cannot get your system without having to pay for the professional installation. If you would like to do the installation by yourself, Ring is a better choice: here, you can get any alarm systems for home and install them on your own. 

Ring’s security system is more than just easy to install: it will actually take not more than half an hour to do the complete installation, together with the app download and setup. If you don’t like the app on the phone, you can download it to your computer and control the system from there.

Emergency Connections Offered by Ring and Vivint

Another thing that should be mentioned in the Vivint vs. Ring review is an emergency connection. Both systems support this option. The Vivint security system is connected through the WiFi, landline, and cellular network, while Ring operates through WiFi and cellular. When you get any of the security systems, you can rely on the 24/7 monitoring to protect you from possible dangers. 

In the case of the intrusion, natural disasters, fires, as well as other dangers, the authorities will be notified. You will get a message from the system containing information about what happened and when. But you cannot fully expect from the security system to take care of anything instead of you: if there is any danger or a possibility of something bad happening, you should contact the authorities yourself. 

Conclusion: Ring or Vivint?

When it comes to the Ring vs. Vivint review, it is hard to choose the best company here. Both services offer nice equipment and good plans that will be a great fit for different homeowners. This is why you should use the information you have learned to decide which company might be a better pick, but it does not mean that you should not do any research by yourself. 

Go to the websites of the services to see what their current offers are and contact them to discuss all the terms and your personal needs. Only through communication with the company, you will see if it is actually a good choice.

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