Xfinity Home Security vs. ADT: Complete Guide On The Best Security Systems 

Comparison Table

Security product comparison Xfinity Home Security ADT
Upfront Cost Yes, 360 USD No
Monthly Monitoring Cost 40 USD 27.99 USD
Equipment/Devices/Features 9 9
Easy to Use/Control (App) 9 9
MoneyBack Guarantee 30 days 6 months
Installation 60-99 USD 99 USD
Customer Service 5 8
Overall Score 7.4 8.6

Upfront Cost

When you compare Xfinity Home Security vs ADT, you will see that both of them require an upfront payment to provide top-level services.

  • Customers of Xfinity Home Security pay upfront. This upfront payment can be divided to be paid on a monthly basis, which is very convenient.
  • You pay the ADT installation fee. This is the only upfront payment. The service cost is 99 USD, which is reasonable, considering the quality.

Monthly Monitoring Cost

We have compared ADT vs Xfinity Home Security monitoring prices. They are not low, but both companies offer superior equipment. The price comparison shows that ADT is cheaper than Xfinity. The minimum ADT package costs 27.99 USD, and it includes everything needed to provide top security level. The minimum Xfinity price for a plan is 40 USD per month.

The home security cost comparison is definitely for the benefit of ADT.


The minimum ADT set includes everything that one might want.

  • A user-friendly control panel;
  • Advanced entryway and motion sensors;
  • An efficient remote control;
  • Beautifully designed window stickers and a sign to install in the yard.

More advanced packages offer more items. You can add top-notch cameras, additional sensors, etc. ADT offers the best home security systems.

With Xfinity, clients get a complete set of items for any type of custom security systems. Cameras, sensors, remote controls, control panels – everything is available.

Easy To Use/Control (App)

ADT devices are user-friendly. Every customer can handle them easily. It is recommended to install a user-friendly special mobile app to efficiently monitor your advanced alarm systems for home.

Xfinity items are easy to monitor and use. Xfinity mobile app works flawlessly. Its main advantage is that it provides you with an opportunity to manage all your devices from practically anywhere.

Xfinity main page

MoneyBack Guarantee

ADT has a nice money-back guarantee policy. You can get a refund (monitoring fees included) within 6 months from the purchase date.

Xfinity Security Systems offer 30 days for any claims. Make sure the items work at a superior level, and you like them. Within this time, you can return the devices and get a refund.


ADT installs the items for 99 USD. Their technicians are professional and do all the work with the utmost care.

The Xfinity fee for professional installation depends on many factors. It ranges from 60 to 99 USD. This is an approximate price range for the installation of the company’s base package.

Customer Service

Friendly ADT customer support is constantly available in a live chat. Another option is to check their FAQ. The section is extensive and covers the main issues. It is possible to call and talk to a company representative.

Xfinity offers efficient customer support via a live chat. Clients can also call the company to reach somebody faster.

Overall Score

If you compare Xfinity Home Security and ADT, you will see that the second option wins. While Xfinity Home Security gets 2 stars on Trustpilot, ADT received 4.4 stars on average.

Overview Of Companies

ADT is one of the most influential companies in the market. It has been around for more than 100 years. It is possible only for the best company in the home security sector. The provider has the best-rated home security systems. The pricing policy is transparent and offers options for any budget.

Xfinity is a former internet provider that now offers some security equipment. The company is known for its advanced solutions. Their security products come in a bundle with internet packages. It is convenient because you can pay for all the services in a single bill.

A quick Xfinity Home Security vs ADT comparison reveals that ADT is still a leader in the market. One of the main reasons for it is the attentive customer support. One more factor is the company’s transparency to all the matters related to payments.


Both Xfinity Home Security and ADT sell comprehensive, customizable security systems. These companies provide paid installation services.

Both companies have contracts. In both cases, the contract duration is significant (more than one year) to provide users top stability level.


ADT and Xfinity Home Security have different payment policies. ADT doesn’t require any upfront payments but their installation fee. With Xfinity, you pay 360 USD upfront. Xfinity allows clients to divide the payment. You can pay this sum within some months. You pay for installation, too.

The refund policy is more attractive by ADT. The provider refunds not only equipment costs but the monthly payments. ADT gives you all the money back, including the monitoring fees.

Xfinity will refund the equipment costs only within the first 30 days if something goes wrong.

Company 1

ADT has been operating for more than a century. Its clients can expect exceptional services and products.


    • The provider has top-quality equipment;
    • There are many products to choose;
    • Clients don’t pay upfront;
    • The refund policy is nice;
    • The company offers the services of specialists;
    • Everything is clear and transparent.


  • The company offers to sign a contract, in return, you get free devices;
  • The prices might be a little bit high, but the plans include everything: you get really superior service for the price.

Company 2

Xfinity is initially an internet provider. The company has been working in home security for not so long. But it can boast with advanced devices and customizable systems.


  • Xfinity home security systems are customizable;
  • The best self-monitored home security system choice;
  • Convenient to pay a single bill for the internet, cable TV, and security services;
  • Service packages.


  • Xfinity requests to sign a long contract in return for top-quality equipment that can be paid in arrears;
  • Xfinity plans are expensive, but they offer everything to provide top security level for your home.


Xfinity Home Security vs ADT are similar in many regards. Both companies offer top-quality equipment. In both cases, you get extensive solutions to guarantee the ultimate safety for your accommodation. There are significant differences, too.

With ADT, you can choose either landline or cellular connection. It is recommended to choose a cellular connection, but some users still prefer good old options. ADT considers their preferences.

While ADT equipment is not the cheapest, it is given for free with a 3-year contract. The company wants to make sure that the equipment pays off.

The packages can be customized and upgraded.

ADT offers reliable monitoring services with all the packages.

Xfinity offers the equipment in a bundle with their internet package. The variety of Xfinity options is huge, and you might need some time to find out what you need.

Xfinity devices come with an upfront payment. You pay at least 360 USD for the most advanced equipment. This payment can be divided into monthly payments, which is very convenient.

All Xfinity devices are advanced, and they comply with the latest standards and requirements.

ADT main page


When you compare security companies, one of the criteria will be their contracts.

With ADT, clients sign a contract for 3 years. ADT equipment is provided for free. Customers pay the installation fee only, and further, monitoring services are paid every month.

With Xfinity, clients sign a contract for 2 years. Xfinity client pays for advanced security devices, too. The patent can be divided into several parts (on a monthly basis) or made as a single payment. Monthly payments depend on a monitoring plan.


Any ADT vs Xfinity Home Security review highlights that companies send their technicians to install the devices. The installation itself is not complex. ADT and Xfinity put security in the first place. Therefore, an installation by a company technician only is provided.

In both cases, you pay. Any home security comparison chart shows that ADT is more transparent in its payment policies. Xfinity is, on the contrary, more discrete and attaches the prices to locations, too, not only to the packages and monitoring plans.

ADT installation costs 99 USD. This price is for their Basic package.

Multiple reviews confirm that ADT technicians, even those provided by distributors, are extremely helpful and professional. In this case, we believe that ADT professional installation services are a benefit.

It is needed to understand one thing. You pay a fee per visit.

Xfinity Home Security has a professional installation. It helps to avoid issues with Xfinity devices. Installation services cost from 66 to 99 USD. The price grows, depending on many factors. We recommend consulting Xfinity customer support to learn about their prices.

Emergency Connections

Emergency connections are one of the main features to pay attention to. Security provision is one of the main aims why you want a security system for your home.

ADT offers both landline and cellular connections. It is recommended to choose a cellular one. A landline is easy to damage. You still get notification about the damage. With a cellular connection, your home is more protected.

With every ADT package, you get monitoring services. The company agent monitors all the notifications 24/7. If something happens, the needed emergency department is alerted immediately.

Monitoring centers of ADT are located across the USA. In an emergency, you can count on fast assistance from a different monitoring center that boosts the security level immensely. You can be sure that you get a lot of attention.

Xfinity offers 24/7 excellent monitoring services with every plan. In the case of an emergency, you are notified immediately. The monitoring center contacts the needed emergency department within around 30 seconds, which is fine.

Speaking about the security features of Xfinity equipment, there are some beneficial details to consider. Xfinity is one of the most established cable TV and internet providers. Some home security features are aligned with other services. For example, you can monitor your home directly on the TV screen by redirecting videos from your cameras.

If we had to choose between ADT and Xfinity Home Security security options, we would opt for ADT. Even though Xfinity offers quite advanced options, some devices work based on AI, ADT devices and monitoring approaches are verified throughout the time.


In our Xfinity Home Security vs ADT lawsuit, ADT wins as the best provider. The company’s experience and ability to adapt to the market and customer’s needs have made it a leader in the home security niche. More specifically, ADT has:

  • Better customer support;
  • More transparency in pricing;
  • A better refund policy;
  • Cheaper plans and cheaper monitoring;
  • The monitoring services are more reliable.

Xfinity also offers some benefits such as:

  • More advanced equipment;
  • Equipment in a bundle with the internet & cable TV;
  • A wider choice of options.

But on the average, we would definitely choose ADT as the best company. This company is cheaper and more transparent. We liked their customer support. Their packages include everything we might need. Thus, we give it 8.6 stars out of 9, while Xfinity gets 7.4 stars.

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