Xfinity Home Security Review

Home is the place that must be associated with safety, coziness, and comfort. Xfinity home is exactly such a place. Thanks to smart home security solutions, you have nothing to worry about. Are you looking for a professionally installed home security system? Look no further than Xfinity. Use Xfinity interactive security kits, which include touch-screen wall-mounted controllers, motion sensors, door and window openers, and IP surveillance cameras with the ability to store video on servers. The Xfinity system is compatible with a wide range of smart home equipment, including smart locks.

Xfinity offers the best solutions at reasonable prices. Everyone can choose the security plan he/she likes most. Paying 40$-50$ monthly for Xfinity security, you’ll get round-the-clock support and professional control, the possibility to watch live video, get alerts, and enjoy a lot of other great features. Using Xfinity smart home app is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Even if you face any problems with Xfinity, you’ll get instant help from reliable specialists. It sounds like a good choice, doesn’t it? Still, doubt, “Should I get Xfinity home security solutions?” Keep on reading Xfinity review to learn about all the features offered by Xfinity home security in detail and make a wise buying decision.

Overall Score – 8.5

  • Price – 7.5
  • Equipment/Devices – 9.0
  • Customer Service – 9.0
  • Features & Technology – 9.0
  • Ease to Use – 8.0

Pros/ Cons


According to Xfinity reviews, there are tons of advantages. Check what they are to be sure that Xfinity smart home security is the best option for you.

  • A full range of security solutions for houses of different sizes.
  • Competitive pricing policy.
  • Top-quality equipment.
  • An innovative approach to home security.
  • An opportunity to control home security using an app.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring system.
  • Modern home security technologies used.
  • Customer-oriented system.


There is no mentioning of disadvantages in Xfinity home security reviews. The only feature that can be considered a con for someone is the price of security home systems. But it’s rather fair if you compare it with the price for similar smart home security solutions offered in the market. Positive Xfinity security reviews prove that it’s worth paying for it and forget about all the worries regarding your safety and safety of your family members.

  • High price;
  • Inflexible pricing policy.

The Bottom Line:  Feel Protected Like Never Before with Xfinity Security Plan

Whether you have a security system and need to upgrade it or you want to install a new one, Xfinity is a good option to choose. Stay connected wherever you are and make your life easier with Xfinity solutions. All the technologies used here are reliable and up-to-date. The most important thing about Xfinity is an opportunity to connect all smart devices you have at home and maximize the effectiveness of everything you do.  In almost every Xfinity security system review, users mention a possibility to enjoy the guaranteed protection, regardless of the current location. Using Xfinity is easy, even if you aren’t an experienced, smart home user.

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Xfinity Pricing Plans and Their Features

There are two Xfinity home security plans you can choose from. The cost per month differs slightly. Let’s have a closer at the differences between 2 plans. The cheaper one ($40) allows us to enjoy such features as constant monitoring, alerts in the real-time, Xfinity app, live video, a possibility to watch cameras on TV.

The second option is more expensive. Here, the Xfinity home security price is $50 per month. Is it worth paying more? Definitely, yes. There are some additional features that are absent in the Xfinity system that is $10 cheaper. You’ll get an opportunity to record video round-the-clock and even look back on the moments you’d like to check once again. Keep in mind that you pay only for the service provided. This means that you need to get all the necessary equipment separately. Xfinity Home Security Plus is the plan that is worth paying more.

The most significant feature here is the possibility to record videos and share them with the help of an application. Both indoor and outdoor cameras will provide you with the entire video history of everything that is going on 24/7. The most important thing is that you can find the moment you’d like to watch again within several seconds. The Xfinity complex includes internal and external video cameras that capture movement. For them, a standby scenario can be prescribed. This means that recording is only done when the camera captures movement.

There are sensors for movement and perimeter security, sensors for opening and closing windows and doors. By recording movement or penetration, the signal will immediately arrive both at the owner and at the service responsible for guarding the house. For additional insurance against unwanted intrusion during the absence of the owners, there is a scenario of imitation of presence, when the house turns on the light according to one of the scenarios prescribed in advance, and music plays. The memory of the intelligent control complex is configured in such a way that you can check the time and place where each particular signal came from.

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Xfinity Equipment Solutions Tailored to Your Personal Needs

The smart home has a lot of opportunities. As one of the most important and interesting functions, one can distinguish a heating and air conditioning system, that is, automatic control of air temperature depending on the time of day and external factors. The smart home is also responsible for energy supply, water supply, fire safety, and alarm, and it makes an automatic call to the relevant services if the borders of a closed territory are violated. Another nice point is that you can manage all available resources from one remote control.

The system is configured individually for each user, taking into account all his/her individual desires and needs. Xfinity home systems are tailored to the needs of each customer. There is high-quality equipment for sale that will make your home even smarter and more comfortable. There are two main options to choose from, depending on the size of your home. Let’s have a closer look at the distinctive features of home security system packages:

  • Base Home System. This type of system is intended to be used in small homes with not more than two entrances. The cost of this type of system is $360. You can pay it in a one-lump sum or divide this sum and make regular monthly payments.
  • Complete Home System. Are there a lot of windows and doors in your home? Then, it’s exactly what you need. This option has been designed to fit larger homes. The price will be higher than for the previous system – $480 for the whole year or pay a monthly fee of $20.

You can be calm about your property, even if you left the country. Security monitoring Smart Home allows you to record, including on servers located abroad.

24/7 Control: Use an App From Anywhere You Are

All Xfinity security reviews focus on a control application that can be used whenever you are. Whether you are at home or miles away from it, you can have total control over your home security thanks to a simple app. It’s very user-friendly and easy-to-use. The Xfinity security company has developed an app to provide an opportunity to be aware of everything that is going on at home from anywhere you are. You can choose the mode you find the most convenient and set alerts in real-time. Also, you can connect and view a doorbell camera. Just connect all Xfinity devices and enjoy 100% security.

Customer Service: Fast and Effective

A special place in Xfinity smart home reviews should be devoted to customer support. It’s helpful and fast. Contact competent specialists whenever you face a problem or just need a professional consultation using a live chat. Customer support is available round-the-clock. Monitoring stations work without breaks. You won’t need to wait for long to get the necessary information. Get feedback instantly.

How To Order Smart Home Security Plan?

Have you checked Xfinity security system reviews and want to get one? It’s as easy as ABC. First, you’re recommended to learn more about the features offered by the company and then get started. Make an order online within several minutes. Choose the plan that suits your needs best after checking the distinctive features and peculiarities of the options available. Then, call the manager and discuss all the details. Make a payment for the chosen plan and enjoy all the benefits that are included in the house security plan. Receive instructions on how to use your new security plan and follow the pieces of advice.


Find the answers to all commonly asked questions about home security in the Xfinity home automation review.

Does Xfinity Require The Internet?

You can connect any device from your smart home, including thermostat, lights, video cameras, house alarms, outdoor/indoor cameras, pulse cameras, etc.  Xfinity home system is compatible with all modern devices designed for smart homes. You’re free to connect as many devices as you want to Xfinity security system whenever you want.

Video surveillance of the object is carried out using an extensive system of motion sensors, locks, and surveillance cameras. In a smart home, all the elements are combined and are able to analyze the situation throughout the entrusted space and make optimal decisions. The user thus receives information on the controller and continuously monitors the situation on his/her possessions. The owner’s comfort is enhanced thanks to the possibility of operational control of the house even at extra-long distances through mobile operators and the Internet.

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How Much Is The Xfinity Plan Per Month?

A standard home security plan costs $40 per month while the plan with extra features costs $50. The monthly fee is rather low for the services of such great quality. Wide management functionality is available to you: analysis and monitoring of all systems, convenient scenarios and modes, timers, and, of course, wireless control from your mobile device.

How to Cancel an Xfinity Account?

Have you changed your mind to use Xfinity smart home system? It’s up to you to cancel your account. You need just to contact customer support, explain the reason, and they will help you to deal with the issue you’ve faced. The account will be canceled at the earliest convenience.

How Long Has Xfinity Been in Business?

Xfinity has been in business for over 10 years. Within this time, the company has sold the best security solutions to customers from all over the world.

Does Xfinity Offer Free Installation?

Pay an affordable price for Xfinity security for your house without the need to pay any extra fee for the installation. It’s included in the price of the chosen system plan.

Does Xfinity Work With Alexa?

The good news is that Xfinity is compatible with Alexa. Enjoy twice more benefits from their work, if you have both of them.

Does Xfinity Work With Google Assistant?

Besides Alexa, Xfinity also works with the famous Google Assistant that isn’t less popular.

Conclusion: Is Xfinity Worth Your Money?

A wireless security system always works in an autonomous mode that does not require the constant presence of a person. It does not depend on where you are – at home, at work, or on vacation in another country. A smartphone (or tablet) is needed to manually control the system and change its settings.

At the end of Xfinity home security systems reviews, it can be concluded that it’s a wise solution for your protection. According to Xfinity security cameras reviews the modern system reliably protects the house from penetrations. Turn it on, and control will be conducted around the clock. Do not remember if the burglar alarm was turned on? Test it remotely through your mobile device. If you still forgot to activate it, do it at a distance of a few touches.

Want to keep everything in the building under control? Then monitor the state of the gas and fire systems through your phone or tablet. This can be done from anywhere in the world. If an emergency happens, you will immediately receive a notification, and you can take the necessary measures. A smart home is a complex of devices that work as a whole. Of course, to achieve good results, you need to use high-quality equipment options. Is Xfinity a good company to serve this purpose? No doubts! Xfinity alarm system review proves this on 100%.

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